Original Plans for Lex Luger as WCW Heavyweight Champion in 1991

If Lex Luger beats Ric Flair in the cage at GAB 1991 to finally win the WCW Title as a babyface champion, what were the plans for him?  Was he going to continue feuding with the Horsemen?  Was Windham next in line as
a contender?

Before Jim Herd was fired, was the plan always for him to drop it to Sting at SB II? 

​Luger question, take a drink.
Yes, everything that happened was pretty much what the plan was.  Flair’s firing was based around Herd planning on phasing him out of the main event and into the midcard, so really it didn’t affect Luger’s title reign at all by leaving.  Flair was going to drop the title and then move right into being a full-time tag wrestler with Arn.   ​

CM Punk question

  Let’s say Punk gets fired from UFC tomorrow, would Belator pick him up?  And if they do, would they go as far as to bring in another professional wrestler to fight him?  And if they do, who would you go for?

Bellator would definitely bring him in.  As for who is low enough on the totem pole to fight him now…I don’t even know.  Exhume the body of Kimbo Slice?


Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, and Heath Slater were featured in three consecutive segments on Raw this week.  Could this be foreshadowing a long awaited 3MB reunion at some point?



Was it controversial when Adrian Adonis announced that his character was gay back in the late 80s? Even though I was watching back then, I always thought that his chatacter was just inferred as being gay. Until recently, I hadn’t known that he actually announced that he was gay on the TNT show. 

I don’t recall much controversy at the time, because it was treated more like another silly pro wrestling cartoon deal at a time when the business was already saturated by that sort of thing.  Like, clearly Adonis was playing a clown and didn’t buy into his own character at all.  

CM Punk as the Anti-Lesnar

Hey Scott,

I know Punk has said he has no interest in returning to WWE but at this point (at the risk of stating the obvious) why would they even want him?

He’s been utterly exposed. I know everyone kind of assumes pro wrestlers are trash in real fighting but CM’s gone out of his way to prove it. He’s now the anti-Lesnar. How is anyone going to look at CM fighting anyone beyond Heath Slater with anything other than derision? I remember a squash match he had with Brodus Clay back in ’11 or so and thought that seemed silly. Now I know that match should’ve ended with Clay backhanding Punk and making him make Clay a sandwich.  

Is he still THAT big a star? Is Kayfabe THAT dead? Do these loses mean anything at all?
Good question, actually, because it’s such a unique situation.  Brock looked like a punk against Cain and then got his ass handed to him before leaving UFC the first time, and going back to WWE was like a whole new career.  So maybe the same would apply with Punk?

Raw’s record low rating

Do you think last Monday’s record low rating for Raw was due to not so much the product itself, but the same lame build for Money In The Bank year after year?

​No, I think they burned out the audience in April with overhype for Wrestlemania and Greatest Royal Rumble, and everything since then has been such a letdown that people are just turning away in droves now.  Plus Brock Lesnar is basically gone until Summerslam and the product has no direction as a result.  16 people fighting for a title opportunity at some point in the undetermined future is not exactly a strong selling point, and the Smackdown World title is pretty much treated like a secondary title and being contested between two guys trying to kick each other in the nuts as the main selling point.​ It’s just a really cold product right now.

CM Punk’s departure

So based on the lawsuit he just won, was CM Punk’s departure from WWE mostly based on him getting a concussion in the Royal Rumble and being eliminated by Kane?  Was he planning on leaving anyways no matter what happened
in that match?  Since he was WWE Champion for 434 days and had Paul Heyman as his manager it’s not like they didn’t push him.

Also, why did they only do 1 match with Punk and Lesnar?  Were there ever plans for a rematch, and did they get along since they were both Heyman guys?

Punk was always leaving and had been telling his friends for weeks how he was unhappy about not being in the main event of Wrestlemania.  The idea with the Kane feud was to set up a match with HHH at WM but that wasn’t enough to entice him to stay.  

CM Punk-Mike Jackson question

Not a wrestling-related question but I know you follow UFC so I have a question for you regarding CM Punk’s fight last night.

What incentive was there for Mike Jackson to not end the fight when he had multiple chances? Dana White made it clear that he wasn’t happy about it and said Jackson won’t be having another UFC fight. Joe Rogan mentioned he was paid off which he then said he didn’t actually believe and I don’t really buy into that either. Was Jackson just being a dick for the sake of being a dick?

​Given who he was facing and the fact that there would have to be a lot of resentment about how he got there, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson was being a dick to “send a message” on behalf of someone.  Really, they both looked like complete goobers after the fight, with Punk way out of league even against the worst guy in the promotion and Jackson toying with him for no reason.  
As for Rogan, he’s a noted conspiracy nut, so I wouldn’t take it seriously, but I wouldn’t entirely discount the idea, either.  Had the opponent been Iron Sheik, however, we’d know that the fix was in.  Plus he works cheap, only $10,000 for a broken leg, apparently.  ​

Stephanie working overtime

Stephanie must be working overtime figuring out a way to shit on Punk next Sunday.

I’m sure Elias will name drop him next week at the very least.

​The play I’d make is Mike Jackson sits in the front row at MITB and they interview him about his big win in the UFC on Saturday without ever mentioning the name of his opponent.  Then someone confronts him, Jackson puts up his fists, and the wrestler knocks him out with one punch and the announcers go “Well, that was sure easy.”  
Not saying they SHOULD, but that’s how I’d do it if I wanted to be the biggest dick possible about it.

CM Punk

Read a article with Sean Ross of fightful.com where he interviews Corey Graves on his Twitter outburst regarding Punk. Graves said Punk sent him a text before his first fight saying he didn’t want to be friends with anyone employed by WWE which I believe for the sole fact Kofi and Jericho are both on record saying Punk stopped contacting them when we hit. What a dick move and I can totally see why alot of people feel the way they do toward him, yes the business failed you, yes the booking failed you, yes the DRs failed you but why take it out on your friends? 

​Well, he got punched in the face a whole bunch of times tonight, so hopefully that makes Corey feel better.  ​

Kenny Omegas “All In” Title Defense

With Kenny winning the IWGP Heavyweight Title, he now goes into “All In” as champion which means whoever he faces will most likely be a title defense. Brings me to 2 options. 

Option 1. Okada will get a rematch, they can do it here and close the fued or maybe Gedo won’t want that to happen there… 
Option 2. CM Punk. I know hes been doing the media rounds about being finished with pro wrestling but what if hes working? I definietly don’t see him back in WWE anytime soon, if ever but this would be a perfect 1 off match. Other then those 2. I don’t see anybody else being worthy of a challenger for that caliber of a show. No way Gedo will allow him to face Ibushi there. Probably waiting for WK 13 for that. I figured a while back they would of went with Cody/Omega ROH champion vs IWGP Champion but thats obviously not happening.

​Given the show is already sold out and they haven’t announced any kind of streaming or PPV, it’s not a really big deal what match they do.  Maybe just do another Golden Lovers v. Young Bucks match?  ​

Well, That Explains It…


I was a little confused as to why Nia Jax went from Be A Star champion to antagonizing Ronda Rousey at the drop of the hat.  Now it all makes sense…

Ronda is going in the UFC Hall of Fame next month.  So WWE putting the Women’s Title on her before the entire sports media covers the induction is a lock now, right?

The whole thing has been pretty transparent from the start, I think.  More important, can we talk about CM Punk looking like a complete scrub?  Holy shit what a terrible fight.

Japanese Wrestlers in the US

With the success of Auska, Nakamura, Kairi, is there any more Japanese wrestlers you think will make the jump to WWE? Or is just not worth it with NJPW being as hot as is? 

​Nakamura seemingly jumped for specific reasons, in that his spot in Japan was clearly being taken over and he could make more money in WWE while working an easier style.  ​I think that had he been able to remain on top for New Japan, he probably would have.  I wouldn’t really call Asuka any kind of success on the main roster thus far.  Wrestlemania and the ridiculously terrible follow-up pretty much killed her off as any kind of top draw on the women’s side. I think that for most of these guys, it’s just not worth it unless you’re trying to milk a few more years out of your career and need the money.  

Tanahashi and Okada

Do you think New Japan will ever team them up, if only for one night?

That’d be a kind of surreal visual seeing them tagging after all the years they’ve feuded

I’d be really intrigued by it actually. I wonder if they’d actually make a decent team, or if they’d be one of those pairings that work great against each other but not together as a team? (Like a reverse Hardy Boyz)

​I’m pretty sure Okada can do whatever the hell he puts his mind to.  If he wanted to be the greatest tag team wrestler in the world, it would happen and I wouldn’t bet against him.​

Mailbag question

Is LeBron James officially the Roman Reigns of the NBA? He lost the Championship for the sixth time in his career. 

​I don’t think it translates directly, since basketball isn’t an individual sport and he didn’t spend the game sleeping in the corner.  ​

Michaels comeback

Scott- with all the talk of a Shawn Michaels “one more match” going around what would be the scenario for that match? He's mentioned doing a thing with HHH as DX in a tag but really? Doesn't that seem kind of wasteful? Just a Michaels comeback alone with crappy booking could anchor a Mania card I get but another DX blah fest?

Shield vs DX?  That might draw some money.  

Match Planning

I was listening to the Edge & Christian Podcast and they were discussing match planning. Edge made a mention that Eddie Guerrero didn't like to plan, he enjoyed being given a finish only and going out there and winging it while Kurt Angle enjoyed to plan the match beforehand move for move. He also said that back then the matches would go according to crowd reaction so if something wasn't working, they would move onto something else. That got me thinking about the recent Samoa Joe/Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar/Roman Reigns match at Mania. Clearly whatever was planned for both matches wasn't working so why not call an audible and change things up? Instead of the 4 planned restholds Joe had to do, as the crowd began to get restless, “hey this isn't working, lets skip the last 2 restholds and go into some big moves”. Now instead of the guys doing what they feel like would be best, they get punished for going off script ala Big Cass. Shows how overproduced the product is these days.

​Yup.  That's about all I've got.​