Cobra Kai



Have you watched Cobra Kai yet?  Like Creed, it’s being praised as a spinoff done the right away.  It doesn’t have the usual nostalgia series pain points.  No reboots, no ignoring the source material, and no continuity issues.


As a child of the 80s, I think this would be right up your alley.

Well thankfully we now have YouTube Premium here in Canada so the option is there, but honestly Karate Kid was never my thing at the time.  I watched the original movie but that's about it. 

A Comedy

Hi Scott! Long-time reader, occasional commenter, Dino Bravo sucks, review WCW Thunder. I have a plug request for the blog!

I'm a comedian based in Melbourne, Australia. Next month, I'm doing a season at Melbourne's Fringe arts festival, with a stand-up show called 'Montreal'.

It's about all the reasons why wrestling is great. It's about heroes and villains. It's about the value of art. It's about fragile egos, betrayal and Shawn Michaels being a dick.

Tickets are discounted this week, and are now just 1% of the price of a ringside seat to Super Show-Down. Thanks mate!


Super Astros

Hi Scott,

Since you just reviewed Survivor Series 98, perhaps you could be persuaded to review the first episode of the Super Astros show that premiered the night after?

It's like a prototype for 205 Live, that also features midgets and giants.

If you were looking for the perfect way to NOT sell me on it, that sentence might have been it.

Roman/Brock ending.

We’re two days away:

How does the match no one cares about end?

1) Heyman turns on Brock helps Roman.

2) Shield interference helping Roman

3) No contest due to Braun cash in

4) Heyman turns on Brock helps Braun/Owens cash in

5) Lesnar wins clean

6) Roman wins clean in 20 min match marred by beachballs and chants of Randy Savage after kicking out of 75 F5s and the crowd eagerly waits for cash in only to be trolled into staying so Vince can claim the packed arena was there watching Roman win

7) The universe ends

I like the cut of your jib on number 6!  Seems like the best answer.  

Jericho’s relationship with WWE

Jericho has gone on record as saying he wasn’t going to be part of NJPW’s Cow Palace show because he refuses to take part on any other company’s US cards, out of respect to Vince.

However, with him bringing together wrestlers from ROH, Impact, Lucha Underground (I guess?) and NJPW, and even having his cruise being advertised on Impact events, does this mean that Jericho is essentially done with WWE? Unless Jericho is playing a “sleeper
agent” for WWE, wouldn’t Vince be pissed with him organizing all the biggest stars of all the companies who are aligning against him into a “supercard” which is only technically not running directly against him? Would he be less than thrilled about Impact
using Jericho’s name to advertise something he has no stake in (even though they don’t directly refer to him as a WWE star)? I can’t see Vince liking this situation.

Well, Jericho has annoyed Vince a bunch of other times and always comes back, so I doubt the Bruise Cruise is gonna be the straw that breaks the camel's back for his relationship with Vince.  Those crazy kids will work it out!  

I'm more curious why Jericho won the IC title from Naito and then immediately disappeared again.  Unless the plan was to let Juice have a run as the #2 guy with the US title.  


I am more jacked for NXT Takeover then Summerslam. But, where do you think they are going with Ciampa, Gargano, Black? Black was attacked, I think there going with Gargano as the attacker. Ciampa/Gargano is pretty much done after this and Black needs a feud. Make Gargano the attacker so they can feud.

I really don't know where they're going with it, and that's why I'm enjoying the storyline so much.  You can go with the big payoff of Gargano winning the big one to end it, or you can go with Candace turning on Johnny to cost him the title, or you can go with DIY reuniting and both of them turning on Candace as super-heels…there's so many possibilities!

#MeToo & Wrestling

Hi Scott,

The whole Meltzer & MeToo semi-controversy recently has got me thingk"

Considering that, apparently, everyone who's ever set foot in Hollywood or Washington 
was sexually harassed at one point or another, do you think, it's surprising that the only real sex scandal to come out of WWE has been Garvin-gate from damn near 30 years ago (And, technically Moolah, if anything creepy happened)?

My first thought would've been that Vince must have the WWF on lockdown as far as secrets are concerned but that seems to be impossible. Wrestlers come and go, interviews are constant with ex-wrestlers with axes to grind accuses wrestlers of all sorts of stuff. I'm sure if Meltzer, Keller, and now literally any number of podcasters were privy to some sort of casting couch, we would have heard about it by now. Hell, outside of the random jobber, vaguely implying that he didn't get a push because he didn't sleep with Patterson, you basically don't hear anything. Vince McMahon is a man with a have a history of all sorts of affair throughout his life, who employs some of the sexiest women on the planet, and not ONCE, has anyone ever even suggested that he propositioned Trish, Lita, Mickie, or whoever. 

And I'm not just talking about within the company. There are no stories of wrestlers, Snuka and B*noit excluded, doing anything messed up with women, non-consensually, no roid rage rape stories, no concussion-fueled attack stories where a hungry wrestler throws a boulder through a McDonald's (except the one).

So, at the end of the day, is the wrestlers more ethically than celebrities and politicians? Or is the wrestling world really just an amazingly tight boys club that won't brake ranks even for a Roided-up Weinstein?


Ultimately, it's "just" wrestling, so mainstream media doesn't care.  That's really all there is to it, I think. 

Dave Meltzer & #METOO

Hi Scott,

I know you been reading Meltzers newsletters for years, but do you think that this latest scandal might fianlly bring the #MeToo movement to Meltzer's door?

It's not like this is the first time he has been offensive when talking about womens appearances and his actions regarding sexual & domestic assault victims has been disgusting. 

Not only has he referred to women complaining about domestic abuse & maritial rape as "just being one of those things". But in order to defend Sean Orleans after he raped a woman, Meltzer decided to publish the rape victim's full name address & even the details of the women's refuge she was staying at so that his fans could contact her in defence of Orleans.

Will this latest scandal bring the microscope over his previous actions, or will it not matter? 

You lost me on that last one.  What are you even referring to?

Bliss vs. Rousey

How do you see this playing out Sunday?

I think they should do a 30 second squash. Give the fans who shit on her some satisfaction (whether she deserves it or not) and make Rousey look strong. It won’t hurt Alexa. She can just cut a promo on Monday and get her heat back.

I dunno, I feel like they might want to stretch out the payoff even longer.  I don’t know if you’re aware, but there’s a women’s Evolution PPV in October.  Granted it’s been pretty low key…

Creating The Mania


all is well. Jon Robinson, author of the new 
The Mania: An Inside Look at how WrestleMania Comes to Life,
 spoke with The Wrestling Estate about having WWE
Superstars and executives speak out of character, learning about the creative
process and how befriending The Rock and other Attitude Era stars led to his
current gig.


this Meltzer stuff blows over, everybody will probably be talking about this
book because there is so much in here: Miz talks about the real story behind
the Talking Smack segment, all the matches initially penciled for Mania 34
before the injuries, and most importantly, just who exactly is responsible for
those pesky camera cuts.


your readers enjoy.


as always,



You’re welcome as always!  Thanks for sharing!

Missing Motivation

Hey Scott.

Read the latest Sporting News article and something jumped out at me about the HHH-HBK fued.  Now it helps that HBK returning after four years was part of this and that he and Hunter had crazy chemistry but to me a huge component to HHH’s turn was that his motivation was made clear and made sense.  In today’s product, it seems most people are enjoying Orton’s latest turn – and again I would say a huge aspect of it being successful (at least as a character) is that his motivation is clear.  Maybe it’s easier when it involves a turn but I think the same can be said about with what they’re doing with AJ and Joe, or Miz and Bryan.  Motivation in both of those feuds is clear and logical.

Hardly revelatory, but is this idea (having a clear motivation that makes sense) the main thing that’s missing from what the writers are putting together?  Just an arbitrary example – I can’t really tell you why Balor and Corbin are fighting (or at least whatever it is didn’t stand out) and as a result I really don’t care about the match.



100% agree.  One of the main things that made 97 and parts of 98 so great is that everyone had clear motivation for their actions. Until Russo fell apart of course.  

Mark Wahlberg Talks Ronda Rousey

Hi Scott,


Actor Mark Wahlberg called the Dan Patrick Show and talked about a variety of topics including his new movie, “Mile 22”. Asked about Ronda Rousey, Wahlberg mentions that if he got inside the octagon with Rousey,
he would never try to fight with her. Wahlberg says Rousey did an amazing job in their film together and that she will continue to grow further in her acting career. 


In the segment, Wahlberg addresses his friendship with Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, saying he wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns end up with a winning record this season. The actor goes on
to state that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, and that his five super bowl championships in eight appearances cements his legacy. In the interview, Wahlberg jokes saying he does not do the Tom Brady method and needs to do “real strength and conditioning”
instead of working out with bands.


Wahlberg states that he is indeed a soccer fan and how this year’s World Cup gave him the chance to enjoy the game even more. With the latest surrounding the Columbus Crew potentially moving, Wahlberg addresses
the situation by saying he is looking into helping the Crew stay in Columbus, but he will need to first speak with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to see if it is a good investment.


Below we’ve included direct links to the clips and the full interview. If you decide to utilize them, we would sincerely appreciate you mentioning that The Dan Patrick Show is available on DIRECTV CH. 239.


The Dan Patrick Show airs
on AUDIENCE Network – DIRECTV Channel 239 – Monday-Friday 9:00am – Noon ET. 


  • Mark Wahlberg Impressed By Ronda Rousey's Dramatic Performance | The Dan Patrick Show | 8/14/18

  • Wanna Look Like Mark Wahlberg? Gotta Rise and Grind! | The Dan Patrick Show | 8/14/18

  • Mark Wahlberg on "Mile 22", Getting In Shape, Pats & More w Dan Patrick | Full Interview | 8/14/18






No problem.  Best of luck to Mark should he ever decide to face Ronda in the cage!

Have you seen these machines?

TAKE MY MONEY!  If you scroll to the end of their homepage, there's an email where I believe you can send a request for a free console to review for your blog.  They may or may not respond but wouldn't hurt to ask.  Would love to read your thoughts!

Ha, I literally would have no room anywhere in my house for one of those.  My man cave is already stuffed as it is, and I have a Raspberry Pi hooked up, but these are certainly badass. 

CM Punks Popularity

According to those in attendance at the recent Progress wrestling show in Chicago. The mention of Punks name got booed so now theres apparently concern about how the crowd is gonna treat him at his signing in 2 months. Was the recent Colt Cabana discovery finally enough to kill Punks popularity with the hardcore crowds?
We can only hope.  


Hi Scott,

I hope this finds you off to a great start to your week! I just wanted to give you a heads up on the events we will be releasing tomorrow morning on PowerslamTV (just a small spotlight on the dozens of events that will be released this week) in case you wanted to check them out. 

DEFY Wrestling – 08.03.18 – The latest weekly brilliance from our absolute favorite rising star, Seattle's DEFY Wrestling. 
PCW ULTRA – Opposites Attack – Some of our local boys who are truly pushing the bleeding edge of the sport. 
FEST Wrestling – Christmas in July – Smaller promotion from Florida, but we think this is DEFINITELY one to keep your eye on.

Fans can go to to choose their favorite app and subscribe to get access to over 2,700 hours of content from 90 promotions for only $5.99/month. 

Let me know if you have ANY questions about this and thank you AGAIN for your willingness to check out what we're up to.  

Great, thanks for the heads up!


Hey Scott, hope you have been able to cool dowb with the AC fix. 

With NJPW/ROH selling out the Garden, I know they are going to sign some talent to combat either before or shortly thereafter. Can you see Vince being aggressive and purchasing AJPW and/or NOAH? AJPW, I know is nothing what it used to be, but it does have name value. I could see Vince buying just to compete, not make money  but try to take some steam out of NJPW. Also, does all AJPW own all content? It would be something for the network. 

The Japanese promotions don't own their own footage, it's all produced and retained by the TV network.  New Japan World, for example, is actually a TV-Asahi production that happens to feature all of New Japan's stuff.  All Japan's footage is all owned by the other big network in Japan, so even if Vince bought them out, he'd still have to make a separate deal for the footage.

That being said, I can totes see him buying NOAH.  It's cheap enough to give him a foothold in the country without a big investment and the connection is already there with Itami.  

Shane McMahon

Any idea where Shane McMahon is?  He hasn't been on WWE T.V. since the Smackdown after W.M.

He's still recovering from the massive hernia and other injuries that were supposed to put him out of Wrestlemania before he decided to gut it out and have a shitty match on an already bloated PPV that meant nothing anyway.  So good on him!