Roman cannot be saved

Good article from Vice saying what we’ve all been saying for months.  

Very Important Question

What the hell are Real1 and Tall1 doing in the Impact Zone!?
My name is Real Love and I’m a registered G and an authentic gigalo, and you can’t be educated on that!  This here is Large Colin and he’s 6 feet and 12 inches in height and that also can’t be educated!  Bing bang boom, most  verified gentlemen in the domicile!  HOW WOULD YOU SAY YOU ARE FEELING?  
Needs work.  

Big Cass Gone

Well guess all those rumors of backstage heat was true huh? What a sad case Enzo and Cass ended up being.

Trolling Japan

I’ve been convinced for years that Vince loves trolling crowds as evident by 15-min of Jinder chinlocking Roman at MITB. But could Vince be trolling an entire country and wrestling promotion. Nakamura and Asuka win the Royal Rumbles. Both lose high profile title matches at Mania and have been treated like choke artists/losers ever since. They’re 0-8 in title matches overall. This can’t be a coincidence right?

Look, pal, it’s their own fault for being born in Japan.  

Brock, Roman, Braun, and the briefcase

As I see it, Summerslam can go one of two ways:

1. We get Roman vs. Brock again and they recreate the end of WM31, with Strowman inserting himself into the match and stealing the win. (That, or Roman wins and Strowman cashes in immediately after.) Thus, Roman chokes once again.

2. Same scenario as above, but Roman beats Lesnar AND Strowman. Roman doesn’t choke, but Strowman is dead in the water and another briefcase is wasted.

(Or I guess there’s option 3: Lesnar retains and carries the belt until Mania, which would only surprise me a little bit at this point.)

If they’re deadset on another Roman/Brock rematch, then they’ve painted themselves into a corner with Strowman holding the briefcase. You can sacrifice Brock, but how do you resolve this without killing off one of your top two guys?

​3.  Roman wins the BIGGEST MULTI-MAN #1 CONTENDER MATCH IN THE HISTORY OF OUR SPORT at Extreme Rules, Braun announces that he’s cashing in at Summerslam as well to make it a three-way, and then (something) happens and Stephanie threatens to fire Kurt Angle unless he (something) and it results in Finn Balor and Kevin Owens also being added to the title match because (reasons).  Balor does the job to Strowman there.​

Hogan/Bret SSlam 93 photo corroborated

Hey Scott,

  Bret says in his book he took photos with Hulk for SSlam 93, each pulling on the belt. People have long debated about this since the photos have never surfaced, with a lot disbelieving Bret.

  Well, on Bruce Prichard’s podcast, there is finally corroboration as Bruce admits they did indeed have that photo shoot with plans for a Hogan/Bret SSlam match. He confirmed just about everything Bret said.

  Since Bruce seems to slam Bret more than he praises him, the fact that he says it all happened means you can believe it, to me.

  I’m surprised this hasn’t come up, or been talked about (unless I just missed it), because I always thought this was one of those Holy Grail stories that would never be proven or corroborated.

  If you download the King of The Ring 93 podcast, the conversation starts at 01:28:16.


I don’t want to cast aspersions on the character of Bruce, but from previous experience with his podcast, if he claimed that the sky is blue I’d want to see photographs before I believed him.  

Worst couple in the ring

When Carmella and Big Cass were still together, as far as in ring talent goes,  were they the worst couple ever?

Unless Im missing someone obvious the only couple I can see approaching them was Test and Stay Kiebler. 
I can’t think of anyone else off hand.  Usually women have to be pretty decent in the ring to make it to the main roster now.  Maybe Drew McIntyre and Tiffany back when he kind of sucked?

AJ Styles and the WWE 2k19 cover

So it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that there will be a WWE 2K19 this year. AJ Styles is on the cover, and it’s well deserved in terms of his in-ring accomplishments.

However, which scenario is more likely:
– We all have a chuckle when “THE GAY COMMUNITY!?” inevitably comes up.
– AJ’s former penchant for dropping “f****t” into his promos, especially in TNA, is brought up and turns out to be real homophobia. WWE/2k call an emergency audible to, say, Finn Balor.

Not like anyone should play any 2K wrestling game that involves Yukes recycling the same animations since Wrestlemania XX, but I can’t see this being a Lillian Ellison Girls Battle Royale (LEGBAR) situation.

Thanks for the rants, look forward to seeing if Ciampa/Gargano gets into Omega/Okada IV territory.

Ha, LEGBAR.  Well done.  
I feel like, the dude has been champ for six months now and the face of Smackdown for whatever that’s worth.  If it was gonna come up, it would have come up by now.  


So Scott since last year’s Summerslam Nakamura has challenged for the WWE title on ppv 6 times and has failed all 6 times. Is he officially this generations Lex Luger?
No, that’s Roman.  I’d call Nakamura more akin to Ted Dibiase or Curt Hennig.   


The looooooooooong video packages really slowed down a lengthy show last night. Should these be axed entirely on the main show and saved for the pre-show only or would you cut these down to like 45 second pieces?
I know how Vince feels about acknowledging other people’s work, but the people who produce these shows really need to watch the New Japan PPVs and pay attention to how easy those shows flow.  Like, why the fuck did Carmella vs Asuka need a 5:00 video package?    The story was literally “Carmella is the champion and Paige gave Asuka a title match.”

WWE Impact Live

Impact is averaging around 300,000 weekly viewers on Pop TV.  The average viewership on FS1? 180,000 viewers.

Why wouldn’t they purchase Impact for peanuts and replace the 205 Live taping after Smackdown with Impact Live? You have a program that is currently getting around 300k viewers on a horrible 3rd rate network that most people don’t even know exists. They’ve proven they can maintain that number with a horrible stigma attached to them and without the WWE machine behind them. You’re replacing one irrelevant brand (205) with another irrelevant brand (Impact) but with the potential to make money. Really nothing to lose.

You now have a 3rd live tv brand to shop around to networks, FS1 in particular which jump at the chance of at least 300k viewers after losing UFC programming. You now own the tape library instead of constantly having to go to Anthem to license the footage. You get all of the Impact contracts and mix them with the 20 guys on 205 Live to form your roster. 

Realistically though, the TNA library is the only thing they’ve got worthwhile to offer.  WWE has already picked off any of the talent they actually want, and if anyone cared about the Impact brand they would have found a better TV deal already.  I can see buying them and sticking them in the Network, but not seriously using them as a real brand.  


Go to the 37 minute mark. And, of course, that’s the finish. They even nix the 3rd fall ’cause Gunkel is F’d yo.

Old news,bro.  I reviewed that match as a part of the Hidden Gems rant ages ago.  But yes, Lou Thesz was a bad mamma jamma and I’d also highly recommend his autobiography. 

NXT/WWE weekends

Got a two parter for you.

1. When was the last time that WWE and NXT ran shows on the same weekend and the WWE show was better? Has that even happened since they started running the Takeover specials. 

2. Do you think that Vince cares at all that developmental keeps showing up the main roster? I mean, I know, he just inked a crazy big money deal. So obviously it’s not keeping him up at night, but do you think he’s even aware? 
1.  I wanna say NXT San Antonio because that wasn’t my favourite Takeover by any means.  But the Rumble wasn’t like a blowaway show or anything.  
2.  I don’t think Vince is even aware. Clearly he doesn’t follow what the stories and characters that HHH is producing based on main roster runs.  

Bobby Eaton


I’ve message a few times regarding the dangerous alliance and midnight express, but I wanted to get to the point and ask what you thought of Bobby Eaton.

I don’t know why I’m such a fan of him. Perhaps it’s remembering his quality work with the dangerous alliance, or that he just had a manner about him that he seemed like a decent guy…

I don’t know. I just hold him in High regard, and it’s only after hearing stories in later years about how nice he is that I lament he isn’t brought up very often, when o feel he could make for a good addition to the rotating we’re documentary interviews.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

​Yeah, Bobby Eaton has long been cited as the nicest guy in the business by everyone who worked with him at the time, and he’s a really underrated guy as far as moving heavyweights into a more aerial style.  Jim Cornette of course has a million hilarious stories about him in shoot interviews, like all the two-bit gyms they’d run where Bobby would get so high on the legdrop that he’d hit his head on the light standards and stuff like that.  I’ve heard his health was REALLY bad as of late, but he seems like he’d be a neat guy to do one of those Table for 3 deals if they could find Dennis Condrey and Stan Lane and sit them all down.​

Lucha Underground S4

Hi Scott,

Are you gonna be keeping up with LU? I understand it’s almost negative revenue for the blog but just wondered about your thoughts on Aztec Warfare opening and Antonio Cueto.

I’ve been following the results since S1, but as noted many times, the reviews were a really big drag on traffic for the blog.  I might finish s1 for fun this summer but I can’t see going further than that.  
Also, Antonio Cueto … come on. Shark jumped.  

Hansen in No holds barred

Hey Scott-
Any particular reason that Stan Hansen got the nod for the movie? 
He would be good for the wrestling scenes obviously and was unknown really to the wwf audience.  But why not use one of your own talent in that role.  You could have done the whole “he got mad at Hulk for something he did in the movie” storyline.  And for that matter. They kind of wasted doing that storyline with Hansen himself.   
I’m sure he would have had no problem working the circuit and then going back to Japan.

Keep up the good work. 

There was no real reasoning, they just decided Hansen was the best guy for that role.  Definitely Stan could have done business with Hulk in 89, though.  Probably would have been fun!

Do you think Vince has ever seen Flair/Steamboat?

After the Okada/Omega classic, It got me wondering: do you think Vince McMahon loves wrestling enough to watch non-WWE classics. Do you think he ever watched Flair/Steamboat? Do you think he saw Okada/Omega? Or is It more business to him and not about actual wrestling? For some reason I can’t picture him sitting down to watch a wrestling classic like Triple H might or even Shane. But maybe I’m wrong?

​No, everything I’ve ever heard is that he’s all about business, and for example Shane was a fan of ECW and MMA and had to show him both of those things.  ​It’s a strange dynamic that someone who lives wrestling 24/7 like him apparently doesn’t actually enjoy WATCHING it.