Best wrestling nickname?

What are you thoughts?

I’m sure a lot nostalgia plays into everyone’s thoughts.  But I would think it would have to be a nickname that when you hear it you think. “Dam- sucks no one else can use it today”

The Hitman

The Enforcer

Mr Perfect 

Nature Boy

Lunatic Fringe (just kidding)

Come to mind.

My personal favorite is The American Dream

What say you?

Conversely. What is the worst?

Apex Predator is pretty fucking stupid. 
For the good ones, the Russian Nightmare was a badass nickname.  Tells you everything about the character and the gimmick during the ring introduction. Also acted as a foil to the American Dream.  

Big E

I don't know how much of Smackdown you've been catching, but after seeing the serious promos and limited silliness from the New Day lately my question isn't about Kofi — my question is why isn't Big E a bigger star? When he's not clowning he can talk and work and he has a unique look. Have you ever seen anything special in him?

No, I think he's slotted right where he should be.  Wasn't he IC champion for a cup of coffee?  He's overachieved a bit with the New Day gimmick, although given his look and moveset I could see Vince giving him a shot.  

End of New Day?

It seems to me like this Kofi angle is leading up to Vince forcing him to possibly quit the New Day or the whole team has to disband for him to get his title shot. Would they actually do this or do they make too much $$$ with their merch sales?

Hey, they split up the Shield and the Wyatt Family multiple times, so why not?  It kind of makes sense for an endgame, in as much as anything in this storyline makes sense.  

Mirror Match

You get a Bret Hart vs Brett Hart match on Superstars and don't make a single Bizarro World joke?

You've changed, man.

Ok, edit this one in mentally:
Hey look, it’s the guy whose gimmick is incessantly patting himself on the back!  And he’s facing Barry Horowitz!

He’s All That

Just need to take a moment to appreciate that, in just a couple of months, heel Daniel Bryan has helped elevate both Kofi "Placeholder Midcard Feud" Kingston and Mustafa "A Cruiserweight named MUSTAFA ALI" Ali into main event faces that the audience could plausibly see and enjoy winning the WWE Championship. Did he make a bet with HHH that he could transform anybody into the locker room into a contender by Prom night? Are we 100% sure Freddie Prinze, Jr. isn't on the writing staff anymore?

I’d be terrified of seeing how good he would be if he wasn’t just a B plus player! 

Here Comes the Axe…

Demolition adds Crush near the end of their WWF run to work Axe out of regular action & cuz they're heels now. Much has been said about their look-a-like "we can't tell them apart" nonsense gimmick, where they operated on FreeBird Rules and cheated.

Was there a reason they didn't put ANY effort into making them look similar? If they wrestled in their cool masks, if Smash cut his hair, if they had the same face paint, etc… Any of these might've sold this slightly more.

Was it supposed to be a dumb thing, like other imposter angles that were obvious? Was it just a case of "they're nearing their end, so who cares"?

Pretty sure that by then it was just "We don't give a shit" and they wanted to squeeze whatever money they could out of the LOD feud and move on.  Bill Eadie's relationship with Vince was getting pretty strained at that point anyway.  

Bart Gunn/Butterbean-W.M. 15

Did Vince McMahon really believe that Bart Gunn could beat Butterbean at W.M. 15 because of his success in the Brawl For All?  Also, did the fact that Gunn got knocked the fuck out in 35 seconds have to do with him disappearing from the company shortly thereafter?  

Yes and yes.  The people in charge, who apparently never watched UFC or boxing, were 100% sure that Bart was going to steamroll Butterbean.  Power of the wrestling bubble for you.  

Tryouts that thankfully went nowhere

Just found out Van F'n Hammer had two tryout matches against Virgil and Demento in July 1993 for the WWF. Dodged a bullet there. What are other tryouts that thankfully didn't lead to TV appearances/full-time jobs?

As noted by others, if AJ Styles / Samoa Joe / Christopher Daniels had been swallowed up by the WWE system when they were having their tryouts at the tail end of the Attitude Era, the wrestling landscape might be a completely different place, in a very bad way.  

Long time, maybe last time.

Been reading your sites since a student turned me onto your writings about 15 years ago. I love your content and it is the only pro wrestling site I visit. Having said that, after seeing the Confederate flag posted front and center on your home page today, I feel like I am no longer welcome there.
Now, I watched The Freebirds and lived through all of that stuff, but there's no reason in 2019 that that icon of slavery should be on your front page.
If this were 2009, I'd do what I did my whole life and bite my lip and go on. But I think you're a man of integrity and a great writer and deserve a chance to explain to me why you're allowing "white power" images on your homepage.

This is why I never recommend running a website.  
Also, RSG, stop being such a huge racist.  

New WWE merchandise

I'm usually not one to care about new t-shirts and stuff, but this has got to be the strangest partnership since they did those various animated dvd movies with Scooby Doo, Flinstones, Jetsons, and those Surf's Up penguins.

I never saw the penguin movie, but the Scooby Doo movies RULED.  It was snarky new version Scooby gang.  

Origin of Mankind/Mick Foley in 97


I was watching the interviews that Jim Ross did with Mankind
in 97 recently, where they explored Mick Foley’s real-life history.

Because of how different that series of interviews was from
anything else they’d done around that time, I have to wonder – who masterminded
those? Obviously, they worked for moving Mankind away from Paul Bearer (the
Bearer-Taker storyline’s own direction to elsewhere had a hand in that too, but these worked
for giving Mick his own new direction to go in after Revenge of the Taker), but they
were also something of a curveball. So what’s the behind the scenes on these?

I'm sure someone who's read Mick's book more recently can tell you off the top of their head better than I could.  But yeah, it was an amazing way to build sympathy for him and foreshadow two new characters.  

Wrestlers who would get over today that weren’t then?

Are there any wrestlers that didn't get over during a particular era that you think would get over today?  I could actually see Dan Severn getting over now, or at least better than he did with the WWF 20-21 years ago.  I think his silent badass character and UFC background would play better in the 2019 WWE than the late WWF 1990's Attitude Era.  

Really?  I don't think so, Jack Swagger was basically the same kind of character and wrestler and he didn't get over much. 
You know who would have flourished if he debuted in 2019?  Dynamite Kid.  We've now come to a point where someone his size doing his crazy shit can immediately get accepted as a mainstream star.  Which is not to say he wasn't over at the time, because he was a god in Japan and tag team champion in WWE and legend already, but I think he'd be a top tier World champion level guy almost immediately today.  


Hey Scott, I'm cheap so every year I get the network for a month around Wrestlemania. What are your recommendations from content added this past year?

I'm thinking Edge and Christian season 2, the Superstars you have been reviewing. What else?

HIDDEN GEMS.  AWA Christmas shows, breakfast cereal battle, Team Challenge series pilot, Ciampa with hair, random NXT house show main events…you can fill up your month easily.  Plus Southpaw Regional Wrestling is on there too.  


Hey Scott,

Since you, like me, are a longtime subscriber to the Observer and regular listener of Observer Radio, I want to know if you've noticed something that's really been bothering me over the past couple of years in particular. Doesn't it seem like Dave falls back on the "if you only knew the actual story behind this situation" crutch a lot more than he used to? I understand that there is a necessity of protecting your sources when you're a journalist, but it feels like, more often than not, Dave will say that and then never actually get into the backstory of whatever it was he was originally referencing — even when things have eventually played out. I still enjoy Dave's perspective and institutional knowledge, but WOR feels more like a review show than it used to. Wouldn't it be nice for Dave to actually break these stories that he claims to have insider knowledge about once in a while instead of waiting for everything to happen and then giving a half-assed tick-tock of how things went down? He has gotten worse about this lately, right? 

Oh yeah, for sure.  One of the main criticisms levied against the show, even by the F4W Board, is that Dave treats it like a barker advertisement for the newsletter a lot of the time, when in fact anyone listening to the show already subscribes to the newsletter.  Basically it should be an audio version of what we're already paying for.  Which actually it was during the couple of weeks when Dave broke his hand recently and it was just him and the amazing Garrett Gonzalez doing a news recap for an hour every day, which was then transcribed into the Observer for that week. That was a great week for the show.  That's why I prefer the Garrett shows to the Bryan ones, because Garrett asks follow-up questions and coaxes information out of Dave whereas Bryan lets him ramble and then moves onto the next point.  


RAW may be best watched on mute these days. I honestly can’t take the constant branding with these supposed “nicknames.” Scottish Psychopaths, Empresses of Tomorrow,  and The Almighty… I dunno if the Excellence of Execution or the Rattlesnake was created in a room or just a one-off from Monsoon or JR on commentary that suck, but it seemed more organic. Also helped that not every bum in the company had a little 

t-shirt ready tagline.

Is Seth a Kingslayer or is he still an Architect? Almost better that Renee calls everybody and everything, “Ohhhh!"

I’ll give them this much: they are absolutely relentless.

My favorite was Ronda's supposed "shoot" promo on Becky and Charlotte that was circulating recently, where she laughed at them for being "fake" but made sure to work "WWE Universe" into the rant.  Gotta maintain the branding, even when you're going off-script.  

The ones I really hate are stuff like Nikki Bella being branded with "Fearless".  Why is she "fearless", exactly?  What has she ever done to demonstrate that?  

I will say, it makes it easier for things like the WWE Champions game to insert new versions of the same character over and over, because all you have to do is change the WWE branded nickname, and boom, it's an entirely new guy!  

Worst IC Title reign ever?

Balor lost the title like a buffoon via distraction after a stunning 3 week reign, with ONE televised title defense in there. Cannot remember a worse/more random IC reign, even Jannetty in 93 or the short D'Lo and Edge reigns in 99 were more memorable. Albert and Test (?) in 2001 are stretching it though…

Gotta get the heat on Lashley, PAL.  

One last time…b.s.

WWE just ran an ad on RAW for the April 22nd live RAW in Iowa. The main event? The Shield "one last time" vs. Corbin, Lashley & McIntyre. 

I realize card is subject to change, but this ran right after the supposedly final appearance of the Shield together. Ever.

 Tired of them insulting my intelligence.

You're watching the wrong pseudo-sport then, my friend.  

Oddly Paired Tag-Teams?

What would you say is/was the oddest paired tag-team that were/are devoid of any team chemistry that were/was together for a period of time that received a push, or some semblance of a push?  Off the top of my head there was the Matt Hardy and the Great Khali team on Smackdown in 2010, and Billy Gunn and Bob Holly on the same brand in 2004.  

Yeah, Holly-Gunn would be one of the first that springs to mind.  There was also that bizarre team of Kenzo Suzuki & Renee Dupree around the same time.  Didn't they even get the tag titles?  

Feel good wrestlemania moment.

So since WWE is all about putting smiles on faces. How big of a feel good moment would it be if The New Day win the Tag titles again and Kofi wins the WWE title and they celebrate in the ring and instead of confetti pancakes fall from the celing? (And in 2-3 years the mania celabration curse happens and all three end up dead due to diabetes).

Then again Vince wouldn't want to take away from Seth going over Brock and Becky winning…

I still don't know why people think Seth is going over Brock.