The Perception of Jobbing (and why It doesn’t matter)

Hey Scott,

2 related Questions:

The other day I was talking to my brother and his friends — all casual wrestling fans going back to 92. We were talking about Roddy Piper and how he never jobbed and everybody was really surprised. To them, and I think to many even though I'm sure the blog will disagree, Piper was a mid carder. The dude in the kilt. Broad strokes. 

Maybe it was his lack of World Title run, but if you look at his run from WM3 until Starrcade 96, it's pretty solidly mid-card, IC title run and all. 

Same thing when I mentioned the Road Warriors never jobbing. Or King Kong Bundy.

My questions are: 

1. Does it really matter? Like, these guys kill themselves to protect their spots and politic their way for years into NEVER jobbing, but to casual fans, it really doesn't even translate. None of my casual fans thought Piper was unbeatable because he never jobbed. 

2. Clean jobs vs. Protected jobs. Same thing. As an Undertaker mark growing up, I thought Taker always lost because he always lost when It COUNTED. 93 Rumble, 94 Rumble Title Match against Yoko, King of the Ring, 96 Rumble Title Match against Bret. Anytime there was something on the line, he managed to lose. Regardless of how protected he was, I think marks really only see that he fell short, unfortunately.

So It surprised me to read on the blogs that Taker never jobbed. True enough but the perception is different for marks, I think. 

So why bother protecting them in losses if its not translating?

I don't know what weird cross-section of fans you were basing this survey on, but Piper and the Road Warriors absolutely translated into main eventers for 99% of the fanbase. 

My Depressing Summerslam Scenario

Ok, here's how I see it, what do you think?

Kevin Owens somehow beats Braun for the briefcase
Reigns finally goes over Lesnar strong
KO cashes in immediately, wins the Universal Championship
KO goes over Reigns via some sort of screwjob in the fall
Reigns wins the Rumble, (maybe) wins the title at Mania
The next heel wins MITB and we repeat the cycle in 2020!

They're not taking the briefcase off Braun yet, it's just a 50/50 deal so he can get his win back.  They actually like the guy and they're not going to waste the briefcase. 


So WWE as an intellectual property is so unbreakable that seemingly nothing can stop the company from making billions.

It’s a house hold name, it’s an accepted main stream form of family entertainment, and has the power to still generate huge amounts of money anywhere in the world regardless of how entertaining it is perceived.

If the bare minimum over saturated product generates billions, will WWE ever have a reason to change? If the least effort generates comfortable money, then why try at all? Will someone have to die or there be a scandal before anything alters? When? Why? How?

I feel like I can just keep cutting and pasting this same e-mail every morning.


I was reading an article on Vince McMahon about Vince being out of touch with the fan base. I feel that way, but, the articles title had one key word, acceptance. Has Vince sold out, because now he is feeling accepted and plays things safe to be part of the in crowd? Reading about his life, and it has not always been easy, you get the sense he always wanted that mainstream acceptance. 

Does Vince not want to push the Envelope because he still wants to be part of the in crowd? Just a thought. 

It’s because WWE makes millions from sponsors as a PG product and he would literally be insane to change anything as long as FOX is throwing billions of dollars at him. 

Good Volkoff match

What was Nikolai Volkoff's best match?  I only remember him from the WWF in the mid 80s.

I honestly can't think of any specific "good" match he ever had.  Probably a tag match with him and Sheik against the Bulldogs in the 80s, but as a worker he was someone who worked a pretty specific type of match and didn't deviate much from it.

Braun Losing The MITB Briefcase?

I was watching Raw and realized they added the stipulation of "no matter how Braun loses, Owens wins the briefcase". Is it just me or could that stipulation mean they want to put the briefcase with Owens without having Braun job? From a character standpoint, it would make more sense that Owens would use Roman being beat up after the match to cash in rather then Braun. The bigger issue is no matter who cashes it in and wins the title, endgame is still getting that belt on Roman so I would rather he win at Summerslam and keeps it for a little before they do the MITB switch.

I think it's a 50/50 situation where Braun "lost" the cage match to Owens, so they stack the deck against him at Summerslam as much as possible so people actually buy that he might lose before getting his win back. 

Romans character is what’s wrong with society

It just hit me why Roman is so unlikable to most, he’s the absolute epitome of toxic masculinity. (The character, not the wrestler)

The only time he shows emotion is if he’s angry or he’s cracking jokes. Never shows sadness and only shows humility when he’s the better man.

Never learns from any of his losses, hasn’t actually grown at all as a character since he went singles. Just expects the title shots due to who he is. No indication as to why he wants to win.

Wait, we've seen lots of emotional range from Roman.  He was crying after getting screwed out of his rightful WWE title at Survivor Series, and napping during the Royal Rumble.  Is napping an emotion?  Let's go with "Yes".  

New Site, Please Plug

Hi Scott,

Over the past few months I've been putting together my first wrestling-related site. It's about my favourite WWF/WWE and WCW matches. You and the Blog of Doom have been a huge influence and inspiration for me. Throughout the process of building my site, it has really helped me to read your reviews and have discussions about WWF and WCW history with Blog of Doom people in various threads. I'd appreciate it if you'd do me a favour by sharing this message to announce that the site is now launched. 

Here is the link to it: Steve Austrian's Wrestlospective

I think your readers could enjoy what I've written about my favourite wrestlers and matches, along with the many GIFs I've made.  Hopefully I won't lose too much credibility with the BOD…community (ugh, I almost said "Universe") for some of my more questionable choices. For example, a Lex Luger match in the WCW top 10 (for the record, it's a big exception, as I hate most of his matches, even '80s ones that you liked), an intergender match (again, I usually hate those things, but there's an exception) in the WWF top 10, and multiple Buff Bagwell matches. 

Some of the choices are a bit embarrassing, but instead of cutting and replacing them with something 'cooler', I decided to just be honest, even if it means possibly losing some 'cool points'. I tried my best to explain/defend my choices, especially the more unconventional ones. I guess to me Buff Bagwell is what wrestlers like Ultimate Warrior were to others. I realize now that he wasn't a great worker, but his wrestling entertained the hell out of me when I was a kid and still does (until his injury in 1998, at least). 

I've heaped some massive praise upon you, your work, and reader base at my 'Home/Welcome' and 'Links' pages. I'm telling you since I figure you're not going to have time in your busy life and schedule to peruse the site. Your praise was well-earned. I am grateful to you for providing me with years of entertaining and thought-provoking writing and a community that I love reading and/or talking with every day. Vielen Dank!

Freundliche Grüße,

'Stunning' Steve Austrian

That's quite the site design, broheim.  

Cody Rhodes Pays For Fan

Hi Scott

If you have a look at Cody Rhodes twitter account, if you haven't already, it seems like a wrestling fan bought a ticket to an upcoming All In Wrestling show but then realised he couldn't afford to actually get there. Up steps Cody who has paid for this travel. 

What a nice man. 

And yet he won’t let Flip Gordon into the show!  Seems kinda two faced to me.  


MLB Star?

Hi Scott 

So, question for you. 

August 11th 1953, Terry Eugene Bollea is born in Augusta, Georgia. As a kid, he starts playing Little League Baseball. He remains fit and well and attracts scouts from all over the country, as he gets older, he ends up in the Major Leagues and becomes a baseball star. 

Apart from occasionally catching it on TV, he's not bothered about pro-wrestling. 

What does the wrestling scene look like now? Was there an 80s boom? An Attitude era? An NWO? Wrestlemania? 

Does everything still happen without Hogan, perhaps another wrestler becomes a household name instead, or is the wrestling world vastly different now? 

Vince really wanted Kerry Von Erich as a backup, but without Hogan there’s no Wrestlemania and we’d still be stuck in the territory era today.  The NBC deal wouldn’t have happened and WCW would have went under in 1994 without him.  
However, at least Gawker would still be around.  

No Austin after Owen

I’m sure you’ve addressed this before but what if the OwenDriver at SummerSlam 97 ended Austin’s career. That coupled with Bret leaving and HBK’s injury in January leave Vince with no top stars, and no uber babyfaces to feud with Mr McMahon… what was the backup plan? Was there a back up?  Does the company ever recover?

That'd be a toughie!  He probably doesn't screw Bret over in that case, but the world would be a much different place now.

Wrestling’s Darkest Day

Hey Scott,

  All jokes aside with Volkoff, Brown, and Sexay all passing in one 24 hour period could this be wrestlings darkest day ever?

I’m pretty sure the weekend where we lost Benoit, Nancy and Sherri Martel and nearly brought down the entire industry as a result was worse.  But yeah, this was a pretty dark day. 

A solution for Warrior’s lack of challengers in 90

Hey Scott,

It comes up on the blog a lot that Warrior had no credible challengers. 

Since Demolition was so massively over after WM6, do you think them turning on Warrior right after and laying him out, and then LOD debuting to save him could've led to a massive 6-Man at SummerSlam instead? 

I know they did that match a lot on house shows but It never felt truly as epic as It should've. I think they started the feud AFTER SummerSlam when Demoliton had cooled off A LOT.

I mean, Hogan and Warrior did the handicap match the next year with Slaughter and his henchman and It worked OK. It's not like Hogan had some red hot feud coming out of WM7.

I think given the teams involved, they could've really hyped that as a dream match. Then you can transition him to Savage or Earthquake or whoever.


I like it! Make it happen!  You know, build a time machine or whatever, don’t bore me with the details.  

Vince, WWE Stock and #MeToo

Hey Scott,

Just curious what you thought about this. The pro wrestling industry as I understand It as a fan of 20-something years can be a pretty despicable place, fraught with sexual harassment, drug abuse, early death, adultery, and all kinds of emotional and physical abuse.

It's gone mostly unchecked because wrestling for decades has been seen as a low-brow carny attraction for the fringes.

But now that WWE is a force on Wall Street, It really legitimizes McMahon as a mainstream businessman. Their events are some of the most major attractions for big cities — New York City, for example, leads with WrestleMania in all their press conferences for 2019 — and their outreach to women's wrestling and foreign markets has garnered them attention in mainstream news outlets. 

So — now I feel like investigations into McMahon's sexually harassing past (is their any doubt he has one?) and that of other wrestlers seems like It could get picked up by mainstream news and be damaging to their stock. Just today, allegations of Les Moonves led to CVS stock dropping 6%.

I feel like they're in a tough spot: they want mainstream attention and money, but with that comes more scrutiny, and WWE does not want their past scrutinized. Thoughts?

Yeah, I dunno.  Vince has survived far sleazier scandals in the past, but those were in the days before Twitter.  I can't even imagine how badly things would have gone with the steroid trials and Patterson/Garvin allegations had social media been around in the 80s.  Vince even dodged a bullet with the Del Rio incident somehow.  
Who knows, though, the stock market is so weird. 

Tapping out

Hello Scott

When did WWF/E start using the tap-out to signify submissions? I came back to watching wrestling in early 2000 after missing most of the 90s and they were tapping.

My guess is when Shamrock and Severn came in and UFC was getting popular?


It was apparently a thing before them, but Shamrock is the one who really popularized and made it into the accepted way to submit after he debuted in 97, yes. 

The slingshot suplex/Flair’s figure 4

What is it about the slingshot part of the move that makes it more deadly that a regular suplex? Considering it worked so well for Tully, is it perhaps time to make the slingshot suplex great again?

Flair never beat anyone of importance with the figure four thus it is the worst finisher of a main eventer ever. Doesnt logic seem to dictate that finding some OTHER finisher might have been a better path, especially when you consider the titles he lost after getting the move reversed to a small package?

1.  I don't really want to get into the whole science of momentum and force here, but suffice it to say that the slingshot in the slingshot suplex makes it makes it hurt more.
2.  Flair beat tons of people with the figure-four, including winning at least two of his World titles with it (Randy Savage and Dusty Rhodes) so he should probably keep it.

This Evolution show that’s a thing

Hey Scott,

   Could this potentially be more harmful to the Women's Revolution than good?  I can't see most of the women on the roster holding the crowds attention or even having a good outside of Becky, Sasha, Asuka, Charlette, Rousey, and Bliss.  Everyone
else doesn't get much reaction from the fans.  Could a show made up mostly of silence really be a good selling point to the people watching on the Network?

Doesn’t matter.   $50 million from the Saudis means they can air that YouTube loop of Axl Rose saying “Gimme some reggae” for three hours and still be worth billions. 

Favorite Monster Heel who faced Hogan

Excluding Andre, of all of the monster heels over the years such as Bundy, Kamala, One Man Gang, Killer Khan etc, who was your favorite Monster heel that challenged Hogan in the WWF?  Who drew the most money on house
shows among those guys?

Also was the ever a plan to make Bam Bam a heel after his face run to battle Hogan before he wound up leaving in '88?

No, I think the general plan was to go all the way with Bam Bam as a babyface until he split.  I don’t think it would have worked though. He would have made a much better heel of the month. 
As for Hogan’s heels, I recall that Kamala did monster business with Hogan for that period.  Earthquake was by far the biggest drawing but that was a different era. 
As for my favorite, I was always fond of Bundy and the five count gimmick.  I still swear that I’ve seen the gag where Bundy pins Hogan clean, but asks for the five and Hulk kicks out at four and makes the comeback. But maybe that’s a Mandela Effect deal.