“You can SHOOT someone outside the ring?”

Hey Scott,

Long time e-mailer, multiple time ban-e here.  We were discussing Jesse Ventura's legendary rant during the Rude/Warrior SS 89 match and it got me to thinking…In a no DQ match CAN you legally shoot someone? And if you can't why has this not been done before?
Seems like an effective way to both win the match and settle a feud at the same time.

​I feel like murdering someone would not fit within the advertiser-friendly narrative they're trying to build.  But while you might not get disqualified, I'm pretty sure you'd still be liable for the murder charges.​

A Very Lazy Milennial Question

Dear Scott,

Just wanted to get this question in before everyone is asking it in January/February…

How long until Wrestlemania becomes just another (5 Hour!) show?

That being said-once WWE is beyond their obligations what is the downside to Vince taking a hiatus from doing live events and just focussing on content for the network? 

Even say a year and let the independents have their time?

Would they really lose money given how much they spend to produce? If people are on the network because they forgot because it was only $9.99-well they forgot. Doesn't matter.

If Triple H wants to make money he can just have a reality show.

​…what?  Am I drunk or is everyone else?​

Silverdome FAILS TO DIE

Well you know something, brother, they need to bring in Hulk Hogan so he can slam the 1000 pound corpse of Andre the Giant in the middle of the ring, dude, and shake the rafters until they fall under the power of HULKAMANIA.

Also, this feels like a "You had one job" meme waiting to happen.

Survivor Series 90

Hey Scott

   I was watching Sur Series 90 last night and during The Visionaries vs. The Coke Kings match that the Warlord looked exactly like an overinflated Stone Cold balloon.  That is all have a good day.
​Now this is how you get your e-mail published.  Everyone else take note.​

Other WCW events to bring back?

With War Games and Starrcade returning, which WCW events would you bring back next? As a kid, I always loved the name and logo for Halloween Havoc and Fall Brawl, and may be a nice way to market September and October houseshows. SuperBrawl would allow for some logical gimmick matches replacing a blandly named event like Battleground or the outdated No Mercy.

Halloween Havoc is a no brainer.  They'd probably put it in July, of course.  I feel like SuperBrawl might be too close to Superbowl for Vince's liking, though.  I'd actually replace Extreme Rules with Uncensored, because it's a more descriptive name.  Frankly, anything's better than the endless generic names like Vengeance and Payback and Backlash and Backpay and whatnot. 

Roman after Mania

Given that Brock Lesnar is the only guy left that hasn't yet laid down for Roman Reigns, who exactly is THE BIG DOG supposed to defend the Universal Title against after his umpteenth coordination at WrestleMania Fleur de Lis?

​Coronation, I think you mean.  He's already pretty coordinated.  
I feel like the Shield is going to implode again and this time it's Dean's turn to go heel, which would give us a couple of months of PPV main events at least.  Or AJ Styles could switch shows again, or Randy Orton.  They've got some options.​

Bret Hart V.S. The Ultimate Warrior

In Brets book, he said before the whole steriod scandal happened, that the original plan for Mania 9 had him wresting Warrior in which he'd beat Warrior with the sharpshooter to win the World Title. Any truth to this? I just can't see Warrior tapping to the sharpshooter ever.

​I just can't see it.  By the time Bret got the first World title push, Warrior was on the way out and they didn't really believe in Bret as a top guy anyway.  So I can't see them first of all putting the title on Warrior (which WAS originally planned, that's true) only to have him immediately lose it in a babyface match to Bret Hart.  But as we learned in the Observers, there definitely was a rough plan to get the belt from Flair to Warrior sometime in 1993.  ​

Wrestlemania 16 question

So there was unconfirmed rumors that Jericho was originally supposed to be in the Fatal Fourway main event instead of Foley. Supposely there was even early Wrestlemania posters with Jericho on them. Ever heard this?

​Yes, it's entirely confirmed.  Here's the poster:
Vince didn't think Jericho was big enough of a star to headline the show, so he called Foley instead.  ​

Blue Hart

For some reason I recall at least one match in WCW where Bret Hart wore blue ring attire? Do you remember this period? Was there any reason why he switched ring attire?


​Maybe he was really into Eiffel 65 at the time?​

The Legend of Tom Magee

Hey Scott,

Just wondering: have you ever seen the fabled Magee-Hart match where Bret made Tom Magee look so amazing Vince thought he might be the next Hogan?

If not, do you know of tape exists of the match or is it lost to the ages?

​The tape absolutely exists and Dave Meltzer has a copy, and presumably so does Bret Hart and WWE.  No one else has ever seen it, aside from the people who were there that night.  ​

Ford suing John Cena

I read today that the Ford Motor Company is suing John Cena for selling a custom car they gave him.

Cena states he needed to sell it to cover other expenses. Is Crna blowing through a lot of cash? Or perhaps it has to do with his future wife?

Any thoughts on this, Scott?

I'm from Saskatchewan, where people get into fistfights for choosing Ford over GM, so I try to avoid having opinions on cars.  Still, it's a weird one.  You'd think he wouldn't be hurting for cash.  Maybe he's liquidating everything before the pre nup?  I dunno if that's a thing you can do.  

What’s Old is New Again…

What do you think of they rebooted the York Foundation gimmick for someone new? I thought it was a great concept, but goofy when it was done way back.

But now, we live in the information age with both social media/internet activity as well as ESPN with statistical access & sport science studies. Done today, that gimmick actually makes some logical sense.

Imagine if they get a talented guy missing that character/charisma factor (a Roddy Strong type) paired with a mouthpiece workinga tablet with all the stats. He/She does a promo throwing some info ("this person had 3 surgeries here, so work that part" or "this person's stamina goes down 90% past the 10min mark" for example) & then the match story follows it. The stats can be made up or elevated, but then the match pays it off.

It can either fail for comedic effect, but if the info pays off for the wrestler, then it adds storytelling to some matches that would just be generic otherwise…

​Like Sabermetrics for wrestling?  Interesting idea.  They should have Scott Steiner come up with the stats, though.   ​


Hi Scott,

Couple of questions for your consideration:

1 – In both of the ppv matches they had, cult favourite Stone Cold Steve Austin never beat Bret Hart. Both matches are seen as being excellent matches by many people and the “double turn” at wrestlemania 13 did wonders for stone cold, what was the online reaction like at the time? There’s a lot of overreaction to results (people declaring careers over or buried due to one loss) do you think people are willing to turn a blind eye if the match is great? A more recent example maybe would be Bray vs Bryan at the 2014 rumble, Bryan lost.

2 – the cruiserweight tag titles during the end of wcw were pretty great, should wwe bring these back the freshen things up/make some more dynamic matches?


​God, no more titles.  The Cruiserweight title is a black hole as it is, we do not need any more meaningless ones.  
And people were fine with the Austin loss at the time because everyone could sense that it was leading to something bigger for him, and as noted it was a fantastic match anyway.  I don't recall a lot of people claiming that Bret was burying him or anything.​


I am puzzled.  Why not just change Bray face at this point? He is doing nothing as a heel. The Broken Matt vs Bray might be interesting, but where after that? Finn Balor should go heel as well. His character is suited for that rol


​Bray's problem is that his promos don't make any sense and he never backs up any of his big spooky talk.  Whether he's a heel or a babyface, it doesn't make him any more effective as a character.  ​He's done all he's going to do and people know it.

Ken Shamrock

I was watching a interview where Ken said he wants a WWE return but for some reason, they never get back to him. It got me wondering, why havent they brought him back? Did he leave on bad terms?

​The question actually came up on Observer Radio a few weeks back, and the basic answer seems to be "No one's sure".  It's not like Ken was fired and drummed out of the company or anything, but you'd think Ken would be a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame or whatever and yet Vince never seems to want to use him.  Vince gonna Vince, I guess.​

Vince ‘Pranked’ Me

Hey Scott,

Kurt Angle did a Q/A during an appearance at iPlay America in Freehold, New Jersey over the weekend. Howard Finkel was moderating and calling on a variety of older fans and young kids, so even though we got a few kayfabe questions, Kurt was able to answer honestly and in entertaining fashion. 

He talked about the Jason Jordan storyline ("You know this was a big prank that Vince had."), regrets with Team Angle, staying clean for five years and much more. 

Hope your readers enjoy.

Thanks as always!


​hy am I not surprised that Vince would run a months-long storyline and take up TV time as a prank on someone?​

Who do you pick instead of Barry?

Obviously Flair walking out prior to GAB 91 was a disaster

A lot of people complain about them randomly deciding that Barry Windam qualified for a title match, considering Barry had been solidly mid card for years prior to the event

I must admit that I struggle to think of who else they could have stuck in there instead

Sting/Koloff were busy with each other, Arn Anderson had suffered from the same mid card booking as Barry, ditto for Ron Simmons

My only thought would be Vader

He wasn't really over to that level yet, but you could either have him crush Luger and get himself over in one night, or you could have baby face Lex squeak a win, causing Vader to come back with Race as his manager for a rematch

Who would your pick have been?

​The complaint about using Barry Windham in that spot is like the least important issue with the show.  Once Flair left with the title, there was no simple fix.  Windham was as good as anyone.​


Scott, tell these dweebs that Punk vs Bryan isn't drawing 20k in Chicago or any other city on the planet.

Yeah, dweebs!  Maybe if Punk or Bryan went to New Japan and faced Kenny Omega, they'd have something.

Wrestlers compensation Now

Hey Scott

We all know how wrestlers were paid back in the day with getting a certain percentage of the gate. That’s why they had to “talk asses into seats”.

But how does it work now.   You have said before that they had to back up the brinks truck for AJ.  But what about the NXT grown guys.

Does Braun sign for a certain about and have bonus if he gets to main roster?

Or Jinder for example.  A curtain jerker who became champ.   Does all of the sudden her go from making like 6 figures to high 6 figures?

Just curious on how they scale it. Especially with really no competition to speak of.

​No one really knows for sure, especially the wrestlers, which is why guys like Cody going off to the indies and doing pretty well has been a very eye-opening experience for lots of them.  The death of the PPV system and house show model have both made it difficult to figure stuff.  Top guys typically have a set downside plus bonuses (like Reigns, Orton, Cena, etc) but your midcarders (ie, the rest of the roster) are pretty much just paid on Vince's whims.  It's kind of a shitty system.​

Dave Meltzer

This post is hilarious as they just absolutely rip Dave for his inaccurate reporting this past year like the recent Balor report. Also interesting Jimmy Jacobs may actually been let go for being Daves mole.

Really?  The whole thing comes off as really petty.  Like we're supposed to be impressed because they claim something that didn't happen, didn't happen for some other reason months later.  Also, journalists should probably check their spelling a bit better.  

Bigger RAW main event

Bushwhackers vs Bert Centeno & Barry Hardy in 1994

Jason Jordan vs Kane in 2017

You decide!

​Well, you know, if you having trouble getting a project over as a top babyface  because people aren't buying him in the role, it only makes sense to try to turn him heel. 
*cough cough*