Midnight Express World Tag Title Run in 1986

Hi Scott,
while my excitement for this year's wrestlemania is probably so low it reaches the lowest °Kelvin grade, at least there's the Network to have content to watch.
While watching both Hidden Gem Great American Bashes from 1986 and your rants on them, I was wondering about one thing:
-Was there ever a point or a rhyme or reason to the Midnight Express having a World Tag Title run in 1986?
 Their big program during the summer with Baby Doll and America's Team did not exactly need the titles and as mentioned in your Greensboro rant ("… but Animal tries a splash and hits knee to finally give the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD some damn heat on the Road Warriors.") it seems silly to use the Tag Team Champions as bumbling fools against the Road Warriors.
From my naive point of view, I would have held the titles on the RNR for a while longer until that Ole Anderson injury angle was complete, then do a title change to the Minnesota Wrecking Crew in late spring/early summer and do the change back to the RNR at Starrcade 1986 since that seemed like a more World Tag Team Championship type program.
Not saying that the Midnight Express were an unworthy team to get a World Tag Title run eventually but at that point it was probably too early to put them in that position.
Only thing I can imagine is that Dusty did not want to lay his boots for that program involving Baby Doll unless he was fighting some title holders.
With kind regards and you and your family stay healthy,

Yeah I never really understood the timing either.  Really felt like they should have had a longer reign too instead of just dropping it back to the RNR and then never sniffing it again.  The Dusty theory is probably the most sensible.  

Goldberg In 2001

When Goldberg lost his "must retire if you lose" match,(or whatever it was), at the Sin PPV in January 2001, was he supposed to come back to WCW eventually if the company had survived, or was this just an angle designed to get him off of T.V. because his contract had expired/he was injured?  

It was just a stupid angle, like most else of what WCW was doing at that point.  

Jim Ross Calls

Greetings from South Korea Scott, I know everyone loves (and rightly so) Jim Ross’ famous KOR ‘98 HITC call, but for me, his call of Taker breaking Vince’s leg (“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!”) is my all time favorite, and pre attitude era, his having a seizure in Mid-South of when Eddie Gilbert and the Russians is amazing as well (BUT THEY PUT THE FLAG OVER THE COWBOY! LOOK AT THIS!!!). What’s your favorite JR call of all time? 
I do tend to use "STOP THE DAMN MATCH, THE MAN'S GOT A FAMILY!" as my go-to for JR memes, so I'm gonna go with that one. 

CM Punk/Cena and the Fiend

I know it's been said that Punk is officially on Vince's shit list, but would it not be worth it from a thematical standpoint for them to have The Fiend completely destroy Cena and for Cena to go crawling to Punk for help beating the Fiend to resolve the Fiend storyline and the Fiend/Cena feud? 

It would be the perfect way to bring Punk back and (best case scenario) resolve the unresolved Cena/Punk feud with the two bitter rivals making peace to stop a larger threat and have Punk be sent off into the sunset as far as having him and Cena team up to stop the Fiend once and for all. 

Jesse Baker


March Bashness 2020 – Vote for the Fatal 4

Between real life and the dreary weather here in MD it's been a rough week. And one of my college roommates is on the respirator from COVID.

Glad we all have distractions so I can almost understand Vince's point for once. Here's the latest round of March Bashness:

Hope you're staying safe! Thanks again!
Just hanging out and reviewing the Allied Powers DVD this weekend, so your tag team tournament is very apropos!


Hey Scott, hope you are well. With it being more and more likely that Wrestlemania is not happening and this is just an insurance ploy. I wonder what happens to the filmed matches? Does WWE stuff it in the library and add it to the BLU Ray release box set or release it years later as a lost show? Thanks Scott, I hope you and your family are ok.

Why would it not be happening?  The matches are already filmed and the PPV time is booked. 

Braun as Luger

How similar is Braun taking Roman’s place to Lex at Bash 91? Both are cases of career choke artists likely winning their world title at the wrong time in the wrong place under wrong circumstances.  They could’ve MADE someone a star and instead going to Braun feels so off
I'll tell you what feels off:  Continuing to advertise Roman v. Goldberg the day after everyone found out that the match isn't going to happen.  Everything about this Wrestlemania just feels dirty and slimy. 

It’s time! it’s time! It’s Union Time?

With this insistence of continuing with wrestling in spite of all common sense and social distancing rules, (Cena's STF is still ok though) isn't this the right time for the wrestlers to grow a set, club together and say "No, Vince!"? It shouldn't take the
talent actually being infected to precipitate this, but acting now to organise themselves, couldn't they really force his hand going forward?

Yeah but it'll never happen because for anyone that unionizes, there's another 100 ready to suck up to Vince again and happily take their spot.  

Braun it is

Rumors say Braun Strowman will replace Reigns against Goldberg. What's the best case scenario for this match, besides the real best case scenario of cancelling this show all together? Does Braun FINALLY win the big one a few years too late or does Goldberg retain to face Roman at a later date, thus making Braun look like an even bigger choker?

I dunno, but talk about a lazy solution.  Just keep the belt on Goldberg until they figure out something better I’d say.  Having him lose to Braun would be a bigger waste and there’s nowhere to go with the follow up anyway. 

Independent Contractor Insurance query

Hi Scott,
A build on your news item regarding Rusev's pledge to support WWE production staff.

Who else in WWE is a long-term Independent Contractor? Any refs. announcers. or trainers that WWE is afraid of losing to other orgs?  Or is it just about the in ring talent?  
I believe everyone who is not a wrestler is classified as an employee.  The refs MIGHT be contractors because they travel around too, but I don't believe so. 

Batista in 2014

If Batista had gotten the desired response for winning the 2014 Royal Rumble, was he supposed to have won the WWE Championship and stayed in the company for longer than he did?  

Yup, he cut things short after the Evolution reunion bit and left early.  Originally Vince was going to go all the way with him and he was going to drop the title to Lesnar at Summerslam if I remember correctly.  Regardless of who ended up with it, it was always going to Brock by Summerslam anyway.  

Good Promo Bad Character

Hey Scott,

There are plenty of great wrestling personalities that couldn't talk, but in your opinion, what is a great promo that never was much of a character? They could articulate their thoughts well but they just…didn't have anything in the realm of a distinctive gimmick or a personality that really connected with people?

Arn Anderson.  

Our wrestlemania options

Forgetting this is a disaster and a show that shouldn't be running, with Reigns out, how do you book the Goldberg title match out of these options:

1) Winner of Cena / Bray on night 1 gets Goldberg night 2

2) Battle Royal

3) Night 1 tournament

4) Mystery opponent

5) Matt Riddle

6) Crazy other idea

Your thoughts?
So we're eliminating "cancel the show" as an option then?  I like the idea of Cena-Fiend determining who gets Goldberg.  Plus then you're using one less person. 

Let them stay home

Seriously, WWE and AEW need to pull the plug for now and just tell their wrestlers and workers to stay home and stay healthy. I know Vince McMahon always wants to make a buck but even from a financial perspective, I'm surprised he'd risk the health of his talent or the chance of a lawsuit if someone gets seriously ill. Now Roman Reigns is off WrestleMania and the show just looks more and more ridiculous. Just postpone it and try for a summer WrestleMania if conditions allow. 

And I love AEW – their shows have been fantastic – but I'm a little disappointed Tony Khan hasn't temporarily shut down, both to take care of his wrestlers and production crew and to keep up the company's generally good image.

Stay safe. 
Doing my best but I work for an essential service provider in a management position.  So no time off for me.  But a lot of disinfecting and uncomfortable gloves.  
AEW apparently taped a whole shitload of stuff on Wednesday so hopefully they can at least take a few weeks off now.  Everyone's playing with fire now and I think that's becoming very clear, especially with Mysterio and Dana Brooke off in quarantine now.  The regulations are getting tighter and tighter, as we saw on Dynamite, and there's just not going to be a way to even run shows past a certain point.  And that's a good thing.

Exalted One as VKM

During his recap of last night's Dynamite, Thomas inferred that Brodie Lee's taped segment with the Beaver Boys was meant to make the Exalted One character come across like Vince at his worse, then this morning Meltzer flat out said it was a blatant shot at semi-well known stories about Vince power tripping. Do you agree with Thomas that (if true) it's DOA? Or is everyone just getting too bent out of shape about the frickin' Dark Order?

Thanks mate
It’s just a silly rib, but I don’t know how effective it’ll be in getting Brodie over.  Hopefully they get it out of their system.  

Matt Hardy’s edited teleports

Sure we’ve seen the Undertaker disappear, and even levitate in the sky after Yoko killed him. It’s unrealistic, but it was at least done decently enough.

But how did that horrible edit job of Matt Hardy teleporting make it to TV? You could see Jericho’s head in different positions every time. Either don’t show Jericho, or just use some editing tools to show a constant shot of Jericho while Hardy teleports.

Is there no quality control team, or are they not working due to this pandemic?

I’m sure it’s supposed to be deliberately terrible.