You’re put in charge of WWE

Disney buys WWE, ousts the McMahons & puts you in charge of reigniting fan interest. What are the first 3 changes you make?

End the brand split, shorten RAW back to 2 hours, offer buyouts to anyone who doesn't want to be there.  

AEW/WWE Trades

Imagine a world in which WWE and AEW could trade wrestlers between each other like real sports teams do. What trades can you come up with that benefit both sides?

My first trade is Asuka for Nyla Rose. Vince doesn't seem to value her or any other Japanese wrestler, and Nyla seems to have reached her peak in AEW and if he'll push Nia Jax and Tamiya, he'll push Nyla.

Second trade might be too obvious: Ricochet for Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. Ricochet is obvious, and for some reason Kip Sabian feels like he should be a bigger star than he is and maybe in NXT he'd have a chance.

My third proposal is kind of out there. AJ Styles for Sammy Guevara. The appeal to AEW of Styles is obvious, but they'd have to give up something of value to get him, and that's Guevara. Vince has been trying and failing to create a Latino world champion he can push to the moon, and Sammy Guevara is clearly a future world champion and would give him that.

What trades would you do?

I think Sammy would be too small for Vince, actually.  I'd go with Wardlow for the entire Undisputed Era.  

How bad will they book these reigns

We can all agree that nearly 10 years later and Brock ending UT's streak was not a good call, as it just lead to something weve already seen before with Brock as a part time wrestler/champ.  Right now there is nooooooooo one in WWE or NXTUK that is worthy of defeating Reigns or WALTER, both that they haven't built anyone up even close to sniffing such glory, and i have no doubt they cannot come up with a compellling story and feud after those champs are beat.

What are the WORST possible outcomes for these two champions reigns ending that you can absolutely see this company pulling?  Theys seem to love giving Joe Coffey title shots for whatever fucking reason and i'm worried its only a matter of time they pull that bullshit.  Even with King of the Samoans making the title more relevant than it has in years, they still see it as props.  I have complete faith they'll think the wrestling world will be revitilized and ratings will soar as Dominik Mysterio wins it on whatever ppv happens in the fall.  oh and or Thge Miz

Stay safe. 

It's gonna be Cena.  We all need to just accept it now to begin the healing process in advance.  

Mitb in the 80s/90s

Who would have made great Money in the bank winners in the 80s/90s?

My choices are dibiase (he buys the briefcase off someone; hires people to wear down the champ and then cashes in); honky Tonk man (he tries to find the perfect moment to cash in against hogan/savage/warrior but can never find the right moment), and Owen hart (he wins mitb instead of king of the ring and cashes in on Bret).

Oh my god, Owen Hart fluking into the MITB win and then cashing in on Bret one day is the visual in my head that I never knew I needed until you mentioned it.  Can you even imagine the celebration?  Especially if it involved getting Yokozuna to destroy his brother first and then proudly cashing in and pinning himself, and then doing a 10 minute celebration?  We need to make this happen.

Bart Gunn, sacrificial lamb?


You've mentioned before that Bart wasn't actually deliberately sent out to die against Butterbean at WM15 as punishment for messing up their plans for the Brawl for All.  However, since Bart pretty much disappeared from TV after winning the tournament and (as
far as I recall) didn't show up again until the WM build, doesn't that indicate that there was some degree of retribution for knocking out “JR's Boy” even if getting murdered by Butterbean wasn't itself part of it?

I still don't think it was ever retribution, it was just that Bart couldn't deliver whatever it was they wanted out of him to capitalize on winning the tournament.  Like when has Vince ever given a shit about JR and his favorites before then? 

Bossman raised the briefcase


  Can we address it once  and for all? It was the Big Bossman who raised the briefcase. The stipulation was that no one from the corporate ministry was allowed to interfere, so they fired the Bossman, he raised the briefcase which was legit because he now wasn't
a member of the corporate ministry and they hired him back after the match. They never actually said it but I'm sure they trusted their audience to figure  it out. They were wrong

Yeah but how do we KNOW, though?  Like do you have proof?  I'd really like to see some if you have it.  Because otherwise you're just muddying the waters with more crazy conspiracy theories.  Did he move it with his mind, too?  Sorry, I'm just not seeing it.  

Rey vs Roman HiaC moved to Smackdown

Do they really want to beat Dynamite THAT bad?

It didn't feel like a PPV main event anyway.  Plus if they can keep them under 3 hours, more power to them.  Not that I know or care what else is on Sunday's show anyway.  Serves AEW right for daring to run a show somewhere in a state that used to be WWE's home base, I guess.  

Shoot interview DVDs purchase

Hi, Scott. I hope you're well. Thanks a lot for entertaining and educating me for years via your books and online rants and shoot interview reviews. I'd like to buy many shoot interview
DVDs from you. Can you please sell me any? If so, which ones can you sell, and what are your prices? I appreciate greatly your time and consideration.

I believe you’re confusing me with other people like Brian Bayless who actually review those.  I’d suggest a site like…

Or even just YouTube.  

Solving wrestling’s biggest mysteries

Please answer these 10 long unsolved wrestling mysteries:

Who drove the Hummer?

Who raised the briefcase?

What was in Baby Doll's envelope?

Who hit Kevin Owens with the pie?

Who was behind GTV?

What was in Shane's lockbox?

Who kidnapped Samoa Joe?

Who rescued Ric Flair from the desert?

How did The Giant survive the fall off the roof?

Why was Jinder Mahal made a world champion?
No one will ever solve that last one. 

Great Matches from Not Great Wrestlers

Reading your repost of the Sting Best Of, I was surprised to read such praise for a Mike Rotunda, a guy I tend to think of as dull to serviceable.  Dead on; its a good match and I thank you for leading me to it.

Got me wondering if anyone has other recommendations for wrestlers who were in the business a longtime, aren't know top workers, but might have a gem or two. 

Any spring out to you sir?

Thanks as always for the fine work.

Repost?!?  I wish, I’ve still got another 5 hours of that set to get through.  
Mid Atlantic really opened up my eyes to the greatness of Sgt Slaughter.  

Blog of Doom is #2!

Just wanted to offer belated congratulations for placing second in “Best Wrestling Media” in the Theszie awards this year (narrowly losing to Botchamania). It was an intriguing category this year now that Uproxx Wrestling, which had won every other year, is no more.

Apparently the results got held up by Covid, but the full winners and losers are here:

Well done to you and everyone who contributes to the blog, and to Maffew as well of course. Love the site, keep up the good work.


MAFFEW WE COMING FOR YOU NI — um, nice guy.  Yeah.  
Very cool of anyone who voted for my silly little blog and thanks to Andy and Thomas and Princess and everyone else who puts in the hard work for the site!  Also thanks to Chris Bird for his years of doing the awards for everyone.  

Scorcese and film length

So i decided to watch the Irishman for the 3rd time to see if i can appreciate it more, but this time, i watched it like a tv show, 6 episodes at around 20-30 mins each.  Immedietly enjoyed it much more. But then i found myself watching The Wolf of Wall Street in 1 take for the millionth time and that movie just flies by everytime.  I could say the same for The Departed.  I can take a whole day enjoying Lawrence of Arabia but i need a few more to get through Dr. Zhivago(still a tremendous flick).

Having said that, whats a a movie you like that just seems to take forver to get through and you sometimes struggle, and whats a long movie (lets say minimum 150 mins length) that its on and BAM! your hooked until the end.  Lets get the obvious out of the way and say besides Goodfellas.

Stay safe!

I liked the Irishman but 3 times?  Wow.  
Anyway, for the first question, GANGS OF NEW YORK.  Each time I promise myself I’ll make it through without falling asleep and each time I fail. 
As for the other way, Dances with Wolves.  Extended version even!  It’s my happy place movie.  That or Shawshank, but duh. 

Dream Matches

Dream Matches

having the chance to see WALTER an Daisuke Sekimoto inmtheir glory, i thought what would have been the outcome of
WALTER vs Vader
Daisuke vs. Stan Hansen.
I guess it would have had a bigger sellout in the 80/90ies.
I miss such power vs. power matches with wrestling skills.
Have a great time

Oh man WALTER vs Vader would have been amazing.  He wouldn’t take any shit from Vader either.  Build a time machine and make it happen. 

HHH winning King of the Ring 96

If HHH had won KOTR 96 as planned, what were the plans for him?  Would he have feuded with Shawn over the WWF Title?  Would he still have been involved with the Mr. Perfect angle that happened in the fall?

When they decided to punish him for the curtain call, was there a set amount of time in the beginning?  Why did they decide to end it when they did with him winning the IC Title?  

You’re giving them way more credit for planning than they had back in 1996.  

Heels turned Face


I've been watching a fair amount of WWF house shows from the early 80s, and its remarkable how hated Hulk Hogan,  Jimmy Snuka and Sergeant Slaughter were given the majority of their WWF career.  Would these 3 be the biggest examples of heels turned faces in
wrestling ever?
Hogan certainly.  Slaughter as a babyface wasn’t really a huge national draw outside of his brief hot run in the WWF and his GI Joe money, though.  I’d say he was a way bigger deal to wrestling fans as a heel.  

Hangman at the Jericruise

Hope all is well, Scott.

I believe I saw a headline not long ago saying that Jericho's cruise was back on, now set for this fall. Now, if I am remembering the last Jericruise correctly, that was when Hangman and Omega won the tag titles and Hangman was crowdsurfed away by the fans, drinking a beer and being solidified as a top fan favorite in AEW.

Now, I know that general booking sense would be to save the eventual title switch off of Omega and onto Hangman (or whoever comes next) for the main event of a PPV, but given Hangman's big moment on the last cruise, it got me thinking:

Say Hangman retains the title throughout the summer, including at All Out. He's riding high, still got his collection of belts, and is looking ahead to Full Gear as the next PPV – and then Hangman beats him for the title on the Dynamite from the cruise. Then the rematch could be set for Full Gear.

For me it's kinda got a Rocky I and II feel – Omega isn't taking Hangman seriously because of how their team fell apart, Hangman instead of just going the distance actually gets the title, then Omega DOES take him seriously for the rematch, but even facing Omega at his best, Hangman retains.

Am I crazy, or does this have legs?

Best wishes as always,


I think we all know that Hangman getting the belt is the long game here.  It also depends on when Kenny drops the other titles or if he manages to add more, too, I guess.  I don’t want to speculate further in storytelling because then HHH might get mad at the internet again, though. 

Head of the Match Quality

I think one thing that’s underrated in Romans arc as Head of the Table is not just the commanding work he’s done acting on screen but also in his choice of opponents.  Since his return he’s gone through Jey Uso, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Cesaro and soon enough – Rey Mysterio.  By picking his opponents he’s ensured himself a ***1/2 – ****1/2 match every time he steps in the ring. Besides lame stories, I think what’s hampered the other champions (looking at Seth Rollins) is being stuck with lame feuds with terrible workers (Corbin, Braun, Fiend, etc).  Is there something to be said to just keep mining the good workers in the company for Roman to go through? And assuming Rock is the endgame at WM next year – who do you cycle through to get him to him then after Cena?
I think you can still turn Seth Rollins babyface and get a couple of PPVs out of him  Move Drew over after the draft and do some matches with him as well, and that pretty much takes you to WM. 

Wrestlemania 50?

Hey Scott,


Jumping off the rumors of a possibly impending sale of WWE within the next few years, it got me thinking. Going by all we've learned about Vince McMahon over the years, I can't really fathom him selling and giving up control of his baby as long as he's alive. Over the years, whenever talks of a sale (to NBC, Disney or whoever else) cropped up, I've always had this little scenario in my head, where I could see Wrestlemania 50 being sort of the official “end” of WWE, in a “going out with a bang” kind of way.

By the time Wrestlemania 50 rolls around, Vince will be 86-87 (and probably still jacked) and Steph and Triple H will be in their late 50s-ealy 60s. By then, I could see it make sense to build up Wrestlemania 50 as this “one last giant show” as a goodbye. Do Wrestlemania 50, pull out all the stops, fill the biggest stadium in the U.S. one last time.and then the curtain call. Sell off all your assets, auction off your entire content library to the highest-bidding streaming service, close up shop and let others fill the vacuum afterwards. That way, Vince doesn't have to see someone else take over, and Steph and Triple H can ride off into the sunset and retire comfortably with their kids.

Would you consider such a scenario in any way feasible? How do you see the end of WWE happening? Or will it keep living on in some form.then, now.forever? What will happen to the wrestling landscape once WWE's gone? Will it split into “regional” indies again and rebuild from there?

Speaking of Steph and Triple H's kids: By Wrestlemania 50, Steph's and Shane's kid will all be in their mid-late 20s. Could you see them getting into the business at all (either on the corporate side or as a wrestler?) Could we get Steph's kids vs. Shane's kids in a six-person tag at Wrestlemania 50? 🙂 As we all know, the more McMahons are on the show, the better it is.for this business! 😉


Well this email certainly went some places.  Short answer, no I could not see anyone involved in WWE possibly doing anything outlined in the scenario above. 

Keeping NXT

Hey Scott,

  If Vince does sell as speculated by many,  could HHH buy NXT and keep running it as it's own seperate company?

I don't think there's actually a separate company to buy.  It'd be like trying to buy 205 Live.