The IMPACT has been soft

Now that's it has been some weeks passed since the co-promtion between AEW and Impact, is it safe to say….what was the point?? Omega had one match there and Private Party showed up with Matt Hardy. No one from impact outside of the good brothers have even been mentioned on Dynamite. Not the world champ, the women's champ, not even Tommy Dreamer.

It's beginning to look like a complete joke of a relationship with Tony Khan trying his best to downgrade Impact every week on THEIR OWN SHOW. Which isn't hard to do when Matt Striker screaming like a moron at every damn match like he's broadcasting a best of 7 between Flair and Steamboat. Should we wait it out some more?

I mean, Impact's ratings have mostly gone up as a result of the relationship, and the Good Brothers are on AEW TV every week now.  Not sure what else people want out of this, to be honest.  It's a net positive for me thus far. 



Do you think that if the Ultimate Warrior had not passed so suddenly, since he was back in good graces with the WWE, that they would’ve done a farewell match with him against possibly a mid- carder in which Warrior could beat the guy in a minute or two and shake the ropes a few times as a final goodbye? 

I dunno, that would have to be a pretty quick minute because he was looking rough just getting into the ring that night.  I don't feel like Warrior really had any further interest in getting in the ring again, either. 

Miz as Sleight of Hand

I actually think this Miz thing is a brilliant play by the WWE. Lashley is a decent opponent for McIntyre for a regular PPV, but they already got the most out of that they could when they wrestled last year. Neither of their characters or wrestling styles have really changed since. It’s definitely an underwhelming Wrestlemania main event for sure.

So how to get people not to hate it? Put the title on Miz, let him be a lightning rod for Internet disapproval, and then switch it to Lashley. Everyone will be so relieved that Miz isn’t champion that they won’t bother to be dissatisfied with Lashley. People will probably STILL be hating on Miz when Wrestlemania comes around, even though he’s doubtlessly going to lose the belt within the next couple weeks. I think this is a smart sleight of hand, although I don’t approve of it. Of course, it would have been easier to just, you know, find a quality opponent for McIntyre in the first place, but still. Thoughts?

Are we still talking about the Miz today?  That was so 2 days ago. 

Miz, the first jobber to become WWE champion?

Since defeating Otis for the Money in the Bank contract at Hell in a cell last October and before becoming the WWE champion, The Miz has wrestled 19 bouts. He only won four of them and lost 15, including a handicap match he lost with Morrison to Drew McIntyre (source: wrestling historian and author Pat Laprade).

Does that make The Miz the first ever jobber to become WWE champion? Is this the equivalent of Marty Jannetty or Damian Demento suddenly winning the big prize?

That brings me another question. Who was the weakest WWE champion in history? I’m not wondering who was the worst or drew the least, but who was the lowest in the food chain at the moment where the title was suddenly put around his waist.

Envoyé de mon iPad

Gotta go with Jinder Mahal there.  

Got it all figured out.

Seriously, I got the whole ding dang figured out. Hear me out.

The Miz comes out and he says now look here. I'm the world champion but I'm on a Mizzion (mission). Or something clever. He points his pig hoof to the Wrestlemania sign and he says look here – and Bad Bunny comes out. Now he's his bodyguard like Virgil. He looks menacing so that creates separation. Miz says look, my MIZZION is to be the best ever. And Bunny is here to help me. How, I don't know.

Well here comes the goddamn Lex Express into the arena like Angle's milk truck. It's Lex Luger! Here he is! To do all that American nonsense. Well, he says your beehind is mine, Miz. Miz runs away. He says fine if you can beat the Bunny tonight in a match, you get my title. Well, Lex and Bunny fight, Lex wins with a forearm smash, Bunny falls out of the ring and loses in a 10 count. Lex says HAH Miz, will ya look at that, I can milk this now for ten more years, now I want your title!

Miz pulls the 2 count, why-didn't-my-finisher-win look with his face. You know, the one they teach in NXT. He says, no, next week, a tag match! Me and Bunny versus you and a partner of your choosing. Lex just struts around like a goofball and says fine.

So next week. Miz and Bunny come out all tough like a bunch of jerks. Lex comes out and says alright, here's my partner! And you know who it is?


Because bunnies fear gators because gators I assume eat bunnies.

And that sells tickets, pal!

Your friend,

You had me right up until your email started.  

Bret v. skinned cats


On the Bret DVD, he has an interview segment where he decries the “skin the cat” spot as inherently phony, his logic being that in a real fight, you wouldn't turn your back on your opponent and showboat while he flips himself back into the ring (he's got a
point).  I'd imagine he might have intended this as a dig at Shawn, but the thing is, that bit was an easter egg attached to the Bret/Steamboat match (great match btw, although Steamboat looks majorly roided there), and “skin the cat” was one of Steamboat's
signature spots.  I wonder if someone producing that disc was being a bit cheeky there.

Perhaps he was blinded by the tear in his eye when he was producing it.  

Wrestlemania Spots

Hi Scott,

With the grandaddy showcase of the immortals of them all approaching, what is your favorite Wrestlemania spot? So many to choose from, but I have it tied with Randy and Liz reuniting and the famous shot of Austin trying to reverse the Sharpshooter.

Gotta go with the Savage-Liz reunion, or Ricky Steamboat triumphantly holding up the IC title with George Steele at WM3.  

Asuka Vice

Scott  hear me out, remakes with female roles are the hit, why doesn't WWE go along and remake Fuji Vice into Asuka Vice

Asuka and Bayley are about the only ones having any semblance of fun out there because they don't give a fuck any more

Bayley must have realized if they're going to give her crap for being nice and positive, like they say they want, she might as well amuse herself just like Asuka with her overacting

I'm Stephanie would agree if she gets to be Seahawk

Like Superintendent Chalmers said it's a hell of a toboggan ride 
She could pull it off.  Her YouTube channel is adorable.  

Omega / Jericho III


When AEW had Jericho beat Kenny to get back his win from their New Japan match, it felt like a deciding match was inevitable. But their paths haven't really crossed in the almost two years since and I wonder if it is too late now. Jericho is clearly slower than he has ever been, and I am skeptical that he has another PPV main event left in him. Although maybe if AEW dangles that carrot he can get in shape one more time and they can use smoke and mirrors for the rest. Or, you would think even current Jericho could pop a decent TV rating with Kenny. So what do you think? One more PPV match, maybe Double or Nothing two years after the second match? A TV match? Or just let it be?

Can you phrase the question in a way that involves the Miz?  Because that seems to be the hot button topic this morning and I'd like to cash in on it while I can because February is always a shit month for ad revenue and the year webhosting bill is due at the end of the month.

WWE Champion Bad Bunny

Why not? The Miz is a joke, so Bad Bunny winning the title from him wouldn't be that out line.

And if the end game is Lashley killing someone to win it, wouldnt he get a lot more out of squashing a worldwide A-list celebrity instead of a C-list celebrity? 

They should just go for it. Ratings for Raw have been going down after the Rumble, which I can never remember happening on the Road to WrestleMania. Do something crazy.

I know this says more about how badly WWE has booked stars in the past year, but isnt a Miz/Bad Bunny WWE Title match one of the best matches (from an interest perspective) they can promote? Let's get weird. 

I mean, in the grand scheme of things, if Bad Bunny really is the world's biggest pop star right now, then you might as well ride that gravy train while you've got it.  It's just still so weird that he's so far out of my pop culture bubble that I'd never even heard of him or one of his songs before this started.  I mean, I know who BTS are and what their deal is, even if I couldn't tell you one of their songs or pick any of them out of a lineup, so it's not like I'm just blind to everything outside of old Tom Petty albums.  

Anyway, yeah, putting the belt on Bunny couldn't devalue it any more than letting Miz keep it for more than a week would, so I say go for it!

Miz, Savior of the WWE

Can I hope that Vince will FINALLY strap the rocket onto Miz and push him as the face of the company? I've LONG defended Miz and his potential, and now that he's champion, can Vince get on the train and have Miz beat Roman, reunify the belts and send Reigns permanently packing to Hollywood to be Rock's gopher and push Miz as the face of the WWE? I mean, Miz/Bryan can easily carry the company as a major feud to anchor the company for a couple of years given their history, not to mention all of the fresh match-ups one you start sending the Coles and Ciampas and Garganos off of NXT to Raw to fight Miz. And more to the point, if the WWE is ever going to pull the trigger on bringing back the Four Horsemen stable before AEW says “fuck it, we're doing it”, Miz would make for a perfect heir apparent to Flair to anchor it, with Morrison effectively becoming Miz's Arn Anderson to embody his own ceiling career-wise?


Finally Jesse Baker is here to be the voice of reason!  

Blog Question: Title Matches at Mania

Hi Scott

With them seemingly rushing to put something together for Drew with either Lashley or Miz for the Raw Title Match do you not think they would have been better running Edge against Drew and then having the SD match that people seemingly want to see in Reigns/Bryan?

I'm sure Reigns/Edge will be good (and there's nothing that wrong with Drew/Lashley) but could they not have told the same story with Edge chasing one last title against McIntyre and then ran the ultra-obvious, six years in the making match of Reigns/Bryan?

Was this too obvious?
That booking was just so weird.  Why build up to the big title shot for Bryan and then beat him in a minute?  It just felt like such an FU to the fanbase.  You could just as easily done that to KO to finish off that feud once and for all.  Or Sami Zayn, because it's always hilarious when he gets smoked.  
Anyway, they still have time to change their minds, because cards are subject to change as you may have heard a time or two, so hopefully the crowd reactions will once again convince them to change their minds on Bryan. 

Miz and The Bunny

Because the WWE champion is feuding with Bad Bunny how many red hot pokers would putting the title on Bad Bunny warrant, even if it was for say only 24 hours?

No way.  They'd never get it off him.  He would never do a job and every time they tried to find a way to beat him, he'd just crack a joke and then come up with some hilarious scheme to turn the tables on his opponent.  

Oh, no, wait, that's Bugs Bunny.  Sorry, never mind.

Wrestlefest question

We all love the classic wrestlefest, and I’m looking forward to retro mania, but how did they choose the wrestlers to be in it? Do you have any input on how video game characters were chosen back in the days of arcade game’s (where they presumably got some kind of royalty for being in the cabinet)?

It seems like by the time of release, some of the featured wrestlers were gone, and a few others from the same period were noticeably absent.

Here’s Top Hat Gaming Man with a history of the game, in fact:

Great Granddaughter of a Plumber

Hi Scott,

Since we’ve had Cody and Brandi’s pregnancy announced on Dynamite, and we’ve also had the gender reveal live on Dynamite, I think it would be a wasted opportunity not to have the birth on Dynamite as well.  The baby could be delivered with full pyrotechnic entrance, and to make the most of it you could even have Jade Cargill’s abs in the delivery room to cut a monotone promo.  “Dat baby’s momma…. is a BITCH”.   Seems like a ratings winner to me.


The nurse would have to unmask as Miro and then brawl with Orange Cassidy so they can also continue building the tag team match they’re never going to have.  

Old Man Edge

Has WWE blown it with Edge? Most of his appearances amount to really boring promos with no energy. He used to be hilarious with Christian & then devious as the Rated R Superstar. Now he's just boring old guy who's getting a main event at Mania because reasons. 
Yeah it really is a waste of Roman Reigns and everything they’ve been building with him.  I’m assuming at this point that Edge is getting murdered at Wrestlemania but it doesn’t matter from a business standpoint even if he wins.  He just looks so old, the kind of old that 2001 cool Edge would go on TV and mock for being in that position. 

Random Mr. Perfect question

Hey Scott,

In my disgust with the current product, I am rewatching 1993 RAW- for whatever reason, I noticed Mr P. always seemed to take one of his straps down in the course of his matches, but didn’t start doing this (that I have seen) until after the IC title match with Bret where his tights ripped.

Is it a Lawler thing where strap down = making a comeback, because he was a face at the time?   Wondering what your and the blog’s thoughts are.

I'm gonna go with “I don't have any thoughts” but leave it open to further discussion.