Sunday Morning/Day Thread

Howdy! Enjoy another lazy Sunday. Watch the last G1 Show if you haven’t yet because that main event was amazing.

Talk about whatever you want here! Look! It’s Homer! So you know this is an official Sunday Thread!

Saturday Day Thread

Good Morning Blog of Doom! Here’s a day thread since I don’t see one posted, and I’m watching G1 from this morning and I want a place to talk about it. Here some news:

Chat away, friends!

G1 Day 2 Live Thread

G1 Day 2 starts at 6AM GDT 2 AM EDT, and 11PM PDT, or about 30 minutes from now. The big matches for the first day of B Block action are Kenny Omega v. Tetsuya Natio, Kota Ibushi v. Zach Sabre, Jr. and Tomohiro Ishii v. Toru Yano. Two other B Block matches and a bunch of tag matches to set up Day 3 round out the card.

Talk about it all here!