The Wednesday Night Thread (8/11/21)

Dynamite tonight. Fourth labor of Jericho (Wardlow with MJF as special guest referee) and The Good Brothers defend the Impact Tag Team gold against the Dark Order. Rampage premieres Friday.

No more jokes, I’m not funny. I don’t want to write it, and according to the threads you don’t want to read it. I’ve got problems, apparantly. I thought this would be a fun gig but it isn’t. Anybody who wants to take over my three nights a week (and thinks they can do a better job), let Scott know. PMH is also gone from the comments as of tonight.

In the world of wrestling today….

RKBro are still together, and could be teaming at SummerSlam

AEW’s Max Caster in hot water over last week’s rap

ROH moving its September PPV due to health concerns


The Saturday Night Thread (8/7/21)

To quote one of England’s most famous sons, Saturday night’s alright for fighting! On our keyboards. About nerd stuff.

UFC and Olympics tonight. I better hurry before Nick Khan tries to release me.

News, courtesy of Tommy Hall (all of you need to read at least his Raw review, ’cause really, he should be paid a lot better for putting up with that)…..

AEW agrees that it is once again “clobberin’ time”. Hopefully for Marko Stunt.

Ch ch ch ch changes…..

Anybody seen Braun? *Brick Houseman has joined the chat*

(sorry, I just got tired of the Impact Zone joke.)


The Wednesday Night Thread (8/4/21)

Thanks to anyone who actually reads this, critical or not.
AEW Dynamite is coming home to Jacksonville. Cody and Black have their long awaited match, The Juice is back (not that one, the luchador) and The Painmaker has to hit a top rope move to pass the Third Labor of Jericho.


Like Mad Max, I thought we were beyond Thunderdome…

I want to play poker with Cody Rhodes. Dude can’t bluff.

Chris Jericho is over you. For real this time. Seriously. Stop calling.


The Average At Best Tuesday Night Thread (8/3/21)

“He may get over, until they do something stupid with him.”- Jim Cornette on Malachi Black

Welcome to wrestling in 2021. There are no stars, just guys. People can make an unheard of amount of money and not even wrestle on television, or be an undefeated champion of their brand and then job like a bitch to Jeff Harvey. They can release the biggest merchandise seller so far this decade and say he costs too much (!), because they already gave his gimmick to a voodoo doll. The companies sell tickets, not the names…. until they drag out Goldberg or Sting or Cena for neverending farewell tours nobody asked for (just wait til AEW gets Flair, I dread it). One company is so designed for children it’s a laughing stock, and the other loses advertisers over bloody pizza cutters and has a VICE PRESIDENT WITH A NECK TATTOO.
So why bother? Why follow a performance art (not a sport, despite the athleticism) that you are afraid to tell some people at work you watch? Why care when these companies make dumb decision after dumb decision? Why pay for merch and Peacock and pay per views?
I think it’s because deep down inside, we’re still that kid on the living room rug, mesmerized by Hogan vs. Andre. Still the high school dork who jumped up and down when somebody, ANYBODY beat the nWo. Still the college kid with the fifth row house show tickets we cancelled that date over (and she could get it. Remember her? Damn.)
When wrestling is good, there’s nothing better in this world. When it’s bad, it’s probably Impact.

In the news….

WWE: we own the WCW name, now watch us make all their mistakes!

Dude, you already have Britt Baker, what more do you want?!?!

Lio Rush is back! Remember him? Lio Rush? No? Ok. Well, Lio Rush is back.

Don’t forget NXT is on SyFy this week and has Johnny Gargano vs. Dexter Lumis as YOUR main event. Plus AEW Dark and more Olympics (which unfortunately won’t rep my favorite team, the Really Rottens. Dastardly and Muttly ftw.)


The Amazing Saturday Night Thread (7/31/21)

Hey, backyard wrestlers! Tired of maiming and disfiguring yourselves with everyday household objects to disguise your lack of workrate and charisma? Do you think wrestling peaked with ECW back in the bygone days of the 20th century? Have you robbed a bank?

Well, for a limited time only, you are eligible to main event AEW Dynamite! Sponsored by Domino’s….? No longer sponsored by Domino’s. Oops. (You can’t tell me that was a coincidence. It was somebody’s idea of a joke gone wrong. If you make jokes, they go wrong sometimes… own it and be a man.) That style of wrestling has no place on a national stage anyway. You can have a product that appeals to adults without being trashy. Oh well, the BOD rolls on….

Tonight, it’s the Impact Homecoming dance! Because WWE Mixed Match Challenge did so well.

What’s new, Cultaholic?

What’s Windham Rotunda doing in the Impact Zone?! Making way less money.

Get well soon, Natalya. Hot take: surgery sucks.

Matt Hardy is a little full of himself. Unlike his brother, who is full of rainbow confetti and pills.


The Legendary Wednesday Night Thread (7/28/21)

DO YOU HEAR THE THUNDER? It ain’t a storm, pal, it’s DYNAMITE! That’s right, the best night to be a wrestling fan this week… Fight For The Fallen!

Tonight, the Dark Order takes on The Elite in a ten man elimination tag! Chris Jericho goes hardcore! Christian, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus go wild on the Hardy Family Office! FTR vs. Santana and Ortiz, with Tully and Konaan on the outside probably having their own match! Plus a bout for the IWGP US title! All an hour from my house, but I was too cheap to buy tickets! Exclamation points!

Anything else happening? Does it matter?

Queen of the Ring tournament is on its way! CHHHarlotte wins or feuds with the winner! New and exciting booking!

The guy who drank tobacco spit gives his expert wrestling analysis.

Vickie Guerrero wants a faction to loudly yell at.

Samoa Joe to wrestle the One Minute Forty champion


The Uncanny Tuesday Night Thread (7/27/21)

This is honestly, 100 percent unsolicited by Scott, but have you considered joining The Patreon Of Doom? For the price of a McDonalds Crappy Meal, you can help out a great site so we can continue to bitch about wrasslin’ together all week. Like adults!

Speaking of Patreon, check out 1 900 HOTDOG if you like random ass internet comedy and nostalgia. Articles are free twice a week, but be a Patronizer to get all their funny ass content! Be warned there is stuff that’s not safe for work, school, or human consumption. Here’s a sample of what they do, wrestling related of course.

In the news…

The Rock: once a carny, always a carny.

AEW Rampage world tour….sounds like a video game.

Well, in the same way Nikki A.S.S. is Almost A Superhero (and almost a world champion, except she won it by cheating and now has to job to CHHHarlotte in non title matches while Rhea Ripley stands around trying to act and MONDAY NIGHT RAW ROLLS ON LOL!!!!1)…. this is almost a night thread, starting…. now.

Oh yeah, NXT has Bronson Reed vs. Adam Cole and more Breakout Tournament. AEW Dark has only five matches, with the usual suspects. Sports and stuff. I guess I would be a crappy reporter. I just want to make you laugh; go with what you know, I say.


The Total Nonstop Saturday Night Thread (7/24/21)

Got a date with the wife tonight, so like her, this one is short but sweet.

In the news….

Britt Baker hurts her wrist carrying the entire women’s division

Booker T is all about that D Bry, sucka. Um, word up. Player?

Canyon Ceman, nine time winner of Funniest Backstage Name Award, released when it’s no longer funny

HHH takes a hard look at WWE’s woes. Hard. Rock hard. Sledgehammer hard. (grunt)


The S.T.F’n Wednesday Night Thread (7/21/21)


Are you tired of WWE trying to endlessly milk your nostalgia for every penny to distract you from the fact that their current product is hit or miss at best?!

Do you like headline stories with NO relevant information?!

Then welcome to the Blog Of Doom. I’m PMH, one letter stands for Paul, the others don’t. CM Punk may be headed to AEW, and tonight, Dynamite has night 2 of the Fyter Fest! Britt Baker and The Mox will defend their titles, and Chris Jericho will get hit with a chair numerous times! (Don’t tell Mick Foley)

I think I accidentally stole my “get to it” line from Tommy Hall. Doomers, I need a new go-home line… winner gets an authentic near mint Marvel No Prize.


The Slammin’ Tuesday Night Thread (7/20/21)

Tonight, watch the show whose champion lost on Raw last night in two minutes.

If they don’t care about the show, why should we? Sorry, I’m extra cynical about last night. Not even Nikki cashing in can cheer me up. Sigh.

AEW Dark has various people in various matches, all of which take place in something SQUARE, but called a RING. huh.

In the news…. two billionaires battle to go to space like we’re living in a Ducktales episode. Meanwhile starving children in Africa, who could use that money, also don’t know what DuckTales is.

Ok, Paul, calm down…. let’s check some wrestling news.

Mick Foley speaks out against chairshots?! What even is this world?!

I’m gonna go lay down. Get to it.

The Straight Fire Saturday Night Thread (7/17/21)

Guess who’s coming around again? Hint: she married an Architect.

TONIGHT, it’s Impact TNA Global Force Panda Energy Slammiversary! Featuring AEW!

Well, one guy from AEW.

SUNDAY, it’s Dinero En El Banko! Who will job to Goldberg at the Summerfest?!

SmackDown’s rating was way up. No joke.

Big weekend for wrestling fans everywhere! WWE Universe rejoice; no more creepy ass Thunderdome, unless too many people boo Roman and the noise machine breaks. There is a downside, though; Lesnar and Cena are on their way back, and if they can still go, ok, prove it. But, Goldberg in 2021? I was a big fan of his in the ’90s, but dude is over 50, sloppy and dangerous. Build new stars, we’ve been telling WWE for decades, but they don’t care. I just don’t get this reliance on part timers, but I can’t change it either, so meh. AEW’S BETTER ANYWAY! Fight me!

On that note, to all the trolls: Scott Keith’s gonna Scott Keith. He has been a published author since before some of you were born, and his style remains the same (mostly). It’s his blog, so if you don’t like it, move along. People come here to chat and hang out, not be insulted or bullied. Be a star, shitheads.

Now get to it!

The Explosive Wednesday Evening Thread (7/14/21)

TONIGHT, it’s AEW Fyter Fest Night 1, and they’re gonna party like it’s 1999: with caskets, the FTW title up for grabs, and Brood vs. New Brood! Hosted by JR, Tony… and some other guy.

ALSO TONIGHT, MLW on YouTube, and- I dunno, a game? Or something? I don’t like sportsball.

In the news…

John Cena is already back, we just can’t see him.

Stipulation added to Sami Callihan’s loss to Kenny Omega this weekend.

Mandy Rose traded to NXT; Corey Graves softly weeps.

Get to it!

The Wonderful Tuesday Evening Thread (7/13/21)

Rest in peace, Paul Orndorff.

TONIGHT, it’s a barnburner on NXT as Karrion Kross defends his title against Johnny Gargano…. and Samoa Joe is YOUR special referee. Plus, the Breakout tournament begins! (Insert lame Atari joke here)

ALSO TONIGHT, it’s AEW Dark, with 18 (?!?!) matches in store. Big Swole! Matt Hardy! The Acclaimed! Hobbs, but no Calvin! Dolph’s brother! Arn’s son! OTHERS!!!

In the news….

Big E says Vince wanted to break up the New Day after KofiMania (shocker)

More stuff added to Money In The Goofy Ladder Spots

So Tony Khan wanted a giant egg and a turkey for Thanksgiving? He already has Kenny and Cody.

And to comment on the Zach Gowan story from this morning, he needs to go back to WWE in January and enter the Royal Rumble. He has to win…. ’cause both his feet can’t touch the floor.


(cough cough)

Get to it!


Hello there Doomers. This is PMH, coming to you live from Horsemen Country (western NC)… custodial technician, proud foster dad and SK reader since Netcop and The Smarks. Taking over three nights a week, nice and early for all your ranting needs.

Black Widow was awesome, basically a Cap movie without Cap. Cool to see some form of Taskmaster in the MCU, and great performance by Florence Pugh, Paige from that Paige Movie (as a married man, this is all I can say about her safely. Single guys, feel free to comment away).

In the news…

WWE September Events Revealed

Tony Khan (maybe?) Read The BOD Yesterday

Get to it!