A Rankin/Bass Christmas, featuring Nestor, The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey!

A stop motion animated Christmas special, Nestor, The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey from 1977, from Rankin/Bass today. I was surprised to read in my research that they’d actually closed up shop before Thundercats, probably their biggest hit series, had concluded airing. Funny how that happened with a lot of studios with big series in the eighties, nothing implied.

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Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette and CM Punk

Well, she was definitely making a statement when she picked that title!

One of my first reviews on here was Steve Austin interviewing Hulk Hogan, which was pretty big, but it just doesn’t feel like there are shoot interviews or podcasts that big left to do. That is until you get someone who’s notoriously out of the business and willing to speak their mind like CM Punk.

Full disclosure, I’m not much of a fan of his work, he hasn’t endeared himself to me with his personality and he felt like a guy they pushed for lack of anyone else, a far bigger star in his own mind than anyone else’s. However, I was there through the stories he told on his former friend Colt Cabana’s show of Dr. Z-Pak and a possible encounter with “Mursa”, which even his own doctor wasn’t as full on about (was it a volcano of pus hitting the ceiling or just a dribble?). Those landed him in court, ultimately a winner, but at cost.

So, going into this, I’m prepared for him to be a bit more guarded than before, and I don’t think it’ll be as explosive, but hopefully whatever comes out of it is worth reading and talking about.

Let’s go!

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The Morton Downey Jr. Show Meets Pro Wrestling!

I enjoyed reviewing the Donahue episode on wrestling a few weeks ago, so thought I’d look at the even lower rent version from two or three years prior. I believe this was recorded after his appearance at WrestleMania V. The YouTube version up currently is incomplete, but proceeded with ex-footballer Jim Wilson alleging that by turning down the advances of gay promoter Jim Barnett he was blackballed from wrestling and denied a sure opportunity at being the NWA world heavyweight champion, so I guess we all have James E. to thank posthumously for sparing us that. The first person to rebuke that… We’ll see!

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AWA… The (British) American Wrestling Association!

This is a British wrestling group/show from the early nineties, 1993 unless I’m wrong, and I believe the person running the show and who trained most of the guys was John Holt, better known as Johnny “Muscles” England from the World of Sport day. His whole deal was that he was a preening and posing bodybuilder, based on having been a competitive bodybuilder in his earlier days. I think he’s said that he recruited a bunch of bodybuilders from a gym he worked out at as well as assorted hard nuts he knew. They’re trying to capitalise on the American wrestling boom in the UK around this time, which was just petering off in favour of other stuff. Mixed results, not for lack of trying, but we’ll get there.

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Batman: The Brave and the Blitzen!

When I reviewed some DC Christmas episodes the other day I forgot that Batman: The Brave and the Bold had a Christmas episode too (aired December 12th, 2008), so figured I’d best review that. Plus, you’re never going to have to twist my arm too much to review some BTATB episodes, so find a few more thrown in for the price of one!

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The Toys That Made Us: Professional Wrestling!

Going to get back into the swing of things next week when I have some time off to watch and review stuff, but I thought I’d warm up by having a re-watch of the wrestling episode of The Toys That Made Us. I have a bit of a gripe with the goofy editing of the show, but it does appeal to areas of interest I’ve been into for a long time, so I forgive it that.

This was filmed in 2019 and seemingly had some cooperation with both WWE and AEW given the clips used and commentators involved.

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Christmas Cartoon Call-out!

A week today will commence my break from work for two weeks, so I’m game for reviewing a few animated shows and films while off as well as some wrestling. Clean slate, I do have a few little things in mind with a festive flavour, but comment below with any suggestions.


Edit: Also, you can make suggestions for things without a Christmas theme as well if there’s something you’d like me to take a shot at as well.

Conversations with Conrad and JIM HERD!

I heard rumbling a little while back that Conrad Thompson, mortgage man, podcast impresario and Flair family member, was launching a new podcast separate to anything he was doing with Brother Bruce, Eric Bischoff, Tony Skeevone or Jim Ross. Turns out he’s doing interviews with famous and infamous figures like former Executive Vice President of WCW at the start of the Turner years Jim Herd, who’s in his eighties. The trailer was juicy enough to promise some fun in the main interview, so here it is.

Herd in ’91, revealing that Ric Flair has left WCW:

Herd in ’20, shooting:

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WWF Prime Time Wrestling – Sep. 09. 1991

Apologies to Scott and Brian for possibly treading on their turf, but when I heard that new episodes of Prime Time were up from the period when I got into wrestling I had to look it up. At this point, it was in the short-lived period with guests and a studio audience, launched around March and dropped not long after this for a panel show format. It was goofy, but I enjoyed it, hence why I carried on watching.

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ROH Straight Shootin’ Series w/Jim Cornette & JJ Dillon – 16/07/06

Writing this on the weekend and posting during the week to see if it makes a difference with views. I tried a few different shoots to review but it just wasn’t working, so I’ve gone for this one which is ostensibly Jim interviewing JJ. JJ had written his book Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls around this time, which was very good, and he was open as always to doing interviews to talk about it. Scott reviewed an interview with him that went about five hours back in the day. This ONLY goes three, so it won’t be word-for-word and will be highlights for some things and then greater focus on stuff towards the end of his career.

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Thundercats – Ho! Starring the New Thundercats!

I’ve previously reviewed some five-parters from the first season of Thundercats, but this is the five-parter that kicked off the second season with a whole bunch of new characters, firstly the new Thundercats. There are also going to be a lot of guest characters from the prior season as the cast is pretty extensive by this point, so pretend we’ve met them already and let’s get ready for some fun!

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Wrestling Rarities – The Midnight Express

After a busy week and a few aborted attempts to write some reviews of cartoons, shoot interviews and YouTube compilations, which I might return to another time, I figured I’d have a palate cleanser and review some good old fashioned rasslin’! This is a set produced, published and sold by Jim Cornette via his website, with some more obscure footage. I’m skipping the first disk for now as it’s got four Rock ‘n’ Roll Express matches and two Road Warriors matches and the second disk has a more varied collection of stuff.

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