Wednesday Is Comics Day! She-Ra: Legend of the Fire Princess!

The She-Ra and the Princesses of Power show on Netflix has not long concluded, but an original graphic novel has been released recently telling an untold tale from the show. I’m a fan of the original She-Ra show and liked this new one, but found it a bit more of a task to keep going with it. My favourite episodes were ones where new characters were introduced. This bodes well for this book, which presumably includes a character not seen in the show. Let’s see!

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Who puts the future in your hands? Robotix!

“You’ve looked at Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines and Inhumanoids, are you going to look at Robotix and Jem?”, I was asked.

“Sure!”, I replied. Let’s start with Robotix. Jem might be a little further off as I’m not as familiar with it because it was a “girly” show (even though I loved She-Ra, and more on that on Wednesday), but I’ll get there. We’ll have to get through Visionaries and Dino-Riders before that, though.

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Super Sunday! Inhumanoids – The Evil That Lies Within!

Yesterday’s review was of Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines, so as Inhumanoids originated from that same Super Sunday block and there were some comments about vaguely remembering it, I thought I’d have a look at the five-part mini-series that was shown in smaller chunks (quite obviously, as we’ll get to) alongside Bigfoot and the others.

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Saturday Morning Cartoons! Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines!

I’ve recently been transferring some shows from video to DVD and this is one of them. My own history with it is seeing the trailer for it on a Transformers video as a kid, but never seeing or getting it fully myself. Then a friend of mine picked it up when we were in our teens and we watched it to make fun of it, mocking some of the voices and plot contrivances. As an adult, I picked it up on tape and was able to enjoy it more as what it was intended to be.

This is effectively a “movie”, although it only runs for 53 minutes. Sunbow produced it as a series of small parts to be included in a block they had with Robotix, Inhumanoids and Jem. Inhumanoids went a bit further and Jem went a lot further, but Bigfoot and Robotix didn’t develop beyond getting their “movie” collections of all the shorts stitched together.

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Pryde of the X-Men

The recent reviews of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, including featuring appearances from the X-Men, prompted me to have a look at the 1989 pilot for a new X-Men show from Marvel Productions that didn’t get taken to series, Pryde of the X-Men. The single episode ended up being released on VHS, which is where it’s probably more widely been seen. It’s never been on DVD and isn’t on Disney+, so YouTube is the place to go for it now.

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Best of British – Rollerball Rolls On!

Seeing as the review yesterday of some of Maniac Mark Rocco’s matches were enjoyed, I thought I’d have a look at some more of his matches from Screensport, which was a satellite channel in Europe. Most of the matches are from the North Staffs area unless noted. There’s a bit of a WWF and American influence with interviews and little angles and a bit of “bedlam”. The announcers are Vince Miller and Maxton G. Beesley. Neither actually had a wrestling background, Miller was a pub singer and comedian and Beesley was an actor (his son, Max Beesley, ended up becoming quite famous in the nineties for a cup of tea), so they’re a bit ropey at time. Rocco was running an angle with them where he was threatening to and would sometimes beat them up, mainly focussing his ire on “NB” Beesley (NB for Nancy Boy) for wearing a pink bow-tie.

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JLU and the Legion of DOOM!

I was asked yesterday about whether I’d thought about reviewing any Justice League Unlimited and coincidentally I had just that day. Justice League Unlimited, which ran for 39 episodes, followed Justice League, which ran for 52 episodes, of which the majority of stories were either two or three-parters. JLU had more “one-off” episodes, but there was a bit of a serial aspect, especially up to the end of season two. The DVD boxsets collect season one and season two as Season One, with season three collected as Season Two. I’m going to look at three random episodes from that final season, which saw the introduction of a certain band of villains.

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Best of British – R.I.P. Rollerball Rocco

I was sorry to hear that Mark ‘Rollerball’ Rocco has died. Pretty much a legend in British wrestling, he fought all over the world, including in Japan (and MSG) as Black Tiger. His dad, grandad AND great-grandad were wrestlers. By the time I got into wrestling he had just packed it in as his heart was failing him. In fact, one of the first wrestling shows I ever went to, in August of 1991 at a seaside theatre in Rhyl, had a programme that detailed his heart surgery. Sorry to see him go, but nobody lasts forever as we’re getting to realise more and more. I thought I’d have a look at a selection of his matches with some stars we all know of.

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The Batman

The first Batman show to follow Batman: The Animated Series was The Batman, and it was not met with a warm reception. Between the character designs (Jeff Matsuda from The Jackie Chan Adventures brought a big influence to the show) and the effects of the Bat-Embargo (this show got to use all the Batman villains except for any to be used in the Christopher Nolan movies for a while, meaning Justice League Unlimited went very much without) and then just being something different and new to something that was so beloved it met some harsh criticism and really had to earn praise, which started to come a little by the end of season one but wasn’t fully achieved until the end of the series.

I’m going to look at one episode from each season today.

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