WWE Crown Jewel: October 31, 2019

I actually had no intentions of doing this for a third time. Not because I harbor any kind of need to call to action the WWE’s removal of their Saudi Arabian business. Quite the opposite actually, I actually wish they’d run ALL their shows from Saudi Arabia. There’s an incomparable air of stupidity that emanates from these show; like a Mr. Tito column, they reek of unwarranted arrogance, never end, and get progressively worse as they go.

Instead, I actually had other Real Life commitments that stood in the way. With no legend matches promised (what am I without The Kane or Goldberg and his new Jackbuster?), I wasn’t going to juggle anything. That was until Braun Strowman promised to “literally” eat Tyson Fury for lunch. The second I hear a literal promise of cannibalism on a show taking place from a country with some questionable legal ramifications surrounding human rights, I knew I had to be here. Literally seeing a boxer eaten? I haven’t been this excited since I heard Saved by the Bell was going to be rebooted.

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WWE Super Showdown: June 7, 2019

So about 6 months ago, the WWE ran The Beheadah in Jeddah to critical acclaim that cost stock holders hundreds of millions of dollars, but lined the pockets of the guys internally. More importantly, Shawn Michaels’ smile was located, having been buried in the rich oil sands over 20 years ago.

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WWE Crown Jewel: November 2, 2018


Come on Vince, think!

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