The 3rd Hour of Raw

WWE sucks because…
“It’s such a chore to get through 3 hours of RAW every week!”

If I had a nickel for every time I had some smart mark, snarky family member, or half-ass lapsed wrestling fan say those words or put forth an argument along that line of thinking, I wouldn’t need to work my 9-5 anymore or toil away producing content that garners some level of interest on the side anymore. There are so many second guessers and “know it alls” that freely assert their conclusions on the source of WWE’s Creative issues and I will be glad to explain to anyone who will listen, exactly why they are usually wrong.

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I think we should talk about Women’s Wrestling

We live in a world where a WrestleMania that had 2 heavyweight title bouts and Brock Lesnar, a legitimate All-World athlete, yet it featured a novice pro wrestler who was barely a year into their training and the 4th wheel of NXT’s women’s division. For someone in my age group, who grew up on the WWF product as it was, the Women’s Brand of Professional wrestling has come a long way since April 2, 2006.

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New ratings excuse


Tag Team Match
Alexa Bliss & Lacey Evans (w/Nikki Cross) defeat Bayley & Becky Lynch (10:45)

WWE RAW Women’s Champion- the hottest thing in wrestling going into 2019- and WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion- who only recently overcame years of bad presentation in one genius PPV segment and is the hottest she’s ever been since getting the call up- were both wrestling as a tag team on Monday Night RAW where half of the competitors were on the wrong show. You mean to tell me that the SMACKDOWN CHAMPION gets pinned by the Raw (or Smackdown? I’m not even sure anymore.) roster lady that was just beaten by the Charlotte a few days ago on National TV and lost to the RAW Champion cleanly at the last (real) PPV event?!… Oh my god… my f—ing head.

So both the Champions of these shows are losers who lose to the losers that lose to them? They don’t make my Zoloft strong enough… These are bad matchups. This is bad storytelling. This is BAD TV!!!

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NXT Takeover Wasn’t a Homerun

Last week, NXT Takeover was almost unanimously praised on the blog and the internet at large. For me, I enjoyed the wrestling just fine. It was fine. With the roster and talent that is typically booked on these NXT shows, it’s hard to put together a show that DOESN’T have very good wrestling. As a snarky internet fan, why DIDN’T I like NXT Takeover XXV as much as everyone else?… The creative was terrible.

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