FRIDAY NIGHT Party Thread: July 13, 2018

We made it to the weekend!  Here’s the evening news:

  • Your ALL IN announcers/interviewers/etc. have been announced: Alicia Atout, Don Callis, Sean Mooney, Ian Riccaboni, Excalibur, Bobby Cruise, and Justin Roberts.  Dick Vitale, Tim McCarver, and Dr. Joyce Brothers were unavailable, I guess.
  • Andrade Cien Almas vs. Sin Cara will be rematched on the Extreme Rules kickoff show.
  • Names announced for the 2nd annual Mae Young Classic include Io Shirai (JPN), Kacy Catanzaro (USA), Jinny Couture (GBR), and Nicole Matthews (CAN).
  • The G1 Climax press conference was held today.  Tetsuya Naito fell asleep during the event because of course he did.
  • Thanks to efforts of Mayoral Candidate Kane, Knox County held an actual Rusev Day this week.  Wrestling is stupid and wonderful.
  • New Japan and Ring of Honor will run MSG over WrestleMania weekend.

I will not be putting up the Saturday thread, as I’ll be doing some indy wrestling in Valley Lee, MD, on the southern peninsula.  Before you ask, no, I’m not far enough along to be a wrestler, but they trust me to referee, so I should be doing that.

Enjoy the night!

Impact and Discussion: July 12, 2018

A bit of a quiet day today.  Let’s see what news we can find:

  • Jim Ross and Josh Barnett hate the New Japan setup and are blaming it for JR’s rib injury at the G1 USA event.
  • Bret Hart and Martha Hart are squabbling over the former’s claim that the latter is preventing Owen from taking his spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, although at this point is “Hart Family Not Getting Along” even a headline?
  • Vince wants everyone to act like Brock Lesnar walked out on the company, hence why he wasn’t even mentioned in passing on Raw.
  • Former college football star DeAngelo Williams may step back in an Impact ring sooner rather than later.

Impact Wrestling is on tonight, with the headline encounter being a six-man tag of Penta, Swann, and Fenix vs. OVE (Sami Callihan and the Crist Brothers).

If you’re interested in going to wrestling this weekend, here’s some highlights:

  • MLW tapes their next few Fusion shows in Orlando Friday, highlighted by Low-Ki vs. Shane Strickland and ACH/Swann vs. Lucha Brothers.
  • FIP is also back in action Friday, as Austin Theory defends the FIP Heavyweight Title against Darby Allin.
  • PWG Threemendous takes place in LA on Friday, highlighted by the Young Bucks challenging for the PWG Tag Titles while WALTER faces Brody King in non-title action.
  • St. Louis Anarchy makes a huge comeback on Friday, highlighted by a 2/3 falls match between Jake Parnell and Gary Jay as well as a tag team dream match between Besties in the World and The Carnies.
  • Saturday afternoon sees BEYOND and CHIKARA hold a crossover show at the Wrestle Factory, headlined by CHIKARA champion J.F. de Coronado facing Jonathan Gresham.
  • Black Label Pro performs Saturday night in Crown Point, IN, featuring Bryan Alvarez (yes, THE Bryan Alvarez) and Tom Lawlor against the Rock and Roll Express.
  • WWR Pro performs Saturday night and has a round-robin among Deonna Purrazzo, Karen Q, and Tasha Steelz up top.
  • PROGRESS Chapter 73 begins Sunday afternoon in Birmingham, UK, and is headlined by Travis Banks facing Tyler Bate.

Enjoy the night.

NXT and Lucha Underground Night Thread: 7/11/18

Getting started early because of my occasional night job, let’s check the day’s news:


  • SmackDown Live’s ratings are up compared to recent weeks!
  • Corey Graves has a T-Shirt.  Don’t ask.  It’s a picture of him saying “Shut up, Saxton.”  Seriously, does anyone, like, ask a human being before making t-shirts nowadays?
  • Hiromu Takahashi is back in Japan, getting more tests and treatment on his broken freakin’ neck.  The fact that he was cleared for trans-oceanic flight, though, can only be a good sign.
  • Celeste Bonin, best known as NXT Season 3 winner Kaitlyn (back when NXT was a talent search), will take part in the 2nd Annual Mae Young Classic.
  • Both Fandango and Goldust had successful surgeries.
  • Asuka/Carmella at Extreme Rules has been amended so that James Ellsworth will be suspended above the ring in a mini-cage.  Hey, gotta move the toys.

Tonight’s TV:


  • NXT: The Undisputed ERA look to reclaim the NXT Tag Team Titles they lost in the UK as they get their Contractually Obligated Rematch(tm) with Mustache Mountain.
  • Lucha Underground: opportunities for Aztec Medallions, signifying entry into a Gift of the Gods match, abound with the most intriguing one being Cage vs. Mil Muertes.

Enjoy the night.

SmackDown/205 Chat Thread

Hey guys. Since I tend to open threads when someone’s late, Scott just gave me the keys to the night thread. So at some point between 6 and 7 ET every day (unless I’m doing indy wrestling with my local groups, but Scott’ll have advance warning), I’ll get us off the ground.

Today’s stories:

Goldust looks to need surgery.

New Day v Sanity in a tables match will be on the Extreme Rules kickoff show.

Raw ratings were hoo boy bad.

TLC will return to December, while it looks like the Australia show in October will be considered a PPV.

Tonight on SmackDown, AJ Styles faces Shinsuke Nakamura, because in WWE if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing. In addition, Asuka gets to murder James Ellsworth in a lumberjack match.

Enjoy the night.

Daily Open Thread, July 5, 2018

Well, no sign of Brian Bayless, so here’s the news and rumors for you to chew on.  Most of these were shamelessly borrowed from our friends at Cageside Seats.

Daniel Bryan’s WWE Future

Just in case he doesn’t re-sign, WWE is trying to book all the Daniel Bryan “dream matches” before his contract is up.

Credit: Wrestling Standard

Bryan vs. Miz at SummerSlam?

Miz will get involved in Team Hell No’s match at Extreme Rules to set-up Bryan vs. Miz at SummerSlam where if no new contract’s been signed, Miz will win a blow-off. If Bryan signs a deal to stay, they’ll have a longer feud.

Credit: Wrestling Standard

Nia Jax Heat

Nia Jax’s behavior on social media towards Alexa Bliss isn’t part of the story.  She’s been unfollowing her and “liking” negative comments towards her without WWE permission, which has led to some heat with officials.

Credit: Dave Meltzer,’s The Board

Cappotelli for the Hall?

Matt Cappotelli is being considered for the 2019 Warrior Award entry into the Hall of Fame.

Credit: PWInsider

Impact TV Worries

Impact officials are concerned about their U.S. television viewership. They’re allegedly specifically worried fans are watching YouTube highlights and skipping the Pop TV broadcast.

Credit: PWInsider

And one more thing…

Saved for last because this could be a big deal: Taeler Hendrix on Twitter accused Jay Lethal of getting her kicked off of Ring of Honor’s TV schedule when she wouldn’t sleep with him.  Lethal has yet to respond to the accusation.

Dave Meltzer’s TakeOver/SummerSlam ratings:

Andrade Cien Almas d. Johnny Gargano: ****1/4
SAniTY d. Authors of Pain: ***3/4
Aleister Black d. Hideo Itami: ****1/4
Asuka d. Ember Moon: ****1/2
Drew McIntyre d. Bobby Roode: ****1/4
Miz/Dallas/Axel d. Jordan/Matt/Jeff: **
Neville d. Akira Tozawa: ***1/2
Usos d. New Day: ****
John Cena d. Baron Corbin: **
Natalya d. Naomi: ***
Big Cass d. Big Show: *
Randy Orton d. Rusev: nothing to rate
Sasha Banks d. Alexa Bliss: ***
Finn Balor d. Bray Wyatt: **3/4
Ambrose/Rollins d. Cesaro/Sheamus: ****
AJ Styles d. Kevin Owens: ***3/4
Jinder Mahal d. Shinsuke Nakamura: **1/2
Brock Lesnar d. Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman: ****3/4

Obviously he couldn’t go full monty on any matches because they didn’t involve Kenny Omega.

WrestleMania 33 Weekend — Meltzer’s Ratings

NXT TakeOver:

Sanity 8-man tag: ***1/4
Black vs. Almas: ***1/4
Three-way dance tag match: ****1/2
Asuka vs. Ember: ****1/4
Roode vs. Nakamura: ****1/2


Opening triple threat tag: ***1/4
Martinez vs. Kazarian: **1/2
Scrull vs. Cole: ***3/4
Young/Bruiser vs. Taven/Marsaglia: **
Briscoes/Ray vs. Guerrillas/Page: ***1/2
Lethal vs. Cody: ***3/4
Fish vs. Young: *
Volador/Ospreay vs. Lee/White: ****1/4
Daniels vs. Castle: ***
Hardys vs. Bucks: ****1/2

WrestleMania 33:

Neville vs. Aries: ***3/4
Andre Battle Royal: **
Ambrose vs. Corbin: **
Styles vs. Shane: ****
Owens vs. Jericho: ***1/2
Women’s four-way: ***1/4
Tag team ladder match: ***3/4
Cena/Bella vs. Miz/Maryse: **1/4
HHH vs. Rollins: ***1/2
Wyatt vs. Orton: *1/2
Lesnar vs. Goldberg: ***1/2
Six-Pack Challenge: *1/2
Reigns vs. Taker: ***

You can tell by the end Meltzer was in a good mood and feeling generous on all three shows.  Discuss.

BoD Daily Update: March 23, 2017

All rumors and innuendo blatantly stolen from CageSide Seats.

Obligatory Hardys Update

It’s possible the Hardys show up at WrestleMania. Keep an eye on the angle from this week’s Talking Smack with The Usos lobbying for a match on the show.

Talent Impact from WWE/Sinclair Negotiations

One of the hold-ups on several acts like Kyle O’Reilly and War Machine rumored to be going from Ring of Honor (ROH) to WWE could be the discussions about buying the promotion from Sinclair.

Former ROH Talent Backstage at SmackDown Show

Former ROH and current independent wrestler/manager Veda Scott was backstage at SmackDown this week, and could be talking about joining WWE.

Memphis Library Whereabouts

Jerry Lawler confirmed on his new Dinner with the King podcast that he owns the bulk of the Memphis tape library and said it will “absolutely” one day be on WWE Network.

Lucha Underground Star Denies Retirement

Contrary to reports, former Lucha Underground champ Sexy Star told Fightful she is not retiring from wrestling.

RIP Jan Ross

Ross, the wife of WWE Hall of Famer and broadcasting legend Jim Ross, succumbed to her injuries today. Jim himself wrote on Twitter: “A Priest gave my wife Jan her last rites tonight. My little Angel is gone.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ross family in this tragic time.

NOVA Pro Wrestling: Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Hey, they were back in my neighborhood, so I stopped by. DVDVR already reviewed this show, but I was there so I wanted to join in. As a note, I am reviewing the DVD of the show, to make sure I didn’t miss anything when taking notes. This show is available on SmartMarkVideo, and I cannot recommend it highly enough – as you’ll see, holding the show on Black Friday allowed for an all-star cast to show up.

From Fairfax, VA.

Your hosts are Kevin Ford and Emil Jay.

Read more

BoD Daily Update: 01.19.17

Now where’s that pin button… as always, thanks to the boys at CageSide Seats for the rumor pack.

Our Top Story

Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James is the direction SmackDown is heading, but don’t expect that feud to make the WrestleMania card – where whoever is wrestling Nikki Bella has the best chance of working the main show in Orlando.

Dos Cientos Y Cinco En Vivo!

WWE is sending out fan surveys again, including one to fans in Mexico asking about content from local promotions and a tournament-style lucha show, which is seen as an indicator that a WWE Latin American Championship Tournament may be on the docket soon.

GFW Status: Only Mostly Dead

Jeff Jarrett flew from the TNA tapings in Orlando to Los Angeles for meetings regarding the future of Global Force Wrestling last week, per PWInsider.

Where in the World Is Carm^H^H^H^HKenny Omega?

Still no word on his future plans, but here’s a rumor killer on Kenny Omega. While there was never much chance he’d be in San Antonio seeing as his New Japan contract is in force through Jan. 31, Omega is scheduled for an appearance in Chile during Royal Rumble weekend, making it almost logistically impossible for him to be there.

Meanwhile, in TNA

Marti Belle is said to be done with TNA, per PWInsider.

Blog of Doom Daily Update: 01.18.17

There, did I say it right?  Grumble… anyway, all rumors blatantly stolen from my other site,  Presumably they did their homework.

  • While his in-ring future is up in the air, Kurt Angle is expected to get involved in on-screen stories for WWE in one way or another moving forward.
  • Michael Cole is looking to step away from an on-screen role and get more involved in production and training the next generation of announcers, according to PWInsider.
  • Despite his presence on most episodes of Raw over the next several months, Brock Lesnar will not wrestle at Fastlane match, and the only telvised bout WWE is currently planning for him is his WrestleMania rematch with Goldberg.
  • Hideo Itami is hinting that he’s ready to return to action following the neck injury he suffered at a house show last year.
  • Former Ring of Honor tag champs War Machine, the hoss team of Hanson and Raymond Rowe, are believed to be WWE bound.

Also, for non-wrestling sports news: Baseball will announce the Class of 2017 Hall of Fame today at 6PM USET.

Daily Chat Thread: January 17, 2017

Female Rep for WWE Hall of Fame

According to those at, Beth Phoenix is up for the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

HHH’s Eventual Return to Raw

Although HHH implied on social media that he was rushing back to the US for Raw, there was never a plan to have him appear on the show.

New WWE Network Promotion?

WWE is in negotiations with Scottish promotion ICW to appear on the WWE Network, per PWInsider.  This would include defending the WWE UK Championship within the promotion, though OTT and PROGRESS may also be host sites for title defenses.

Injury at Main Event Taping

Darren Young appeared to have injured his arm at the Main Event tapings prior to Raw.  His match with Epico was cut short.


NJPW Tag League Field Set

I don’t know Japan much, but I know news, and there’s quite a bit of intrigue from what I do know. Here’s the field:


Team WLW (Brian Breaker/Leland Race, and yes, that’s Harley’s kid)
Bullet Club (Adam Page/Yujiro Takahashi)
Guerrillas of Destiny
Henare/Manabu Nakanishi
Hiroshi Tanahashi/Juice Robinson (NXT’s jobber extraordinaire CJ Parker)
TenKoji (Hiroyoshi Tenzan/Satoshi Kojima, at a total combined age of 91)
War Machine (from ROH)
Tetsuya Naito and… eh, he hasn’t said yet.


Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL/SANADA)
Bullet Club (Chase Owens/Kenny Omega)
Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale/BONE SOLDIER)
Great Bash Heel (Togi Makabe/Tomoaki Honma)
Katsuyori Shibata/Yuji Nagata
Chaos (Hirooki Goto/Tomohiro Ishii)
Chaos (Kaz Okada/YOSHI-HASHI)
Yoshi Tatsu/Billy Gunn (seriously)

Now, I don’t know why the two CHAOS teams are in the same block when the Bullet Club got split 2-2 (Guerrillas are also Bullet Club), but there you go.  Also, Naito’s partner has to be someone outside of LIJ as EVIL and SANADA are already booked.

Each block does a full round-robin. Winners meet in the final. 2 for a win, 1 for a draw, just like the old time hockey of Eddie Shore and Toe Blake.


NVPW Profile: The Cutie and The Beast

A few months ago, I reviewed the local indy show, Northern Virginia Pro Wrestling (or NVPW, or NoVa Pro) Presents American Slang.  This weekend, I hope to review their anniversary show from September.  But first, I want to present a look at their top tag team, which could provide a few lessons to the major promotions on how to do an odd couple that grows in character over time… while still remaining odd.


Read more

SmackDown Podcast Featuring Andy PG

Last night, after SmackDown Live, I (under the alternate internet name Duke) took part in a podcast-style discussion on CageSide Seats about SmackDown, doing a thorough recap and analysis. WARNING: because of my known tendency to ramble and make really dumb connections (though at least I’m self-aware), this podcast is 90 minutes. If you get a chance, give it a listen!

Andy PG’s Alternate Audio: SummerSlam!

So, I had a feeling I was going to regret listening to WWE talking heads for 6+ hours… so instead, I did my own! Anyone who thinks there’s no way I could be worse than WWE talking heads can try their hand at me. Here’s the links:

The Pre-Show (2 hours):

The Show Itself (including my immediate thoughts and reactions):

If you want to listen, have fun. I can’t be worse than Saxton or JBL, can I?

Review of NOVA Pro Wrestling’s American Slang, July 1, 2016

So as I was performing in my second (third?) job as a hockey ref at the JCC of Northern Virginia on Wednesday (June 29), the security guard told me that there was going to be a big deal on Friday. Turns out there was a wrestling event that day. For geography’s sake, the JCCNV is within 2 miles of my house! Independent wrestling within 2 miles? Hell, I’d WALK to that!

Which I did. Because I don’t own a car.

But if I’m going to take in the joy of indy wrestling, all of you are going to enjoy it with me. So, after taking a couple days to celebrate the holiday with family, I’ve snuck out to type up the following. Now, it won’t be anywhere NEAR as detailed as my usual notes because I don’t have a computer in front of me at the event. However, I hope you enjoy it anyway.

From Fairfax, VA, NOVA Pro Wrestling presents American Slang!

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