The Thursday PRIME TIME Thread: January 28, 2021

“Hello again, folks, as it’s Thursday night and time for an edition of Prime Time Wrestling.”

“And you’d better be on your best behavior, Gorilla; we saw on Dark that even a child can do better than you.”

“I’ll have him replace you!  You’re the weak link around here!”

“Get rid of the smartest man in wrestling for a child?  Lay off the bananas, Ape-Man, they’re clear rotting your brain.”

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AEW DARK: January 26, 2021

The PG Era Recap for AEW Dark, Episode 72: Literally Anyone Can Do Commentary In AEW, January 26, 2021.

From the AEW Arena.

Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz. They are joined at the start by Ricky Starks. Your adjective: “Super-sized.”

TONIGHT! Fifteen matches, but the real feature is Peter Avalon and Lee Johnson in a WALK-OFF as part of Pretty Peter’s Pageant Provocation! Plus, Brodie Jr is in the house with Preston Vance and Tay Conti in separate matches as he looks to finish the recruitment of the judoka! Shanna looks to keep her winning streak going as she steps up in competition against KiLynn King! Also, SCU look to pick up a win, because if they don’t, they’re done as a team!

Also on tonight’s show: Miro, Jurassic Express, Butcher and Blade, Rey Fenix, Dr. Britt Baker, Abadon, Santana and Ortiz, Red Velvet, Danny Limelight, Ivelisse, and Powerhouse Hobbs!

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Sunday Night Reset: January 24, 2021

Man, even AEW Dark looks bad this week.

In NFL news, Tom Brady’s deal with Satan continues as he makes yet another Super Bowl, and this time will be the first QB to play in front of the home fans.  OF COURSE.

As for the opponent?  Buffalo and Kansas City are underway.

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Friday Night Get-Down: January 22, 2021

Tonight on SmackDown!  We run the Intercontinental Title match back as Big E defends against Apollo Crews!  Bayley and Bianca Belair engage in an obstacle course race!  Kevin Owens and Adam Pearce may have to answer for their bait and switch!  And more people enter the Royal Rumble by fiat unless AJ Styles is allowed to be gatekeeper on both shows!

Tomorrow On This Very Blog, our own Mike reviews the 2002 Royal Rumble!  On Monday, it’s some joshi from 1994!

So the WWE India show “Superstar Spectacle” is in the can, and while I won’t reveal the results, I can say that it’s a good mix of the young Indian talent they have with some current stars to help them out.  Plus, Drew McIntyre was cleared to take part, which is a very good sign for the Royal Rumble.

Dynamite matches announced: Hangman Page gets a tune-up against Ryan Nemeth, Chris Jericho and MJF vs. the Varsity Blondes, Eddie Kingston and Lance Archer go nuts, Dr. Britt Baker vs. Shanna, Dax Harwood faces Jungle Boy, and Bullet Club goes against the Dark Order (Gallows/Anderson/Matt/Nick vs Uno/Stu/Reynolds/Silver).  Plus, Cody Rhodes wants to talk to and about Shaq.

Trading Places became a documentary today with GameStop.  I’m not joking.  Reddit has been weaponized against the financial sector.

And now, your AEW Dark Match of the Week, as Nick Comoroto looks to overpower South Central’s smooth criminal, Scorpio Sky!

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PRIME TIME Thursday Thread: January 21, 2021

“Good evening, fans, and welcome to an all-new Prime Time Thursday!  Gorilla Monsoon here alongside Bobby the Brain Heenan, and what a wild week it’s been, Brain.”

“Can you believe a man died on Pay-Per-View and no one’s talking about it?  Of course, it was TNA, nobody watches that; perfect place to cover up a murder.”

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AEW DARK: January 19, 2021

The PG Era Recap for AEW Dark, Episode 71 (No Doomies, No Problem), January 19, 2021.

From the AEW Arena as always.

Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz, also as always. Ricky Starks joins the opener. Your adjective: “Gargantuan.”

TONIGHT! Chaos Project has a unique style they use to play headgames but can it work on the Lucha Bros, a team whose motto is “Cero Miedo”? And Brandon Cutler hasn’t lost since his first AEW win – can he keep it going with his toughest singles challenge yet in Luchasaurus?

In addition, we have Private Party, Sammy Guevara, Butcher and Blade, Shanna, Ivelisse and Diamante, Sonny Kiss, Big Swole, Scorpio Sky, Top Flight, Gunn Club, The Acclaimed, and Santana and Ortiz in action!

Opening ma… wait, there’s no Dark Order on this show? When was the last time that happened?

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Sunday Night Reset: January 17, 2021

The Doomies have been tabulated!  Please stop stuffing the ballot.  And while I could (with my powers of posting) get a sneak peek myself, I choose to avoid spoilers much like you have to.

It will be Buffalo at Kansas City in the AFC Title Game.  Green Bay still awaits their opponent.

BOTCHAMANIA is in play!

And now, here it is, your Moment of Zen.

Enjoy the night.

Friday Night Get-Down: January 15, 2021

TONIGHT! Adam Pearce reluctantly becomes #1 Contender for the WWE Title at Royal Rumble even though he has backstage authority.  The reason is that he won a match for the honor, and apparently results in the ring can’t be overturned even by the Supreme Court.  As many Abridged Series would say: “Wrestling matches are SERIOUS BUSINESS.”

Tomorrow, Impact presents Hard to Kill, and even though that’s the name, fate is trying to kill it!  Already set for an empty studio in Nashville, the main event has to be changed as Alex Shelley has been pulled due to “unavoidable circumstances” (Shelley himself hasn’t elaborated).  However, Moose said you don’t always like your football teammates, so maybe they’ll work this out.

In addition, Deonna Purrazzo faces Taya Valkyrie for the women’s title, it’s a three way for the X Division title with Manik, Raju, and Chris Bey, we’ll re-instate the women’s tag titles, and Ethan Page goes one on one with Karate Man, a bizarre alter ego of… (checks notes)… Ethan Page.  This was always the logical conclusion to cinematics, wasn’t it?

Dynamite has added a match between Cody Rhodes and Peter Avalon.  If Pretty Peter doesn’t recoil in horror at Cody’s neck tattoo, why are we even here?

A few AEW Dark match have been loaded, but Top Flight vs Chaos Project isn’t one of them.  So instead, have a look at Bear Country, one of the best teams in New England, as they get a win over Baron Black and Nick Comoroto.

Also, remember to vote in the Doomies!  Time’s almost up, and Logan is in the back counting the official votes!

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PRIME TIME Thursday Thread: January 14, 2021

“Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the best thing going on Thursday Nights, it’s Prime Time.  I’m your host Gorilla Monsoon, alongside Bobby the Brain Heenan, and… Brain, what are you doing?”

“Just drafting articles of impeachment against Jack Tunney.  Seems to be the popular thing to do!”

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AEW DARK: January 12, 2021

The PG Era Recap for AEW Dark, Episode 70 (Vote For Me In The Doomie Awards Edition), January 12, 2021.

From the AEW Arena.

Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz, with Anthony Ogogo. Your descriptor: “Moderately-sized”!

TONIGHT! We cut it to 12 matches, with three feature bouts according to the graphics! Top Flight bring their high-flying offense against the bizarre Chaos Project! Red Velvet is back and taking on Leva Bates! And there is a First Win Alert for tonight’s show – Baron Black and Nick Comoroto face Bear Country!

PLUS: Varsity Blondes, Jurassic Express, Silver and Reynolds, Anna Jay, Tay Conti, Serena Deeb, Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, and a special 10-man tag featuring the rest of the Dark Order!

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Sunday Night Reset: January 10, 2021

Tonight — A6 Cleveland looks to beat A3 Pittsburgh to get this iteration of the franchise’s first ever playoff win.

Tomorrow — our Joshi wing gives you a primer on one of the founders of LLPW, Harley Saito.

Later in the week: we found a match between Demolition and the Rockers!  The “Dream Match” column starts strong!

In the meantime, here’s Brodie Lee Jr getting to take part in a pull-apart brawl with Marko Stunt.

(Note: the thumbnail is inaccurate.  It’s from later in the night as Brodie Jr taunts Luther.  Don’t let this stop you from watching.)

Enjoy the night.

Friday Night Get-Down: January 8, 2021

(Note: I was asked by one of you to leave the “WE MADE IT” declaration in 2020 since brighter days are ahead.  So let’s mix it up a shade and try this as a header.)

Twitter has finally had enough of Donald Trump’s shit and thrown him off.  Yes, I agree, it’s about time… although in their (mild) defense, they waited until his speech crossed the line from “first amendment” to “actually criminal”.

SmackDown continues their road the Royal Rumble.  Reigns/Owens is giving me serious HHH/Foley vibes and that’s awesome.  It probably doesn’t have the steam to get to WrestleMania, but the stuff they’ve been doing wouldn’t be remotely out of place on the Show of Shows.

Tomorrow, Impact presents the Fifth Not Even Remotely Annual X Cup.

Here’s your Dark match of the week: The Acclaimed get more than they anticipated as they face Lee Johnson and Shawn Dean.

All right, everyone, you know the rules.  Obey the mod’s instructions at all times.  I expect a good clean thread.  Now touch gloves, go to your keyboards, and come out postin’!

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday Night Thread: January 7, 2021

Sorry guys, don’t have it in me to do Gorilla and the Brain.  This week hasn’t exactly been what I would call funny, not when I know people who work for The Government and who were freaking the hell out.

I can’t wait to say we made it tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s Candace LeRae against Lil’ Swole Nicole Savoy, because any time an NXT/AEW match gets to my attention, I *will* signal boost that.

I’ll try again tomorrow.  Be excellent to each other.

AEW DARK: January 5, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark Episode 69 (A Nice Hill to Fight On), January 5, 2021.

From the AEW Arena.

Your hosts remain Excalibur and Taz.

Tonight, SIX feature bouts for you! Nyla Rose faces off against Alex Gracia! Alan Angels goes one on one with Serpentico! KiLynn King teams with Tesha Price to battle Ivelisse and Diamante! Sammy Guevara goes at it with Michael Nakazawa! Someone’s “0” has to go as Fuego Del Sol battles Danny Limelight! And the tag division explodes in a four-way singles match as Darius Martin of Top Flight, Griff Garrison of the Varsity Blondes, Angelico of TH2, and Frankie Kazarian of SCU collide!

Also in action: Gunn Club, Matt Sydal, Peter Avalon, Rey Fenix, The Acclaimed, Jungle Boy, Scorpio Sky, Brandon Cutler, Shanna, and Thunder Rosa!

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Sunday Night Reset: January 3, 2021

Tonight, Alex Smith finishes his Comeback Player of the Year performance as Washington looks to save face for their division by beating Philadelphia.  (Bear in mind, a 7-9 division winner, while bad, is not unprecedented.  If Washington loses, New York at 6-10 goes, and 6-10 would be a new low.)

AEW Dark is utterly loaded, not just with lots of matches, but Feature-Quality matches.  KiLynn King teams with Tesha Price against Ivelisse and Diamante!  Alex Gracia faces Nyla Rose!  Sammy Guevara looks to solve Michael Nakazawa!  Someone gets their first win when Fuego Del Sol faces Danny Limelight!  Alan Angels battles Serpentico!  And a four-way singles match from the tag division has Frankie Kazarian of SCU, Griff Garrison of the Varsity Blondes, Angelico of TH2, and Darius Martin of Top Flight!

Two videos today: first, I’m Andy PG and you’re watching BOTCHAMANIA!  (Note: I’m not in this video.)  Featuring Brodie memories, TLC, TripleMania, AEW Dark commentary, Edge having a wardrobe malfunction, and endings!

And your independent match of the week, as Brodie Lee faces Eddie Kingston in CHIKARA for the big gold!

Enjoy the night.  Back to five-day workweeks now.  Sigh.

New Year’s Eve Party Thread: December 31, 2020

You know what I say every Friday to celebrate that we’ve survived life and earned our weekend?  Well, never has it applied more than tonight, the last night of 2020.


All the trouble, all the chaos, the heartbreak, the fear and the rage, all of it… we can put it into history tonight.  And while 2021 won’t magically be sunshine and rainbows, that time has gone from “eventually” to “on the horizon”.  The vaccine is being rolled out, and soon with the precautions we’re taking, life will resume being close to what it was.

Wrestling, our world, is starting to crawl out and find its way.  Sparse crowds or empty arenas on streaming services allow those who are not under national contract to be able to make a living.  But 2021 will see those crowds be allowed to be slightly bigger, and bigger, and more… and the healing can begin.

As we look back on 2020, consider all we lost.  From Howard Finkel to Brodie Lee, wrestling has seen legends of the past and present get called home to glory.  (Sorry, bear with me and my Catholic self for a second.)  And while, yes, it is sad who we lost, they gave us memories we’ll never forget, and gave us great feelings that will resonate.  It’s like Cody Rhodes said last night: the measure of a man is what he does for those who can do no good in return.  The power dynamic was usually on the side of the entertainer — and what these wrestlers gave in terms of good times and memories is worth so much more than any ticket we bought or T-shirt we wore.  So… one last time, In Memoriam 2020 — please remember these big names who left us:

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AEW DARK: December 29, 2020

The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark Episode 68: A Momentary Distraction. Aired December 29, 2020.

From the AEW Arena – crucially, taped BEFORE the tragic events of the week.

Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz.

Tonight, we have 14 matches scheduled. SCU faces TH2, and if SCU can’t get the win, they will split up for good! Plus, Fuego Del Sol looks to get his first win as he takes on one-half of the Varsity Blondes, Griff Garrison!

Also in action, Team Taz in a six-man, Gunn Club, Fenix, Santana and Ortiz, Sammy Guevara, Leva Bates, Tay Conti, Anna Jay, Penelope Ford, Silver and Reynolds, Chaos Project, and Matt Sydal – who will also be in The Waiting Room!

In memory of Brodie Lee.

No intro from Excalibur or Taz. Probably for the best.

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Sunday Night Reset: December 27, 2020

Tennessee/Green Bay is your NFL Game of the Week.

I’ve spent the entire day trying to figure out what to say about Brodie Lee.  And I still don’t know if I’m coherent.  Obviously death is too strong a punishment for just about anyone, especially a wrestler.  But for it to be someone whom nobody, literally no one, has ever had a bad word to say and for it to be noted how no one has a bad word to say — it feels like Owen Hart all over again.  I know we as a fanbase have questions, but — and I wish Bruce Mitchell realized this — now is not the time for them.  People are still coming to grips who knew Jon Huber a million times better than we did.

We can mourn the loss of Brodie Lee and/or Luke Harper, and it is sad that someone we love never got to live the full life all human beings deserve by default.  But it’s important to know that to some people, he was Jon Huber, a human being, and for their sake we should let them say their peace and move on.  It doesn’t matter what the lung issue was, and if they say Covid wasn’t involved, it wasn’t involved and we have to accept that.  No amount of truthing is going to help anyone, and promoting alternate theories is disrespectful to his family and friends.

I was part of the DC “It’s Academic” scene in high school.  A captain of a rival team died in a car crash between junior and senior year.  It hurt that we lost someone we knew.  But when his team and family asked for distance about the situation, as much as I wanted to comfort them, I was told to respect it.  Our time to mourn was coming — their time was immediate.

I bring this up because, well, our time for comforting, mourning, and helping the Huber family as a fanbase is coming.  Right now, they are in mourning; they need time.  Let them have it.  That means you, Bruce, but it means not just those who would spread theories of alternate diagnoses and cover-ups in public.  We can share stories and help each other, sure.  And on Wednesday, the entire wrestling world can come together on the two shows he was bid for in Dynamite and NXT and we can mourn as a wrestling family.  But while Brodie Lee or Luke Harper was ours, Jon Huber was not.

I told you I was incoherent.  The bottom line is that… well, there’s levels of familiarity and levels of friendship.  I know we at the Blog of Doom are usually good at accepting this, but a reminder every now and then cannot hurt.  Send sympathies to the Huber family, yes, but don’t try to feel their pain or relate to them — I’m not sure how well it can be done.

Anyway, I’m sorry if none of that makes sense.  Let’s watch the Dark Order get a big win on Dark:

Enjoy the night.  I’ll be back Tuesday.

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Lee.