The Friday Night Party Thread: January 18, 2019


More to the point, I’ve made it — I’m celebrating 8 years at my current place of employment.  And there was a time I was certain I couldn’t hold a job longer than 8 months.

Your NBA on ESPN showdown is Spurs/Wolves, followed by Warriors/Clippers.  St. Joseph’s plays St. Louis on ESPN2, and then it’s Aussie Open time.

Hey, I’m gonna pimp NOVA Pro here whenever I get the chance.  Here’s an undercard match from our most recent show on 12/27, featuring rising star Harlow O’Hara against AEW signee Penelope Ford.  If you want to see more of us, go to IndependentWrestling.TV and sign up!  (Code NOVAPRO extends your 10-day free trial to 20 days.)


Enjoy the weekend, y’all!

Indies and Insanity: January 17, 2019

Your basketball update: tonight’s NBA on TNT doubleheader is Sixers/Pacers, followed by Lakers/Thunder.

Meanwhile, your college odyssey: ESPN has South Carolina/Mississippi State for the Women’s Game of the Week, followed by Oregon/Arizona.  ESPN2 has Stanford/Washington before cutting to the Australian Open.  Deep cuts on ESPNU as their tripleheader is Tennessee State vs Tennessee Tech, Gardner-Webb against Radford, and BYU facing Pepperdine.

And after the jump, the indie roundup for the weekend.

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Friday Night Party Thread: January 11, 2019

We made it!

Lots of good hoops on tonight.  Your NBA doubleheader is Pacers/Knicks followed by Lakers/Jazz on ESPN.  ESPN2, meanwhile, has some deep cuts: Wright State/Northern Kentucky, followed by a high school game!  ESPNU, on the other hand, gives us Siena/Marist.

Tomorrow it’s the NFL playoffs as well as a Duke/Florida State tilt in college hoops.

Enjoy the weekend!

Indies and Insanity: January 10, 2019

I’m almost going to miss previewing Impact here.  Almost.

NBA on TNT has their usual doubleheader tonight: Celtics/Heat, followed by Thunder/Spurs.  The college kids are all over the place, as on ESPN we have Louisville/Notre Dame (two unbeaten women’s teams) followed by UCLA/Oregon.  ESPN2 has Cincinnati/Tulsa, Penn State/Nebraska, and Pacific/Gonzaga.

After the jump, the indie wrestling schedule.

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Indies and Insanity: January 3, 2019

For those who are basketball fans, your NBA/TNT doubleheader is Raptors/Spurs followed by Rockets/Warriors.  Meanwhile, college hoops has an interesting doubleheader of its own as unbeaten Michigan hosts Penn State, followed by Saint Mary’s at San Francisco (don’t laugh; these two teams could steal a bid).

Now, your traditional Thursday night indie highlights:

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Indies and Insanity: December 27, 2018

So It’s Come To This: Another Impact Clip Show.  Obviously, no more previewing the show in this space in 2019.  Besides, I don’t think I get the Pursuit Channel anyway.

SPORTSBALL!  Miami and Wisconsin are playing in New York right now, followed by Baylor facing Vanderbilt.  TNT NBA is giving you Celtics/Rockets, followed by Sixers/Jazz.

Coming up, the top shows of the last few days of 2018.

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Sunday Night Reset — December 23, 2018

Normally, this is where we wind down and get ready for the weekend.  But if you’re like me and think ahead, it’s Day 2 of a 4-Day weekend!

Recommedations: check out some old Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies for good times.  My favorites are 2005, 2007, and 2011, but of course this varies according to taste.  Still, it’s a great variety of awesome induction speeches and acceptances.

Or, if you want a Match of the Week (since I forgot one on Thursday), here’s this: we go back to Black Label Pro in Indiana as the Rock and Roll Express face Tom Lawlor and Bryan Alvarez.  Yes, *that* Bryan Alvarez.

Enjoy the night, and may visions of sugar plums dance in your heads.

Impact, Indies, and Insanity: December 20, 2018

Impact is a clip show.  Yay!

Tonight’s bowl game is Marshall/USF in the Gasparilla Bowl.  We also have a college hoops showcase as Texas Tech and Duke square off in Madison Square Garden.

Not much indie action as we approach Christmas, but what we have looks good!  WXW is running their 18th anniversary show, featuring Marcel Barthel teaming with WALTER and Timothy Thatcher as Ringkampf faces British Strong Style!  Plus Absolute Andy puts the WXW Title in the line against David Starr, and Toni Storm defends the women’s title!

Bring the insanity!

The PG Era Rant: NWA BTW/WCCW Christmas Star Wars ’81

Aww yeah, this is my jam! To be honest, I called dibs on this because, in an era where my friends were debating if Hogan and Piper could beat Flair and Harley, I was over in the corner watching WCCW on ESPN and saying Kerry Von Erich was better than all of them. Look, I was 6 at the time, okay? (Disclosure: I’m 38 now, so this show took place before I knew what wrestling was.)  It’s still a shame that the Kerry most people know was the shell of himself in the WWF from 1990-92, because if he’d stayed sober he’d have been a game-changer. Anyway, this is from 1981, so he’s just one of the brothers, but that doesn’t mean I’m not down for some World Class!

From Dallas, Texas, December 25, 1981, and technically promoted by NWA Big Time Wrestling. No word on attendance.  (“Here’s some money; go see a Star War.”)

Your host is Bill Mercer, and your ring announcer is Marc Lowrance. They’re like old friends to me.

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Friday Night Party Thread: December 14, 2018

We made it!

Tonight, we have lower-level college football greatness, as the Div III (fourth-tier) championship takes place on ESPNU, while ESPN2 features the 1-AA (second-tier) semifinal matchup between South Dakota State and North Dakota State.  North Dakota State is REALLY GOOD, by the way.  As in, I think they’re even money vs UCF good.

Yes, I’m watching WCCW Star Wars 1981 and will report on it.  I’ll schedule it to go up Saturday noonish.

MEANWHILE IN NEW YORK, Kanye West has tweeted that he’d like to meet with Hideo Kojima in what might be the first ever meeting of the minds simulcast on SNL.  Note: about 5,000 people on Twitter made the “did you look under the cardboard box” joke.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Ashburn to help out with Hoppy Place, NOVA Pro’s debut in Loudoun County.  We’re out by the NFL training camp if Mapquest is accurate.

Enjoy the weekend!

Twelve Days of Hidden Gems

That WCCW event, by the way?  Christmas Star Wars 1981, and yes I am totally going to call dibs on reviewing it tonight.  Jose Lothario vs. Ernie Ladd?  Great Kabuki in a no-DQ match?  The rare Kerry/Kevin/David trios match?  BLUE DEMON?  Heck yeah!

My Friday night just got filled.

Impact, Indies, and Insanity: December 13, 2018

Tonight on Impact, we have Cage vs Moose in a hoss battle par excellence.  On top of that, two more Ultimate X Qualifiers as Dave Crist tries to join his brother when he goes against Rich Swann, while Trey Miguel of the Rascalz faces Trevor Lee.

Hey, the NFL’s Game of the Week of the Day may well be the Game of the Week, as AFC supremacy is on the line when Kansas City faces Los Angeles.  The NBA doubleheader today is Lakers/Rockets and Mavs/Suns.

After the jump, your indie highlights.

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Sunday Night Reset: December 9, 2018

Am I the only one who’s reached the point where weekends are just a blur because I spend them all in bed or in my apartment?  I miss having youthful energy.

Oh well.  This too shall pass.

Tonight’s NFL game is LA/Chicago with massive NFC ramifications.  Though nothing will come close to Miami doing a huge Boise State on New England.  Love me some last-play wins.

Enjoy the night.

Impact, Indies, and Insanity: December 6, 2018

Impact tonight features Johnny Mundo and Taya teaming up against Moose and Tessa Blanchard.  In addition, two men will qualify for Ultimate X: the winners of Willie Mack/Jake Crist and Ethan Page/Matt Sydal.

Your NFL Game of the Week of the Day is Tennessee/Jacksonville.  If college hoops is your thing, Iowa/Iowa State is on FS1.

After the jump, some Indies highlights.

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Impact, Indies, and Insanity: November 22, 2018

“God as my witness, I swear I thought turkeys could fly.”

Speaking of turkeys, Impact will be running their 294th annual Loser Wears A Stupid Turkey Suit Match.  Also, we’ll find out what happens when the X Title is vacated due to Option C.

Washington/Dallas is going on right now, with Atlanta/New Orleans to follow.  Or, if you’re a college fan, Mississippi/Mississippi State is coming up, leading off a great weekend of rivalry action.

Now, let’s see what the indies have in store for you.

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Impact, Indies, and Insanity: November 15, 2018

Greetings from snowy DC, where once again we prove to have no clue how to handle a little white stuff.

Tonight on Impact, Sami Callihan challenges Brian Cage for the X Title, while Matt Sydal has a non-title match with Johnny Impact.

Your NFL Game of the Week of the Day is Green Bay/Seattle, while Tulane and Houston battle for control of the AAC West in the college football appetizer.

Up next, a look at the wrestling scene for the weekend.

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