Sunday Night Reset (featuring Clash of the Champions): September 15, 2019

Well, you got choices tonight.  Clash of Champions is going on from the WWE as they prep for the big change with more and more live programming.  The NFL offers Philadelphia/Atlanta tonight.  MLB gives you Dodgers/Mets.

Let’s get it on!

Friday the 13th Party Thread: September 13, 2019

Okay, guys; no splitting up, no drinking, no marijuana, no sex, no entering a dark room, and the first person to say there’s nothing to worry about DIES.

That’s your cue, Wavy.

Anyway, we have North Carolina playing Wake Forest in what does not count in the ACC standings.  After them, Washington State faces Houston.

Enjoy the weekend!

Indies and Insanity: September 12, 2019

Okay, why is there no college football on tonight?  Cowards!

You’ll have to settle for the NFL, as their Game of the Week of the Day is Carolina/Tampa Bay.

But hey, my Mets just completed a 4-game sweep of the D-Backs and look like they Just Won’t Go Away.  So you’re saying there’s a chance.

But a better chance?  Great indie wrestling!  Hit it!

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Indies and Insanity: September 5, 2019

(Checks the Daily Thread)

We’re busting out the Wrestle-Sleaze already?

Anyway, tonight is the NFL opener, as Green Bay and Chicago face off.

Meanwhile, if you have IndependentWrestling.TV, take some time to watch CRAB Wrestling’s August show, “Alpha Ox”.  It was a monumental show, so worth checking out.  I still do the backstage interviewing, but instead of Andrew McHale, I’m called Andy Tampa.  (The name wasn’t my idea, but hell, the locker room thinks it’s cool.)

Speaking of independent wrestling, let’s look at a few extra shows!

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Friday Night Party Thread: August 30, 2019

We made it!

Happy Birthday to our very own El Supremo!  I took a collection up, and we got you a Best of Vince Russo collection an a 64-pack of hot pokers to go with it.

Tonight, the Mountain West takes on some Power 5 competition.  We have Utah State against Wake Forest, Nevada against Purdue, and Colorado State and Colorado.  The big game tomorrow is Auburn vs. Oregon.  My Duke boys are gonna get destroyed by Bama.

We got a good long weekend here with US Labor Day on Monday.  Let’s hope no one does anything stupid.

Enjoy the weekend!

Indies and Insanity: August 29, 2019

College Football is back!  ESPN has a double-header of UCLA/Cincinnati and Utah/BYU (rivalry alert!).  If you can wait until 9ET, FS1 is showing South Dakota State against Minnesota in what could be a sneaky good game.  CBS Sports has Central Florida against Florida A&M. ACC Network has Georgia Tech/Clemson, and SEC Network has Texas State/Texas A&M.

Plus, there’s US Open coverage on ESPN2.

Oh, and now the highlights of independent wrestling!  (NOTE: AEW is beyond the scope of this column.)

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Friday Night Party Thread: August 23, 2019

We made it!

College football is almost upon us, folks.  Excited.

MLS has Atlanta at Orlando, then Seattle at Portland.  It will be interesting to see how lively, if at all, the Portland crowd is since their supporters’ club is furious at MLS for banning an anti-fascism symbol.

Winnipeg faces Edmonton on US TV tonight as well.  If the field is 130 yards long, it may be time to suspect the Blue Bombers of stealing real estate.

Braves/Mets is about to start on MLB Network.  This is suddenly a *very* important game.  Someone get me some hot dogs.  And make sure Jesse and Gorilla don’t eat them.  (WM6 joke.)

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday Night Party Thread: August 16, 2019

We made it!

Actual discussion I had with some of my Twitter friends: imagine an alternate timeline where Ken Shamrock, having lost badly on the TUF1 finale as he did, announced his retirement after the show and stuck with it.  He returns to pro wrestling full-time, signs with WWE, and debuts after WrestleMania 21 (don’t worry, I did the research, the timeline checks out).  Now, obviously, he doesn’t have his last ten fights where he goes 2-8, but more to the point, you would get a guy who’s only just past 40, has Attitude Era cred, can work face or heel, and help beef up the midcard.  Would you want that?

While you discuss, here’s another free match to watch.  Refereeing can be hard, but Bryce Remsburg makes it look so easy you don’t even need to watch the wrestlers to follow the match.  Here’s proof, from Spring Break 3:

(Yes, he’s wearing Janela’s glasses.  It makes sense in context.)

Enjoy the weekend!

RIP Eddie Marlin

It has been announced by confidante Randy Hales that longtime Memphis wrestler and on-screen personality Eddie Marlin has passed away.  He had just turned 89 earlier this week.

Marlin was a longtime journeyman wrestler before finding a home NWA Mid-America, Nick Gulas’ territory in Tennessee and Kentucky.  Marlin was placed under a mask and wrestled as The Mummy in a movie monster stable.  But it was in the early 1970s that Marlin gained his height in the territory, teaming with Tommy Gilbert (father of Eddie and Doug) as long time tag team champions.

Marlin’s biggest contribution to wrestling was in 1977, when he and son-in-law Jerry Jarrett quit the Mid-Americas to form the Continental Wrestling Association, the promotion that put Memphis on the map in the wrestling world.  For most of his tenure, Marlin was an on-screen authority figure, the “good cop” to Tom Renesto’s “bad cop”.  However, he won his last official match in 1988, defeating old partner Tommy Gilbert.

Marlin is survived by his 2 children, Deborah and Diane; sons-in-law Randy West and Jerry Jarrett; 5 grandchildren, including WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett; and 10 great-grandchildren.

We at the Blog of Doom send our condolences to Marlin’s extended family.


Friday Night Party Thread: August 9, 2019

Hey, care to feel old?  The Millennium Countdown reached 0 on this day 20 years ago.

Anyway, tonight there’s some good baseball on — Nats/Mets looks to be the best series of the bunch as two hot teams try to take wild card spots.  Man, that NL has gotten GOOD.  Teams 5-8 are within half a game as of this morning.

Enjoy the weekend, and remember: wrestling is for everyone!  (And if you disagree, you’re right, because wrestling is NOT for you!)