Indies and Insanity: March 14, 2019 (the Thursday Night Thread)

Your NBA on TNT doubleheader today is Lakers/Raptors, followed by Mavericks/Nuggets.

It’s CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK!  ESPN has the ACC quarterfinals of Louisville/North Carolina and Syracuse/Duke.  The Big XII quarters of West Virginia/Texas Tech and Texas/Kansas.  FS1 is in on the action in the Big East, with Saint John’s/Marquette and Georgetown/Seton Hall.  ESPNU has the AAC, with SMU/Tulsa, and East Carolina/Wichita State.  CBS Sports Network is in on it with the Mountain West, featuring New Mexico/Utah State and Air Force/Fresno State.

So… now let’s look ahead to some wrestling this weekend!

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FASTLANE 2019 Open Thread

It’s time for the single most unnecessary Pay-Per-View ever invented, WWE Fastlane 2019!

Your big matches include Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens for the WWE Title in a match no one asked for; The Shield making a surprise return and having to justify themselves against Baron Corbin; and Becky Lynch facing Charlotte Flair in an outcome that better be academic.

But who cares; it’s all fake, right, Ronda?

…yeah, I’m back from training and exhausted.  Talk amongst yourselves; I’ll be too busy watching AAF and Rugby.

Indies and Insanity: March 7, 2019

RIP Dick Beyer, aka the Destroyer, aka Doctor X.  I still remember his induction speech for Gorgeous George, which he gave with his mask on because that’s gangsta.

Your TNT NBA doubleheader tonight is Pacers/Bucks, followed by Thunder/Blazers.  College hoops features ESPN showing Iowa/Wisconsin, then SMU/Houston.  ESPN2 gives us a ranked battle with Cincinnati/UCF, followed by Bill Walton Story Time with UCLA/Colorado.  ESPNU has a lacrosse (!!) night on tonight with Loyola-Maryland facing Duke.  At 11, though, it’s the Cal-Stanford game.

But this weekend in wrestling is l-o-a-d-e-d, and after the jump, we’ll break it down!

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King Kong Bundy Passes Away

Last night, it was confirmed that Chris Pallies, better known to the wrestling and television world as King Kong Bundy, died at the age of 61.

Bundy, famously nicknamed “The Walking Condominium” by Gorilla Monsoon and known for demanding a five-count pin, was a WWF staple during the Rock’n’Wrestling era, setting the first speed record of 25 seconds (promoted as nine seconds) at WrestleMania 1 by pinning S.D. Jones.  At WrestleMania 2, with Bobby Heenan in his corner, he unsuccessfully challenged Hulk Hogan for the WWF title in a steel cage match.  WrestleMania 3 saw him in a six-person tag against Hillbilly Jim, where each side had two minis.

After a spell away from the WWF, he returned in 1994, this time as part of the Million Dollar Corporation.  At WrestleMania XI, Bundy lost to the Undertaker, making him the fourth name in The Streak.  Only he and Psycho Sid can claim to have faced both Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker, two of the biggest WrestleMania icons, at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Bundy also appeared in episodes of “Married… with Children”.

Our condolences go out to the Pallies family at this time.

Sunday Night Reset: March 3, 2019

Hopefully our US friends are safe from whatever this storm is supposed to be.  Looks like all we got is rain around here, so that’s cool.

Tonight’s AAF game on the NFL Network is Atlanta/Arizona.  If you’re Ready For Some Football.

For those who like reading e-feds, the ALWF has a show going up tonight right… here! (Crosses fingers it works)

It’s a quiet weekend otherwise.  So let’s just be excellent to each other.

Enjoy the night.


Indies and Insanity: February 28, 2019

You know, with 330 million dollars, Bryce Harper should just buy the Phillies.  And 13 years?  Yeah, that contract won’t be a huge albatross down the line or anything.

…still better than the Bonilla contract.  Sigh.

Also, Ronda Rousey’s Twitter game is ecch.

AS FOR TONIGHT, if you’re a basketball fan let’s look at the games.  TNT’s NBA doubleheader is Sixers/Thunder, followed by Jazz/Nuggets.  ESPN opens with Nebraska/Michigan, then gives us USC/UCLA (Bill Walton alert!).  Three for the show on ESPN2, as we get UCONN/Wichita, Minnesota/Northwestern, and #1 Gonzaga/Pacific.  ESPNU starts late with Tulane/Tulsa, then gives us UC Irvine/UC Davis as the Deep Cut Of The Week.

But what of wrestling, you ask?  It’s time for the Indie Roundup after the jump!

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This deserves its own post.

Roman Reigns announced today on RAW that he is in remission — cancer is no longer a problem!

Now, he also said he had to crawl before he can walk, so odds are he’s not in “game shape” yet… but we’ll worry about that later.

Welcome back, Dog.

Indies and Insanity: February 21, 2019

Daily Thread interaction summary: I need to mute threads more on Twitter.  (You’re all nodding.  I know.  I lack much common sense.)

The NBA is back from their All-Star break with a TNT doubleheader: Celtics/Bucks, then Rockets/Lakers.  As for college basketball, ESPN has the heavy hitters with Michigan/Minnesota and Oregon/USC.  ESPN2 has an AAC double-header with UCF/Cincinnati and Connecticut/SMU.  ESPNU’s Deep Cuts are Vermont/UMBC (UMBC is a name college hoopheads remember form last year), High Point/Campbell (Campbell has a 30PPG scorer, so this isn’t as random as it looks), and Hawai’i/UC Santa Barbara.

But this is a wrestling chat thread, so let’s talk wrestling after the jump!

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Lazy Sunday Thread: February 17, 2019

“Punk rock is about loyalty.” — Corey Graves

Elimination Chamber is tonight.  One has to wonder if Naomi and Carmella will spend the time in their pod arguing over who had a worse week with men.

On a brighter note, I made my refereeing debut with NOVA Pro on Friday night, so I feel like I achieved a milestone.  Also got to watch Anthony Greene for the first time; if you can see him, do so, because he’s fun.  Same with Joey Ryan, but everyone knew that.

Talk, heathens.

Friday Night Party Thread: February 15, 2019

YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE at Fox Hall in Annandale, Virginia, where over 300 of my craziest friends are joining me for NOVA Pro’s season 4 premiere tonight!  It’s also my debut as a referee on this stage, so yeah, I’m a shade nervous.

ESPN has the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities tonight.  ESPN2 has the college action, with Saint Joe’s/Davidson, followed by Troy/Georgia Southern.  ESPNU has the goods tonight with Buffalo/Toledo (don’t laugh — both teams could make the NCAA tournament), followed by Northern Kentucky/Wright State.

I want to thank those in the Day Thread who discussed the ALWF’s future here.  The majority seem to be okay with it being there, and the biggest issue is Benoit’s inclusion.  I’ll consider writing him out if it matters that much in the future.  But I’ll keep the hype to the chat threads instead of their own posts, while putting up the big shows for your enjoyment.

Meanwhile, in the land of the living, we’re heading to the Elimination Chamber, and excitement couldn’t be more tepid!  I would recommend New Year’s Revolution 2005 as a night viewing, as I really love that particular Chamber match.  I think it’s Batista’s real coming-out party.

Enjoy the weekend!

Indies and Insanity: February 14, 2019

Oh, like I have a valentine today.

Your NBA on TNT game this week — just one, as the All-Star break is around the corner — is Thunder/Pelicans.  Your college basketball slate is: ESPN has Houston/Connecticut; ESPN2 has Illinois/Ohio State, then Murray State/Austin Peay (Ja Morant of Murray State is a must-see), and Gonzaga/Loyola Marymount.  Meanwhile, your ESPNU deep cuts are Tulsa/Tulane, Arizona/Utah, and St. Mary’s/Santa Clara.  Plus, if you stick with ESPN after the hoops, they have a special on the UFC Heavyweight Classic between Cain and Brock.

The Indie Roundup of the weekend — and we got some good stuff — coming after the jump.

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AfterLife Wrestling Federation — December Shows (Red)

ALWF Red: Christmas Dreams
Host: Gordon Solie

Highlights of Dusty’s war with the Heenan Family are the show-opening montage.  Dusty defeated Ray Stevens, then Gorilla Monsoon, then (albeit with help) Andre the Giant in order to earn a title chance, but he put it on the line to get the entire Heenan Family on even terms in WarGames.  During WarGames, Bockwinkel nearly choked out Dusty when Bobo Brazil headbutted Bockwinkel free and Eddie Guerrero made him submit.  Bockwinkel said three people beat him, so those three could fight amongst themselves and he’d face the winner.

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AfterLife Wrestling Federation — December Shows (Blue)

ALWF Blue: The Craziest Night
Hosts: Lance Russell and Lord Alfred Hayes

A video montage set to “Stone Cold Crazy” shows how things are getting out of hand on the blue brand, with Roddy Piper and The Sheik spilling blood in no-contests while Sam Muchnick had a hand in cheating JYD out of a title match with Buddy Rogers.  It led to Muchnick being fired as brand GM and replaced by Stu Hart, who promised to handcuff himself to Muchnick to prevent interference.

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AfterLife Wrestling Federation — December Shows (Gold)

The AfterLife Wrestling Federation: for over 100 years, the revolutionary force in Slam Bang Western Style Wrestling!

During the Christmas/Hannukah holidays, all three brands get their own Big Events back-to-back.  Gold goes first, then Blue, then Red.  A feature of the Blue and Red shows this year is a match for each featuring Gold wrestlers, where the winner gets promoted.  In addition, all the titles on all the brands are on the line!  Here we go!

ALWF Gold: TakeOver
Hosts: Dick Lane and Mike Hogewood

Our opening package sets up Bam Bam Bigelow and Dick Murdoch as two trains ready to collide… only to show the bridge the trains are on blowing up near the collision.  In retrospect, some foreshadowing we should’ve seen coming.

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Indies and Insanity: January 31, 2019

Since there wasn’t much blowback from the ALWF stuff, I’ll post the December holiday show recaps we did this weekend.

HOOPS REPORT: TNT’s NBA doubleheader has Bucks/Raptors, then Sixers/Warriors.  ESPN’s Women’s Game of the Week is UConn/Louisville.  ESPN2 presents Temple/Houston (with the Cougars trying to avenge their only loss so far), Arizona/Arizona State, and Gonzaga/BYU.  ESPNU goes with Tulane/ECU, followed by Connecticut/UCF and the Deep Cut of UC Irvine/UCSB.

Also, ESPN is showing a 30-for-30 on Deion Sanders.

But you’re here for wrestling, so after the jump, your indie roundup.

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The Afterlife Wrestling Federation: A Primer

So as I threatened tonight, I’m going to see if there’s any interest in this bad boy.  Don’t worry, it won’t be a weekly post — just every so often, like an Event Center or when there’s a major show.  (Next show is our own Rumble in 2-3 weeks.)

So let’s introduce you to: THE AFTERLIFE WRESTLING FEDERATION! (For over 100 years, the revolutionary force in Slam Bang Western Style Wrestling.)  WARNING: this post is long.  Click at your own risk.

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2019 ROYAL RUMBLE Open Mic (Part 2)

Well, that’s the pregaming done.  It’s time to get ready for the big show itself.  Five title matches and two Rumbles, if you want some numbers.

Post-Rumble, if there aren’t too many objections, I’ll inculde a snapshot of my side project, the AfterLife Wrestling Federation (for over 100 years, the revolutionary force in Slam Bang Western Style Wrestling).  Since we love our wrestling history, we might enjoy it here.

As always, keep it clean and come out swinging!