AEW ELEVATION: September 27, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Elevation, Episode 30 (“Look, You Got Four Hours on TV, Whaddya Want?”), September 27, 2021.

From Queens, NY.

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Eddie Kingston, and Mark Henry. Henry says the crowd energy makes him want to come out of retirement. Oh no, not him too!

TONIGHT! Lots of people talk about Grand Slam! Plus, three matches – a Dark Order 8-man, Thunder Rosa, and Paul Wight beating up geeks!

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Sunday Night Reset (ft. Extreme Rules 2021): September 26, 2021

Man, it’s been a heck of a day in the NFL, hasn’t it?

Tonight’s NFL Showcase is Packers vs 49ers, while the final MLB Game of the Week is Yankees vs Red Sox as we get ready for the playoffs.

Tonight, it’s Extreme Rules!  So far only six matches are on the card, which has me thinking the Reigns/Balor match will be crazy good.  Pre-game show begins in 1 hour.

Upcoming this week: the Joshi Spotlight is on Shinobu Kandori; our Ring of Honor lookback gets to Death Before Dishonor 2003; and the Dream Match column looks at King of the Ring 1996!

Enjoy the show.

Friday Night Get-Down: September 24, 2021

TONIGHT!  It’s the last stop before Extreme Rules, and the next stop in New York City!  SmackDown starts at 8 with its usual two hours of wrestling fun, complete with Shinsuke Nakamura defending the Intercontinental Title against Apollo Crews!  Then it’s Rampage right after at 10 for a special two-hour show, culminating in Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston against Suzuki-Gun!

SUNDAY!  Extreme Rules itself is underway!  Roman Reigns has been champion for 13 months, but now Finn Balor’s powered-up Demon form stands in the way!  Plus, Bianca Belair looks to get the title back from Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss hopes to take Charlotte Flair’s identity from her, and Meltzer claims the entire crowd walks out on the opening pyro!

IN BETWEEN!  Mike’s Stinkers is back on the blog!  Every month, our man Mike Fitzgerald looks to see if a show has earned its bad reputation, and this month, it’s Bunkhouse Stampede!

But first, here it is — your moment of Zen:

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Impact, Indies, and Insanity: September 23, 2021

Tonight on Impact: Josh Alexander relinquishes the X Division Title in preparation for Bound For Glory; Bullet Club’s Hikuleo tries to murder David Finlay IV; Intergender action sees Rohit Raju face Chelsea Green; we find out why Mickie James is in the Impact Zone; and in the pre-show, it’s the rubber match between John Skyler and Laredo Kid!

Meanwhile in football, your NFL Game of the Week of the Day is Texans/Panthers, and ESPN is showing Marshall facing Appalachian State.

After the break, your roundup of the best in independent wrestling for the weekend!

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AEW DARK: September 21, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark Episode 109 (“Even the B Shows Are Awesome!”), September 21, 2021.

From Orlando and the self-named All Elite Zone.

Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz.

TONIGHT! We’re headed to AEW Grand Slam and it’s LOADED! Bear Bronson takes a shot at Eddie Kingston! FTR face a pair of 205 escapees in Curt “Stallion” Rogers and Anthony Greene! Daniel Garcia steps in with the firebrand of the Dark Order, Alan Angels! Santana and Ortiz take on Chaos Project! And it’s a Wingmen vs Dark Order doubleheader! JD Drake draws Colt Cabana, while Reynolds and Silver face Nemeth and Avalon!

PLUS — Big Swole, The Factory, The Bunny, Shotty and Brock, Lance Archer, Tay Conti, Joey Janela, Wardlow, and NEGATIVE ONE IN THE HOUSE!

COLD OPEN: Wardlow says he will remind everyone that this is his world.

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AEW ELEVATION: September 20, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Elevation Episode 29 (“Tonight on FOX: When Wrestling Friendships GO BAD”), September 20, 2021.

From NewArk, New Joizey.

Your hosts are Tony, Paul, and the King.

TONIGHT! Good friends become better enemies! Team Factory’s QT Marshall takes on Team Nightmare’s Dustin Rhodes! The Dark Order continues to fracture as Evil Uno and Colt Cabana face Alan Angels and Preston Vance! And New Jersey’s boys go one-on-one as Joey Janela tackles Sonny Kiss!

PLUS — Gunn Club, Orange Cassidy, Hikaru Shida, Thunder Rosa, Santana/Ortiz, and Private Party!

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Sunday Night Reset: September 19, 2021

Tonight’s NFL game is Chiefs/Ravens.  Your MLB game is Phillies/Mets.

Later this week on the Blog of Doom, we have a Joshi Spotlight on GAEA; Wednesdays of Honor looks at WrestleRave Act 2; and your wacky dream match is… an actual dream match, as the Rock and Roll Express take on the Road Warriors!

Enjoy the night.  See you tomorrow for Elevation.

Friday Night Get-Down: September 17, 2021

So apparently I’m sometimes funny on this blog.  Who knew?

TONIGHT!  SmackDown, Rampage, and probably more talk about what goes on at 30,000 feet!

Tony Khan said in an interview that the women’s division is “a real strength of AEW”.  So, uh, does that mean it’ll have more than one match per show?  Please?

And now, here it is — your Moment of Zen:

(Yeah, yeah, AEW signs the paychecks, deal with it.)

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Impact, Indies, and Insanity: September 16, 2021

Tonight on IMPACT — Austin, Fulton, Myers, Moose, and Morrissey face Cage, Alexander, Sabin, Callihan, and Edwards!  Aiden English goes against Trey Miguel!  John Skyler and Laredo Kid look to make a statement!  TJ Perkins goes one-on-one with Petey Williams!  Decay and VBD go to war!  And on the pre-show, it’s Johnny Swinger and Hernandez against No Way Jose and Fallah Bahh!

Only a couple indie shows, but the first one is a DOOZY!

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AEW DARK: September 14, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark, Episode 108 (“Japanese Numerologists Rejoice”), September 14, 2021.


Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Taz.

TONIGHT! Leyla Hirsch prepares to face Jade Cargill by taking on another person with a foot of height on her in KiLynn King! Fuego Del Sol’s been on the wrong end of many one-sided Dark matches, but now he’s the featured performer! And it’s a six-man tag main event, as Wheeler Yuta, Chuck Taylor, and Orange Cassidy battle Jora Johl, Angelico, and Jack Evans!

PLUS – Anna Jay, 2point0, Shawn Spears, Jade Cargill, and Butcher and Blade!

But first, Alex Marvez interviews both Leyla Hirsch and Jade Cargill at the same time about their Dynamite match. Cargill tells Hirsch she should be thankful. Hirsch counters by saying she’s putting Cargill’s bitch ass in place in her hometown. Cargill laughs it off, and Mark Sterling doesn’t know how delusional Hirsch is for thinking she can beat Cargill AND for being proud of being from New Jersey. Hirsch isn’t laughing, even though Cargill and Sterling are.

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AEW ELEVATION: September 13, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Elevation, Episode 28 (“Take a Breather”), September 13, 2021.

From Cincinnati, OH.

Your hosts are Tony, Eddie, and Paul.

No real feature bouts tonight, but in action are Emi Sakura, Frankie Kazarian, Penelope Ford, Butcher and Blade, Jade Cargill, Tay Conti/Anna Jay, Daniel Garcia, and Nyla Rose.

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Sunday Night Reset: September 12, 2021

Your NFL game tonight is Bears/Rams.  Your MLB game tonight is Yankees/Mets.

Later this week: the Joshi Spotlight goes to Sapporo; Ring of Honor Wednesdays looks at WrestleRave; and your Dream Match of the Week is Mabel vs Adam Bomb as we look at the 1995 King of the Ring Opening Round.

Nothing exciting on Elevation tomorrow.  Sigh.

Enjoy the night.

Friday Night Get-Down: September 10, 2021

TONIGHT!  SmackDown is in MSG!  Brock Lesnar is in town!  Seth Rollins rematches with Edge!  Becky and Bianca make it official!  The Usos defend against the Street Profits!

ALSO TONIGHT!  Rampage!  Brian Pillman Jr gets the hometown welcome against Max Caster!  Andrade and PAC do what they couldn’t at All Out!  And in what has to be an oversight by AEW, they’re allowing six women to wrestle on free TV!

SUNDAY!  The NFL is back in full swing!  Get yourself fired up for America’s two biggest contributions to society: gratuitous violence and committee meetings!

But first — you’re watching BOTCHAMANIA!

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Impact, Indies, and Insanity: September 9, 2021

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!?  The NFL’s first Game of the Week of the Day is tonight, as the Buccaneers kick off Tom Brady’s 92854th season against the Cowboys.

Tonight on Impact: Rich Swann battles Karl Anderson; Moose and Eddie Edwards meet once again; David Finlay IV looks to avenge the injury to Juice by taking on Chris Bey; Steve Maclin and Petey Williams get their rematch after the first bout was settled by low blow; half of the Women’s Tag champs Rosemary faces Tasha Steelz; and it’s a barnburner on the pre-show as Laredo Kid meets John Skyler!

After the jump, we review your viewing options for independent wrestling — who knows, maybe you’ll find the next AEW Dark superstar!

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AEW DARK: September 7, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark, Episode 107 (“Stories! With a Blowoff! On YouTube!”), September 7, 2021.

Still in Chicago.

Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz.

TONIGHT! The Dark Order internal dissension comes to a head as Evil Uno is challenged by Alan Angels! Joey Janela steps in against former IWTV champion Lee Moriarty! The Acclaimed have returned, and they face Robert Anthony and Shawn Dean! And finally, everything is settled as Big Swole and Diamante face off in a 2 out of 3 falls throwdown – first fall pin, second fall submission, tiebreaker KO!

Throw in matches with Lance Archer, The Bunny, and Cabana/Grayson, and baby, you have a stew going! Let’s have some fun tonight!

All Out look-back. Order the replay.

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AEW ELEVATION: September 6, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Elevation Episode 27 (“All Out Fallout”), September 6, 2021.

From Chicago, IL.

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Eddie Kingston, and Paul Wight.

TONIGHT! Kiera Hogan and Blair Onyx go for their first win! It’s power against speed as JD Drake battles Dante Martin! Bear Country looks to destroy Ryan Nemeth and Peter Avalon! Some rivalries never die, and we have Anthony Bowens facing Griff Garrison! And in a six-man main event, Chaos Project teams with Rickey Shane Page to take on the supertrio of Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, and Darby Allin!

PLUS – Red Velvet, Riho, Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura, Lance Archer, and the Dark Order team of John Silver and Preston Vance!

“All Out will go down as the greatest PPV ever in AEW.” For once, Tony isn’t exaggerating at the start of our highlight package.

But first, Bear Country wears fur!? Fur is murder! Yes, the Wingmen are mocking Bear Country. Newsflash: tonight, they’re getting a hostile makeover. And speaking of, Dante Martin and the hoodie? 1997 called, they want their fashion back! Tonight, JD Drake faces him – and it doesn’t matter how old Dante is, his next outfit will be his last.

(There appears to be a little bit of lag in the intro, let’s hope it doesn’t last.)

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2021 ALL OUT Watch-Along Thread

No, I won’t review All Out.  Two is enough, sorry.

Tonight’s MLB Game is Giants/Dodgers.

And yes, I am NOW aware that there was an AEW Dark last night.  As tomorrow’s a US holiday, I’ll consider posting my review in the afternoon tomorrow.  Unless I sleep in, which I might, in which case I push it to Thursday so it’s the only AEW content that day.

Eh, who knows.  Enjoy the show, though!

Friday Night Get-Down: September 3, 2021

TONIGHT!  SmackDown sees Roman Reigns defend the big gold against Finn Balor!  Meanwhile, it’s a chance for the Street Profits to get a tag title shot — but they have to beat the Usos in non-title action!  Cesaro and Seth Rollins meet once again!  And Logan Paul is back.

LATER TONIGHT!  Darby Allin warms up for CM Punk’s return match by facing Daniel Garcia!  Kris Statlander has to fight Jamie Hayter and Rebel 1-on-2!  And Chicago’s favorite son will remind us he exists!

SATURDAY!  College football is back — unless your team is like mine and they play tonight with kickoff imminent!

SUNDAY!  ALL OUT!  CM Punk!  Kenny Omega!  CM Punk!  Tag teams in a cage!  CM Punk!  Darby Allin!  CM Punk!  A casino match!  Also CM Punk!  (There, I think that covers AEW’s advertising campaign.)


But first, here it is — in honor of all those who work manual labor for a living, your Moment of Zen:

All right, folks, we’ve been over the rules.  I want you to obey the mod’s instructions at all times.  I expect a good, clean thread.  Now — touch gloves, go to your keyboards, and come out posting!


Impact, Indies, and Insanity: September 2, 2021

Tonight’s Impact card: Tommy Dreamer can earn an Impact Title shot if he beats Ace Austin; Josh Alexander will face an unannounced former X Division champion; Taylor Wilde, Jordynne Grace, and Rachael Ellering face Tenille Dashwood, Madison Rayne, and Kaleb Withak; Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green square off against Rohit Raju and Mahabali Shera; Decay takes on Fallah Bahh and No Way Jose; and your pre-show match is John Skyler vs. Jake Something.

College football is back!  Boise State and UCF is our ESPN Game of the Week, while Fox is showing Ohio State facing Minnesota.

CONCACAF and CONMEBOL are doing World Cup qualifiers.  Canada hosts Honduras, USA travels to El Salvador, and Brazil travels to Chile.

The FITE boys are busy piggybacking off of All Out, so after the jump, let’s see what they have in store!

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AEW DARK: August 31, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark, Episode 105 (“Strictly Come Dancing”), August 31, 2021.

From Chicago, IL.

Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz.

TONIGHT! Serpentico hopes to take a break from Luther beating him up by having Frankie Kazarian beat him up! Leaders square off as Dark Order’s Evil Uno faces the Factory’s QT Marshall! And a battle of high-fliers goes down as Matt Sydal takes on PAC!

PLUS – The Bunny, Leyla Hirsch, Tay Conti, Joey Janela, Emi Sakura, 2point0, Men of the Year, and Kris Statlander!

(Note: this version is being done picture in picture as opposed to on my TV, so hopefully I don’t miss anything.)

In the Casino battle royal: Hikaru Shida, Emi Sakura, and now Kiera Hogan!

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