RIP Ashley Massaro

TMZ is reporting that Ashley Massaro was found in her home in Suffolk County, NY, and transported to a hospital, where she was declared dead this morning.  She was two weeks shy of her 40th birthday.

Massaro entered the WWE through the somewhat-popular Diva Search competition, winning its second edition in 2005.  Her first real experience was a women’s battle royal on Raw; unfortunately, her lack of training meant her bump to the floor went wrong and she broke her leg.  However, she remained on-screen for a few extra weeks while healing, most notably as a kidnapping victim of Mickie James in an attempt to get in Trish Stratus’ head.

After some rudimentary training, she was placed in an on-screen role, primarily as a valet for the wildly popular tag team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick.  It was while in this role that she was selected for the April 2007 cover of Playboy magazine.

Following on from the success of that cover and her Diva Search popularity, Massaro received a WrestleMania 23 match against Melina for the WWE Women’s Championship, which she lost.  The next year, Ashley filled in for an injured Candice Michelle to team with Maria Kanellis against Beth Phoenix and Melina.  Again she lost the match, though this one is more notable for the smoke and mirrors surrounding it — antics involving Snoop Dogg, Jerry Lawler, and Santino Marella overshadowed the match, as did a blown fuse that took out main lighting over the ring.

Massaro also had a cup of coffee in mainstream television, being chosen to take part in the Survivor game during its season in China.  Unfortunately for her, she was an early casualty of the format.

She left WWE in July 2008 to take care of her family.

The thoughts and prayers of all of us at Blog of Doom are with Massaro’s family, especially her daughter, at this difficult time.


Indies and Insanity: the Thursday Night Thread, May 16, 2019

Tonight, the Bruins (3) look to take the Hurricanes (0) out of the NHL playoffs and raise the Prince of Wales trophy… okay, NHL tradition says they won’t raise it, but still.  Meanwhile, Portland (0) takes on Golden State (1) in the Western Conference finals.  If you have MLB TV, tonight’s Free Game of the Day is Blue Jays at White Sox.

Get well soon, Ric Flair.

It’s a light weekend for indie wrestling, but let’s look at the highlights.

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Friday Night Party Thread: May 10, 2019

We made it!

Tonight, the Warriors look to close out the Rockets, but they’ll have to do it without Kevin Durant.  This weekend, the college sports fan in me will be on a spring sports binge (baseball, softball, lacrosse… good stuff).

Also tomorrow, I’ll try to get around to reviewing some of the Legends Roundtable episodes.  Two of my favorite are The Worst Ideas and Patriotism In Wrestling, so I might start with one of them… you know, if I’m able to get away from my job long enough.

Monday!  Bret Hart faces Tom Magee, and we find out just how good Bret is at either wrestling acumen or salesmanship!

Enjoy the night!

Indies and Insanity: May 9, 2019 (Thursday Night Thread)

Tonight!  It’s some critical Game 6 showdowns as the Raptors and Nuggets look to make the final four, but the Blazers and Sixers want to force a Do Or Die Game 7 while at home.  Meanwhile, it’s Game 1 of the NHL Eastern Conference Final as the Bruins face the Hurricanes.  In addition, we have a lot of college spring sports tournament games going on — my Duke team is playing Notre Dame in softball and I’ll be paying attention to that.

And I’m the only one, I’m sure.

You, on the other hand, will be doing wrestling things, so here’s our look at how wrestling exists beyond WWE, TNA, and AEW!

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Friday Night Party Thread: May 3, 2019

We made it!

Your NHL playoffs have a double-header tonight, as the Islanders (0) face the Hurricanes (3) and attempt to avoid a sweep.  Meanwhile, it’s a (checks sports nomenclature book) pivotal Game 5 between the Stars (2) and the Blues (2).

The NBA isn’t sitting tonight out, as we open with the Bucks (1) and the Celtics (1), following that with the Nuggets (1) and the TrailBlazers (1).

First-Person Wrestling News: my group, CRAB, is holding their first ever show in Virginia on June 8.  I imagine a lot of the old NOVA fanbase will show up for it.  Excited!

Enjoy the weekend!

Indies and Insanity: May 2, 2019

Baseball trivia: Noah Syndergaard of the Mets did something that hasn’t been done since 1983.  (Namely, he won 1-0 while hitting a home run for the only run of the game.)

The NHL playoffs have a twin bill as the Bruins (1) face the Blue Jackets (2), then the Sharks (2) face the Avalanche (1) in Game 4s, which I am required by sports law to refer to as “crucial”.  Basketball fans will get to see the NBA playoffs Game 3 as the Raptors (1) face the Sixers (1).

But enough about real sports, let’s talk our sport: independent wrestling.  Jump with me, Superstar!

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Friday Night Party Thread: April 26, 2019

Yo, we made it, guys!

Tonight, it’s the openers for Hurricans/Islanders as well as Avalanche/Sharks.  Meanwhile, the NBA is giving us Warriors (3) and Clippers (2) in their only game tonight.

As a friendly reminder: We all know Avengers Endgame is the hottest ticket in town, but DO NOT DISCUSS THE MOVIE HERE!  We have a separate, pinned thread for that use.

Meanwhile, I’m open for a WWE Network Show to rant on.  I’m tempted to go with a Legends Roundtable or something indirect.  Perhaps a Table for 3?  I dunno, throw me an idea.

Enjoy the weekend!

Indies and Insanity: April 25, 2019

A REMINDER: please do not talk about Avengers: Endgame here.  Scott has been kind enough to set up a separate thread on the board for that purpose.

Tonight, it’s Nuggets (3) vs Spurs (2) to see if it’s truly Pop’s Last Stand.  Meanwhile, Columbus travels to Boston for their Game 1, while Dallas plays Saint Louis soon after.  Also, the NFL Draft kicks off tonight, as I wait to see where my man Daniel Jones goes — if he goes in Round 1.

But this is allegedly still a wrestling community, so let’s see what wrestling there is!  Jump with me!

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Sunday Night Reset: Easter 2019

I hope you all had a safe and happy Easter.

Your NBA playoffs tonight are Raptors (2) at Magic (1) and Blazers (2) at Thunder (1).  Meanwhile, in the NHL we have Sharks (2) at Golden Knights (3).  Your MLB Game of the week is Atlanta against Cleveland.

I’m off having a business meeting that I hope will lead to big news down the line.  I may be back by the time this goes up.  I’ll see you then if I am and we can watch the baseball together.

Enjoy the night.

The Good Friday Night Thread: April 19, 2019

It was now about the sixth hour, and darkness covered the land until the ninth hour.

Your NBA games tonight are Portland (2) at Oklahoma (0), Toronto (1) at Orlando (1), and Boston (2) at Indiana (o).

“Eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani?”

Your NHL games tonight are Toronto (2) at Boston (2) and Colorado (3) at Calgary (1).

“It is finished.”  And bowing His head, He handed over His Spirit.

May God keep you safe on this most holy weekend.  Now talk, my brothers. I’ll see you after Good Friday services.

Indies and Insanity: April 18, 2019

Fun fact: I was considering renaming this the Independent Insanity Experience, but Scott talked me out of it.

(There you go, Scott; the joke has jumped the shark because I used it.  You’re welcome.)

Today’s Playoff Games: in the NBA, we have Warriors(1)/Clippers(1), Nuggets(1)/Spurs(1), and Sixers(1)/Nets(1).  In the NHL, we have Capitals(2)/Hurricanes(1), Blues(2)/Jets(2), and Knights(3)/Sharks(1).  Also, I hear Steven Stamkos finally scored 1 during the NHL offseason, but it was on the 8th hole.  HEYO!

Okay, let’s do the indie report before everyone demands I lose posting privileges.  Again.

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Friday Night Party Thread: April 12, 2019

We made it, everyone!

More pucks on tonight.  Also, NBA playoffs begin.  I have no idea what to watch, so I might watch something on the Network in order to do a review and get more clicks for Scott.

Indie beef news: Joey Janela challenged NZO to a match at 2020’s Bloodsport event, which is when pro wrestlers do MMA fights.  I pray to the wrestling gods that this happens.

In the meantime, I’ll be lurking, making bad jokes, and whatever else.

Enjoy the weekend!

Indies and Insanity: April 11, 2019 Evening Thread

Playoff hockey!  Check your local listings for time and station.  I’m watching Washington/Carolina, myself.  And it’s not just the NHL; the Frozen Four (NCAA national championship) is on ESPN2!

ESPN has Masters coverage, with Round 1 going on right now.  I hear Tiger is doing Tiger things.

After the jump, let’s see what wrestling you can watch.

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The TakeOver: NYC 2019 Thread

Assuming Tommy Hall’s hands haven’t fallen off by now, he’ll be providing you with more recaps, but first: it’s time for TakeOver NYC!  Johnny Gargano faces Adam Cole in a best-of-3!  The War Raiders face the team of Ricochet and Aleister Black (who are teaming because Vince says so)!  Pete Dunne faces WALTER!  And I face the fact that I’m not in New Jersey and stuck in my apartment.


Enjoy the show!

Indies and Insanity: The Thursday Night Thread, April 4, 2019

This is going up a little early because this weekend is the most loaded of the year.  Everyone with a pulse is descending on NYC for the ComicCon of wrestling, and while most are in town for WrestleMania, there’s dozens of shows otherwise!

Your NBA on TNT doubleheader is Bucks/Sixers followed by Warriors/Lakers.  Meanwhile, the Men’s NIT championship is tonight as Texas (kept out of the NCAA tournament because of too many losses) faces Lipscomb (kept out of the NCAA tournament because they play in the Atlantic Sun).

On the other side of the jump, your New York City dance card.

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Sunday Night Reset: March 24, 2019

Tonight, the NCAA Tournament rolls on with Virginia the last top seed in action while our Cinderella matchup of Oregon/UC Irvine closes things out.

Also, the women are in the second round today and tomorrow.  Go ahead and watch that if you want.

Mojo Rawley’s friend announced he’s leaving football today.

Enjoy the night, everyone.  I’ll step in now and again.

Indies and Insanity: March 21, 2019

MARCH MADNESS!  Tonight features Gonzaga, Michigan, Kentucky, and more!

As for indie wrestling, the big story is the return of WSU in Voorhees NJ Saturday night after a nine-month hiatus!  Kris Statlander faces Savannah Stone, Maria Manic and Rahne Victoria square off, and more!

Others on the docket in this light week:

  • Action Wrestling features Arik Royal against Fred Yehi in a falls-count-anywhere match, plus The Carnies in action.  (Friday, Tyrone GA)
  • CMLL’s usual Super Viernes show has Barbaro Cavernario facing Forastero in their Lightning Match, plus Caristico/Diamante/Volador facing Los Guerreros Laguneros in the main.  (Friday, Claro TV and Mexico City)
  • Alpha-1 is importing Wolfgang and Trent Seven for their show, plus Kobe Durst defends the big gold against Mark Wheeler.  (Sunday, Oshawa ON)
  • Revolution Pro features Maxwell Jacob Friedman facing TK Cooper, but main events with Chris Brookes facing the bastard PAC!  (Sunday, Northampton UK)

Folks, I want you to go help out Willow Nightingale.  She’s one of the bright spots in Eastern indie wrestling, and I’ve been impressed with her from the first time I saw her.  Right now, she’s healing from neck surgery.

(Yes, I know she’s over her goal, but keep giving.)

And to encourage you, here she is in our Indie Match Of The Week, doing a scramble match alongside Ace Austin, Ophidian, and more from Maine!

Bring the insanity!


Indies and Insanity: March 14, 2019 (the Thursday Night Thread)

Your NBA on TNT doubleheader today is Lakers/Raptors, followed by Mavericks/Nuggets.

It’s CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK!  ESPN has the ACC quarterfinals of Louisville/North Carolina and Syracuse/Duke.  The Big XII quarters of West Virginia/Texas Tech and Texas/Kansas.  FS1 is in on the action in the Big East, with Saint John’s/Marquette and Georgetown/Seton Hall.  ESPNU has the AAC, with SMU/Tulsa, and East Carolina/Wichita State.  CBS Sports Network is in on it with the Mountain West, featuring New Mexico/Utah State and Air Force/Fresno State.

So… now let’s look ahead to some wrestling this weekend!

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FASTLANE 2019 Open Thread

It’s time for the single most unnecessary Pay-Per-View ever invented, WWE Fastlane 2019!

Your big matches include Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens for the WWE Title in a match no one asked for; The Shield making a surprise return and having to justify themselves against Baron Corbin; and Becky Lynch facing Charlotte Flair in an outcome that better be academic.

But who cares; it’s all fake, right, Ronda?

…yeah, I’m back from training and exhausted.  Talk amongst yourselves; I’ll be too busy watching AAF and Rugby.