Dear Scott,

With how divise AEW’s
booking has been on the internet with certain folks reacting certain ways to
certain things, ratings still not going over 1.2 million viewers, Mox constantly
bleeding at a whim, the ELITE FRIENDSHIP DRAMA and more, it seems time we do
something about this. I have figured out a way to make AEW gain major
credibility and get new viewership. Tell me what you think of my ideas:


We need to do away with finishes given out by
Tony Khan. Every match in AEW needs to be a shoot. No more works. Tony Khan is
called a mark booker, so let’s not let him book anything!

Wrestling matches having time limits seem blasé.
Let’s let AEW have rounds guys fight in! Instead of having a match with a 20-minute
time limit, let’s have a match that goes 40 rounds that are 30 seconds each for
every round.  Think of all the possibilities!

After the Jonathan Gresham debacle, AEW should
adopt weight classes and have different guys fight in different weight classes
according to their weight. The only problem here is that AEW will have no one above
a cruiserweight weight limit.  But your
suspension of disbelief will no longer be an issue when guys are fighting

We need to get rid of the gimmick costumes
guys wear. Wrestling needs to be believable. So every guy needs to wear
wrestling shoes, an amateur wrestling singlet and headgear? Orange Cassidy wearing
a denim jacket, white shirt, jeans and sunglasses with sneakers? Oh no sir, that’s
a thing of the past. Under my idea Orange Cassidy would wear wrestling shoes, a
wrestling singlet, wrestling headgear and sunglasses.

I am tired of a wrestling ring lets change it
up a bit. Why not have guys compete in an octagon like structure covered in


I have some other ideas but those are my main ones for now.


What do you think?

You had me 100% until the “covered in fire” bit.  Then you lost me.