All Elite Sports Entertainment

This was my first time checking out AEW Dynamite since the Owen Hart tournament cold matches/ROH/NJPW b-------. What a show!

AEW utilized more sports entertainment elements in this show that I've seen from them in a good while (and yes, that's a good thing). We had surprises, hot promos, things happening outside the ring, matches based on feuds, and a sense of energy throughout. No more random matches just because “the workrate will be good” or long segments highlighting Joe Who Gives a F--- because he wrestled a six star match on the indy circuit in England or Japan in front of fifty people.

There was a mix of wrestling and talking. Characters were established. Feuds were emphasized. This was exactly what I was hoping to see from AEW, and I hope I'm not alone in thinking that.

I’m really enjoying the definite babyface and heel dynamics that are forming.  Shades of grey are fine for occasional stuff but for true drama you need a protagonist and an antagonist.