The Jumbotron has got to go

From what I read thus far, last nights Raw showed signs that a different direction is in fact, taking place. Thank god if so.  As someone who has checked out the past 10 years besides the occasional rumble & mania, and nxt black and gold, I'm not sure what it will take to get me back weekly but its certainly a step.

Having said that, no matter how good the storylines & wrestling may get going forward, one of the biggest reasons I can't watch is for fucks sake, I can't literally watch!  The LED screens on the aprons, posts, barricades, the editing and cutting, who's eyes is this show made for!?!

And I want to ask you and the blog of the biggest culprit, the Jumbotron.  I think its time to go.  Who is it there for?  The crowd wants the majority of their night to be in the ring.  Not watching replays or backstage interviews.  What arena that RAW & Smackdown go to doesn't have screens on the scoreboard above the ring?  I have a 10 year old 55″ HD, not even upgraded to 4k yet, and when that damn thing comes into camera view my whole vision gets altered in ways I can't explain.  

Yeah, Cowboy Bill!  And get those damn kids off your lawn!  Out there smoking their marijuana cigarettes and listening to their rock and roll music!