Hello Scott, hope all is well.

Seeing as how Roman has per se run out of opponents and presuming he retains and Clash at the Castle, what do you think about AJ Styles being re-heated over the next few months to set up a match between the two at the WWE Day 1 on New Years? It’s in Styles hometown area of Atlanta and maybe it would help push some ticket sales and May lead to a hot crowd?  Seems like their last meaningful match was back in 2016 after Mania 32.  I read where they like to have that particular show in Atlanta due to the tourism there on New Years Day. Thanks. 

I think AJ is pretty much at the end of the line as far as being a main guy goes.  Given Roman is only defending once every three months right now, they need to make them really special and I don’t feel like AJ is that level.