NXT UK – July 28, 2022

Date: July 28, 2022
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

It’s title time again this week as Ilja Dragunov remembers that he is the United Kingdom Champion and defends against Wolfgang. Gallus has been doing better in recent weeks with Mark Coffey winning the Heritage Cup so maybe we are in for some more of their momentum. Other than that, I’m sure it will be the usual random assortment around here. Let’s get to it.

The opening video runs down tonight’s card.

Opening sequence.

Tag Team Titles; Josh Briggs/Brooks Jensen vs. Wild Boar/Mark Andrews

Boar and Andrews, who commentary says have been friends for years, are challenging. Boar cranks on Jensen’s arm to start and Andrews comes in to work on the knee. A blind tag brings Briggs in though and a double shoulder runs Boar over. It’s back to Andrews, who gets planted with an assisted powerslam and the chinlock goes on.

Briggs comes back in for a chinlock of his own but throws Andrews into a Stundog Millionaire on Jensen. The tag brings Boar back in to clean house, including the Boar splash to crush Jensen for two. Another Stundog Millionaire hits Briggs but Fall To Pieces lands on raised knees. Jensen hits the sliding lariat for the pin at 11:12.

Rating: C. Briggs and Jensen aren’t a great team but they fill in a role rather well. They have the size and the gimmick where you know exactly what you are getting and they do a nice job with it. Boar and Andrews aren’t some big time challengers but for a one off title defense, they filled in the spot well enough.

Respect is shown post match.

Sam Gradwell is coming for Trent Seven.

Meiko Satomura and Sarray had a very respectful press conference and are both ready to win in their title match next week.

Amale vs. Blair Davenport

Davenport’s headlock seems to annoy Amale to start but Davenport sends her outside. Amale misses a running boot and crashes into the barricade to make it even worse. Back in and some shoulders set up a cobra clutch on Amale, who has to fight up. The comeback is on with some shots to Davenport’s face but she kicks Amale in the face for two. A running knee to the face sets up a Falcon Arrow to finish Amale at 5:50.

Rating: C. You can probably pencil in Davenport as the next challenger to the Women’s Title and it is pretty easy to see why. She has the look and attitude to make her feel like a big deal and that is often all you need. It seemed like she was ready to take the title from Satomura before the injury and maybe they are just picking up where things got delayed. Amale seems to have cooled off, which is kind of a shame as she seemed ready to move up.

Oliver Carter seems to have broken into Die Familie’s apartment and helped himself to their stuff.

Sha Samuels is now giving away his clothes to pay off his gambling losses.

United Kingdom Title: Ilja Dragunov vs. Wolfgang

Wolfgang is challenging and we get the Big Match Intros. Dragunov gets powered into the corner to start but is right back with some headlock takeovers. An exchange of shoulders goes to Wolfgang but he charges into another headlock takeover. Dragunov picks him up but seems to hurt his back. That works for Wolfgang, who puts a knee in the back while grabbing a chinlock.

A whip into the corner lets Wolfgang pose, which doesn’t seem to be the best idea at the moment. There’s an elbow drop on the back, which gives out again as Dragunov tries to pick him up. The enziguri misses for Dragunov and Wolfgang hits him in the back, only to have the enziguri connect on the second attempt. A middle rope knee connects for Dragunov and a backsplash does the same, only to hurt his own back.

Wolfgang grabs a torture rack and drops Dragunov back first onto his knee for two. One heck of a forearm gives Dragunov two more and he has to pull himself to the top for the backsplash, leaving him screaming in pain and not covering. Wolfgang is back with the suplex faceplant for two but the slingshot spear is cut off with a knee. Somehow Dragunov manages a slam and the Torpedo (minus Moscow) retains the title at 15:58.

Rating: B-. I wasn’t nearly as into this one as I was most Dragunov matches, but was anyone buying Wolfgang as a threat to the title? He felt like someone who was built up for a few weeks for the sole purpose of losing here, though he has turned it up a bit himself in recent weeks. Dragunov needs a new big bad though and I’m not sure who that is going to be at the moment.

Respect is shown to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. This show was stacked with a pair of title matches, but nothing really broke through to that next level. What matters is having some star power though, as it has been lacking in recent weeks. NXT UK has lost some a good bit of its momentum but even their weaker shows are still an easy hourish watch. That will do for now, but they need to find something to get another fire going.

Josh Briggs/Brooks Jensen b. Wild Boar/Mark Andrews – Sliding lariat to Andrews
Blair Davenport b. Amale – Falcon Arrow
Ilja Dragunov b. Wolfgang – Torpedo




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