What do you think will happen to NXT UK now that Vince is gone? I thought for sure it was going bye-bye with Vince in charge. Do you think Triple H will keep it around?

It hasn't exactly caught on at all. At this point anybody they see as stars have been moved over to the NXT 2.0 brand.  What if they would just create a UK division within the main roster? The people currently on the brand that don't want to move to the US, they could just fly over and appear once a month on RAW/Smackdown and a “Premium Live Event”.

Rename the title back to the WWE UK Championship. They could even merge the two women titles they currently have and just have the WWE Women's Champion and the WWE UK Women's Champion on the main roster.

Seems like they're just gonna keep it around like a shambling corpse as a tax writeoff.