What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – March 23, 1991

Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper are in the booth, broadcasting the last show of the taping from Orlando, Florida.

Opening Contest:  The Legion of Doom (4-0) defeat Chris Sullivan & Keith Steinborn when Hawk pins Sullivan after the Doomsday Device at 2:17:

Sullivan also worked as Chris Sawyer and did jobs throughout the 1990s for the WWF and WCW.

In the split screen, Power & Glory warn the Legion of Doom that they had better not hurt themselves before WrestleMania because they would prepare to injure them instead.  Sullivan takes the entire beating for his team and has a hilarious sell of the Doomsday Device, landing on his knees but still selling the move like death.

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment recaps Sergeant Slaughter’s beatdown of Hulk Hogan after interfering in Hogan’s match with General Adnan on the “Stars & Stripes Forever” special.  There is also a replay of Slaughter and Adnan’s post-match promo and Hogan’s interview with Okerlund from the program.

Earthquake (w/Jimmy Hart) (4-1) pins Scotty Williams after the Earthquake Splash at 2:01:

Piper argues that Earthquake might struggle in a longer match with Greg Valentine at WrestleMania.  Valentine does not get an insert promo, which is unusual for a WrestleMania match that has received a decent amount of build.  Elements of the crowd chant for Hulk Hogan, angering Earthquake just before he squashes Williams with the Earthquake Splash.  After the match, Earthquake gets ready to do another Earthquake Splash before the masked man attacks him yet again and chases Hart to the locker room.

Time for WrestleMania VII promos with Sean Mooney!  The British Bulldog repeats his talking point about how the Warlord is not going to put the full nelson around his big shoulder.  The Warlord and Slick rebut that it is not going to be easy to give him a running powerslam.  The Undertaker and Paul Bearer say that they want Jimmy Snuka to jump off the top rope because he will end up landing in an urn.

The Viking (w/Mr. Fuji) (3-0) defeats Danny Brazil via count out at 2:35:

McMahon and Piper speculate as to the meaning of “Hus!” since the Viking keeps screaming it.  In the split screen, Fuji says he is the only person that can control what the Viking does in the WWF.  As noted before, Fuji needs to give his man a finisher besides a count out if he wants to win a title.  After the match, the Viking jumps from the ring and nails Brazil with a knee drop.

Okerlund interviews the Ultimate Warrior, who says he will destroy Randy Savage’s career and existence at WrestleMania.  With regards to the Undertaker and Paul Bearer, he says that they will not have any ashes of his career to spread.  Instead, the Warrior argues they need to be prepared to bury Savage.

Kevin Greeno beats Ted DiBiase (4-0) via count out at 2:21:

After a minute of action, DiBiase has Greeno dead to rights but Virgil walks down to ringside.  That causes DiBiase to go onto the arena floor to argue with his former bodyguard and he fails to pay attention to the count, losing his first match of the year.  After the bout, Virgil goes into the ring and invites DiBiase to face him, but DiBiase chooses to retreat.

More WrestleMania promos with Mooney!  The Nasty Boys and Jimmy Hart argue that they will do whatever they please to the Hart Foundation.  The Foundation rebut that the Nasties have never wrestled for the WWF Tag Team Championship, so that gives them an edge.

Okerlund does the WrestleMania VII Report.  Randy Savage and Sensational Sherri say that they took the Ultimate Warrior’s title and spirit at The Royal Rumble and they are coming to WrestleMania to take his career, heart, and soul.  Jake Roberts argues that Rick Martel will need help in the blindfold match but he will not receive it from him.  Willie Nelson sings about how he is “On the Ropes Again.”

The Dragon is coming!

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (6-0) pins Alan Martin after the three-point stance clothesline at 2:03:

As Duggan beats Martin down, he provides words of encouragement to Hulk Hogan for WrestleMania VII in the split screen.  Since Duggan was not doing anything on the card, the WWF should have entertained the idea of him seconding Hogan into the title match to counter General Adnan.  Duggan racks up an easy squash win to keep treading water in the midcard.

Another series of WrestleMania promos with Mooney!  Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect and Bobby Heenan makes fun of the Big Bossman’s law enforcement career and remind fans that Perfect is perfect.  The Bossman rebuts that he will be a way for Perfect to test his manhood.

The Hulk Hogan-Sergeant Slaughter video package from the Stars & Stripes Forever special airs.

The Last Word:  The WWF’s last big push for WrestleMania happened on the Stars & Stripes Forever show so this episode was filler to get to WrestleMania the next day.  The masked man keeps terrorizing Earthquake, suggesting a program between the two when WrestleMania is over but that would not come to pass.

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