Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope everyone involved had a great North American celebration weekend, whether it was Canada Day on Friday or Independence Day on Monday.

Tommy and Scott have Money in the Bank reviews from the weekend. It was a perfectly acceptable show. Both of the ladder matches were fine. I wish they would just use one or two ladders max, but it’s the car crash/spot fest we’ve come to know. Liv Morgan got the Smackdown title after cashing in on Ronda Rousey. Good for her. She was part of a very deep women’s division in NXT and was very much overshadowed by some of the great talents there. But she stuck at it and found a place for herself on the mid card in NXT and then on the main roster and continued to improve and get herself over. Now I can assume they will feed her viciously to Charlotte as soon as Mrs. El Idolo returns from wedding leave, but until then I can enjoy the feel good story.

RAW is live tonight. Not sure of the card, but I bet it’ll be amazing. AEW YouTube is streaming too. I’m sure it will be amazing.

Keep. It. Clean.