Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 3rd July 2022

Happy Sunday Everyone!

It’s sticky in England right now, sleeping has become an issue. That being said, I’m sure it’s worse elsewhere and this is just my dumb British body reacting to the weather being ever-so-slightly more clement “than cold and wet”

Scheduled today on the Blog: Nothing scheduled as of me checking Saturday Night, but I’m sure there’ll be something by the time you read this

News from Cultaholic

Money in the Bank card now set as last slot filled

I’m not sure that show is going to be much to be honest

Cora Jade to go Heel?

Honest question, do the YOOTH of today act even remotely like she does or is more the case that she acts how a 70 year old man thinks an early 20’s fan of skating and Sum-41 would act? Because we kind of had kids like that when it was growing up but that was 20 years ago now and I’d be shocked if youth culture hadn’t moved on yet

Today’s video is John Wick enjoying Formula-1

Have a gooden!