Abandoned Observer Awards

This is a question I've asked the Observer directly but never did a response, so as someone who's yet to fully read the Observer archive yet should one day, is there a reason why there was such a massive purge in the awards handed out after 2003?  There used
to be Category A and Category B awards, and the majority of Category B awards were like “Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic” or “Worst Wrestler” or “The Mr. Fuji Award for Worst Manager”; general negative stuff.

I assume that, have those awards stuck around in today's social media climate, people would purposefully bait them with “stuff I don't like” nominees or dig at wrestlers for reasons outside of the squared circle, but it's fascinating that so many of these got
purged from the process after one year and people just don't bring it up… probably because it's meaningless trite.

I have no personal knowledge, but I think that the reasoning is that the awards were established as more of Dave's own personal tastes at the very beginning, and then as they expanded with a bigger readership the goofy stuff was less valuable and got essentially review-bombed as you speculate.  He may have said something in those year's awards, but I haven't looked it up to confirm.