Some random post-BNG thoughts

Hiya Scott

A few random observations and wondering your thoughts on them;

* Scorpio Sky is, on the mic, the closest anyone has come to sounding like the Rock at his peak in terms of cadence and pace. If he can bring a bit more of the wit, he'll be absolute god-tier. 

* Speaking of god-tier; Max Caster's entrance raps are so far above anything Cena ever did that it's a different league. Cena was no slouch on the mic, either.

* Weapons in a Blood and Guts match are ultimately missing the whole point. A couple of chairs and maybe a baseball bat or kendo stick is fine (esp with the bat being someone's gimmick weapon) but bags of glass, piles of thumbtacks, etc. becomes more distracting smoke and mirrors than impactful and ultimately undervalues the supposed brutality of the actual setup.

* Where Is My Mind? suits Orange Cassidy in terms of pace and vibe than Jane does. On the same score, Claudio's theme is too light and airy for him and needs a bit more oomph.

* In a weird way, some of the injuries (Punk and Cole for instance) have actually led to the product felling a little fresher, as we're not having to sit through the same people doing a similar segment every single week. This is no slight on their ability, but just an observation that even AEW can learn from the “less is more” adage.


I don't think Scorpio is anywhere near the Rock but you do you.  

I'm really not a fan of switching Orange's theme at the moment.  It was a big part of his character and “Jane” doesn't really work as entrance music.  

Agree with the rest.