Here we are

So it took what 10 matches for Bryan Danielson to get a concussion, which was like the only injury he couldn't suffer. Maybe putting him a car crash match wasn't a great idea? I get it's wrestling and people get hurt, but it's a pandemic in AEW right now. Is it time for Tony to maybe do something about this? Honestly thank god Jeff got arrested because he would of been out there last week, especially since they let him go thru the PPV match concussed. Is the reckless, daredevil style with multiple garbage matches every week maybe a bad idea? Why can't they just wrestle like one on one with rules? Why does every match have to insane bumps, blood, ladders, and no rules? They aren't even saving it for PPV, they doing it on free TV. You got Sting jumping off crazy stuff, he is one bump away from being paralyzed. If AEW is around in 10 years they are gonna have some guys coming after them with lawsuits just like all the ECW did with WWE. 

Oh, you're done being outraged at scalpers losing money on Forbidden Door and now you're onto this?  OK.