What the World Was Watching: WWF Wrestling Challenge – March 17, 1991

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are handling commentary, taped from Fort Myers, Florida.

Opening Contest:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan (5-0) pins Keith Steinborn after the three-point stance clothesline at 1:41:

Steinborn worked in the late 1980s for Jim Crockett Promotions in an enhancement capacity, a role he continued for the WWF and WCW in 1991.

Duggan is the odd man out for WrestleMania, but he still does an insert promo that provides encouragement to Hulk Hogan for his title match on the show.  Duggan cruises with his usual offense.

Lord Alfred Hayes’ Special Report recaps the Virgil-Ted DiBiase feud.  Roddy Piper and Virgil do a promo, with Piper vowing to be in Virgil’s corner at WrestleMania despite his motorcycle accident.  Virgil says he has more brawn and brains than DiBiase can handle.

The Mountie’s squash from Prime Time Wrestling two weeks ago airs.

WrestleMania VII promos with Sean Mooney!  The British Bulldog tells the Warlord he is going to make him part of the show.  WWF Tag Team Champions the Hart Foundation put themselves over as “The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.”

The Rockers (2-0) defeat John Allen & Dale Wolfe when Shawn Michaels pins Allen after a double flying fist drop at 2:46:

In the split screen, Haku, the Barbarian, and Heenan promise to bounce the Rockers out of the WWF at WrestleMania.  The Rockers whip the jobbers into each other several times and put on a nice exhibition of double team moves.  A Rocker Dropper from Marty Jannetty sets up the double flying fist drop finish.

Gene Okerlund interviews WWF Champion Sergeant Slaughter and General Adnan.  Slaughter says burning the “Hulk Rules” shirt was like burning the American flag and the Statue of Liberty.  He tells Hogan to have his guns loaded for WrestleMania because he will stop at nothing to defeat him and walk out of the show as the conqueror of Hulkamania.  The allusions in this promo were silly but Slaughter is matching Hulk Hogan promo-for-promo in this program.

Greg Valentine (2-1-1) beats the Brooklyn Brawler via submission to the figure-four leglock at 1:13:

Earthquake and Jimmy Hart run Valentine down in an insert promo, promising that Valentine will leave WrestleMania on a stretcher.  Monsoon also questions whether Valentine can put Earthquake in the figure-four.  This is a good squash for Valentine as he lays in some stiff blows and quickly finishes with the figure-four.

After the bell, Earthquake enters the ring and elbow drops Valentine when Valentine still has the Brawler in the figure-four.  Earthquake drops a couple more elbows and goes to do the Earthquake Splash when the mysterious masked man arrives and knocks Earthquake out of the ring with a headbutt.  The masked man then chases Hart to the locker room.

More WrestleMania promos with Mooney!  The Big Bossman tells Mr. Perfect that he is no better than anyone else.  Perfect and Heenan rebut that it takes raw talent, not a nightstick to be Intercontinental champion.

Okerlund does the WrestleMania VII Report.  Hulk Hogan promises to regain the WWF title for his fans and those who died too early in life, some of whom he told he would wrestle in heaven one day for the WWF Championship.  Randy Savage and Sensational Sherri tell the Ultimate Warrior that he will lose his career to the best.  The Warrior  rebuts that he will stand as the greatest when he beats someone of similar talent and ability.  Marla Maples says that anything is possible at WrestleMania, while Alex Trebek puts a chinlock on a big teddy bear.

Haku & the Barbarian (w/Bobby Heenan) (1-0) defeat Kevin Greeno & Scotty Williams when the Barbarian pins Williams after an inverted atomic drop-Mafia kick combination at 2:50:

Haku and the Barbarian do not have matching gear, a subtle signal that this team is not to be taken seriously.  The Rockers do an insert promo that repeats their Greenpeace bit about chopping down big trees at WrestleMania.  Williams tries to be a house of fire when he is tagged in, but Haku does not sell his series of blows.  This time, Haku does the inverted atomic drop to set up the Barbarian’s Mafia kick.

One last round of WrestleMania promos with Mooney!  The Legion of Doom promise to be a problem that Power & Glory cannot solve.  Rick Martel yells about having to color his face with a blindfold at WrestleMania.  Roberts rebuts that is going to take Martel down a road that he would rather not be on.

Tune in next week to see Rick Martel, the Nasty Boys, the Texas Tornado, and the Undertaker in action!  And there will be a special interview with Hulk Hogan!

The Last Word:  The WWF is in dire need of another good heel team but the Haku and Barbarian combination seems to be filler rather than something serious.  That is a shame because both guys have a lot in the tank.  However, for the Barbarian going back into tags is putting his career in reverse after he broke out as a single the year prior.  This show just featured lots of WrestleMania hype but nothing stood out aside from Sergeant Slaughter’s crazy allusions to burning down America.

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