Yokozuna in the Attitude era

With all the big wrestling news happening at the moment. I'm sure you'll agree the topic people are most interested in discussing is Yokozuna.

Yokozuna has massive weight issues that ultimately led to his death and he was unable to lose the weight and get healthy despite being sent to various health programs. The WWF kept him on the payroll until around April 98 hoping that he would get healthy and supporting him whilst he tried to lose weight.

Now for the fantasy booking.

What if Yokozuna did get healthy and got into the kind of shape he was in around 1994? 

If he returned to the WWF around Wrestlemania 14 what role could you see him in, or could you see him being picked up by WCW instead? 

He’d 100 percent have gone to WCW.  Hogan was pushing hard for it even in this timeline.  He could have been the third, fourth AND fifth man!  
Because he was really big is where I’m going with that one.