Can you see him?

What are your thoughts on Cena, would say he is top 5 and maybe on the wrestling Mt Rushmore? Biggest star since Rock and Stone Cold, carried WWE for almost two decades, can still sell tickets and was obviously a mega-draw at his peak, when he needed to proved he could hang with anybody in the ring, and in a business filled with terrible people he seems by all accounts to be a great guy. Maybe greatest all time?

He’s up there as far as carrying the promotion on his back through dark times and drawing the biggest buyrates ever.  
The question of who’s the best person in wrestling history is an interesting one. I suspect it might be Cena because he did a bunch of amazing stuff that he reportedly kept quiet on top of all the stuff that people found out about.  Let’s face it, he makes us all look like crap human beings before he even gets out of bed in the morning.