The future of the Blackpool Combat Club

Hey Scott,

So, thinking about FD and what came of it, and while there is a lot to think about, the most notable thing for myself is BCC and what is going to happen next for the best stable in AEW. Moxley, Bryan, Cesaro, and Yuta are all stablemates under the management of William Regal, who has brought them all together for their love of vicious, pro wrestling violence. In addition, one Jon Moxley, current interim AEW title holder, has a friendship and partnership with Eddie Kingston. Cesaro and Bryan are very open about their dislike and distaste for Eddie, and the feeling seems to be mutual.

So, we have a stable where the lead guy has a friendship with a guy outside the stable, who is hated by the two other guys in the stable (sorry Yuta you don't get a vote here). In addition, the lead guy in the stable is looking to have a title unification match with a guy who ALSO hates Eddie Kingston, and also has history with the two other guys in BCC (yet again sorry Yuta but you just don't really fit into this business).

I am not going to make any predictions here, but it seems that AEW has laid out some hints about what might happen with BCC and the inevitable Moxley/Bryan title unification (or un-interiming) match. I for one am very excited about the possibilities here and I think there are a ton of ways for AEW to go.

Congratulations to them, and good fortune to the show moving forwards.

Not sure what Bryan has to do with the title unification but yes, best of fortune to the Club!