Eddie Kingston’s time

Hey Scott, given that Eddie Kingston remains one of the most over
(if not
the most over) guys on the roster, shouldn't this
interim title deal have been the perfect time to give him a quick
run with the belt?  He's never going to carry the promotion long
term, but as a one-time, feel-good moment, it could've been huge,

Tony could have even whipped up some scenario where Eddie beats
Jericho for the interim title, thus putting an end to that feud. 
Then he holds on long enough to do the match with Punk and tie up
(or extend) their long-running beef.

I know this is just fantasy booking nonsense and it's probably
too late now, but I'm sick of this Forbidden Door stuff and find
myself thinking about AEW-centric storylines.  So what do you
think, could Eddie pull off a run as champ?  Or will he just never
be at that level?

That would have been a hell of a deal.  In storyline reason there's no reason why Jericho SHOULDN'T have been involved in the interim title deal.  He was the first champion!  And he's a wizard!  I think Eddie could have carried an interim title for a couple of months.  You can always have him drop it to Moxley on Dynamite to set up All Out if you wanted anyway.