Told ya so….

When I brought up the point that this PPV had zero interest from outside of the hardcore fans, I was met with a “it sold out in 10 minutes ” line. This PPV is looking like the AWA supercard from years ago where they just threw names together and hoped for good matches. 

What Tony should have done was have some NJPW guys come over during Double or Nothing and start the slow build there. Last night was ridiculous with the announcement of matches with people that most folks have no idea who they are. Who is Eddie and Yuta teaming with??! Sting and Darby is teaming with who?? No thanks

Yeah but again…they DID sell out in 10 minutes and already made a million dollar gate off the show.  Moving the goalposts to pretend like it's a failure because the actual PPV build is terrible doesn't change that.