Impact Wrestling – June 16, 2022

Impact Wrestling
Date: June 16, 2022
Location: Osceola Heritage Park, Kissimmee, Florida
Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt, Tom Hannifan

It’s the go home show for Slammiversary and that means there is a bit of work left to do. In this case that means hammering home the matches that are already set, but there is always the chance of something else being added at the last minute. Things have been going well as of late around here but now they need to stick the landing. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at Josh Alexander vs. Violent By Design last week.

Opening recap, again with another classic theme (cool idea, as they keep playing up the history really well).

Jordynne Grace/Mia Yim vs. Tasha Steelz/Savannah Evans

It’s the Queen Of The Mountain preview, so yes we get the still too complicated set of rules. Yim chops away at Evans to start before hitting a running dropkick for a bonus. Evans is able to send her into the corner though and Steelz gets hiptossed onto Yim for two. The tornado DDT gives Steelz two but Yim manages to send Evans into the buckle. There’s the tag off to Grace to clean house, including a Vader Bomb into a crossface on Steelz. Everything breaks down and Yim is sent into Grace, allowing Steelz to roll Grace up (with tights) for the pin at 6:48.

Rating: C. This was a way to put the women in Sunday’s match into the ring together beforehand as a preview. I would say it was good stuff in that regard, but this felt like a match that I have seen more times than I can count. Steelz getting a pin means a bit before Queen Of The Mountain, but it feels just a step above building momentum towards Money In The Bank.

Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green, who were watching the match in the back, certainly aren’t a team.

Slammiversary/tonight rundown.

The Aces & Eights are back (Wes Brisco/Garrett Bischoff) are happy to be back but here is Honor No More to mock D’Lo Brown and be held back. Brown comes in and says that’s not how we do it around here anymore. They ask Brown if he remembers what it’s like being part of the team, which has Brown implying that the tag match is being made for tonight.

Video on Josh Alexander vs. Eric Young.

Trey Miguel vs. Mike Bailey

They shake hands before the bell before fighting over arm control and trading rollups for two each. Bailey gets the better of the armbar battle so Miguel goes straight over to the ropes. Miguel snaps the arm across the top rope and hits a sliding kick to the arm, followed by a running kick to the head. They head outside with Bailey hitting a kick to the chest (which also hit part of the apron) and we take a break.

Back with Bailey kicking away and hitting the running corkscrew shooting star press for two. The half crab goes on, sending Miguel straight to the rope again. Miguel flips back into the dragon sleeper but this time it’s Bailey making it to the rope. They forearm it out (of course) and kick it out (of course) until Bailey does his bouncing kicks to take over. Miguel kicks him outside though and there’s the step up flip dive to drop Bailey. Back in and Bailey kicks him down again, setting up the moonsault knees to the chest. The big kick to the head gives Bailey two but Miguel is right back with a small package for the pin at 14:15.

Rating: B-. Oh like this wasn’t going to be good. The X-Division is one of those things where you can throw out almost any combination and all but guarantee a good match. That’s what they did here and there is nothing wrong with watching two young, talented wrestlers get out there and do their thing for almost fifteen minutes.

Video on Moose vs. Sami Callihan.

Alisha vs. Masha Slamovich

Alisha hammers away but gets dropped with a spinning backfist. There’s a suplex to make it worse and the Snowplow finishes Alisha at 56 seconds as the dominance continues.

Taya Valkyrie comes up to Rosemary in the back to talk strategy but Rosemary doesn’t think much of her given their history.

Chris Bey/Jay White vs. Briscoes

Non-title and the Good Brothers are on commentary. For the sake of simplicity I’ll only refer to Jay White as White and Jay Briscoe as Jay. White drives Jay into the corner but gets knocked back, meaning it’s Bey coming in to try his luck. Mark comes in to send Bey to the apron but a quick shot puts Mark down. Bey sends Mark into Jay, who is right back up to clean house without much effort. Everything breaks down and Bey hits the big running flip dive to drop the Briscoes as we take a break.

Back with White grabbing a chinlock on Jay, who fights up and wins a slugout. Everything breaks down and Mark hits the Iconoclasm on Bey. Redneck Boogie gets two with White making the save, earning himself a running big boot/German suplex combination. Mark misses the Froggy Boy on Bey but settles for a rollup pin at 14:31.

Rating: B-. Another good match here, as the Briscoes get a nice win on the way to their title defense on Sunday. You knew they weren’t going to beat White here but that is one of the reasons why Bey is on the team. Good stuff here but that is almost a guarantee from the Briscoes most of the time.

The Reverse Battle Royal is back on Sunday. Thankfully on the pre-show.

Raj Singh says Shera is going to win the battle royal but Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice don’t think so. Neither of them know the rules though.

D’Lo Brown is back in the Aces & 8’s gear.

We look back at Eddie Edwards turning his back on Impact to join Honor No More. This set up Honor No More vs. the Impact originals, with Nick Aldis joining the originals.

Aces & Eights vs. Honor No More

It’s Kenny King/Vincent for Honor No More and the Aces have D’Lo Brown with them. Everything breaks down early on with Aces & Eights managing to take over on King. Vincent comes in and gets hiptossed as everything breaks down again. The Aces clear the ring and we take an early break. Back with Bischoff clotheslining his way out of trouble and bringing Brisco in to clean house. Eddie Edwards offers a distraction though and Orange Sunshine finishes Bischoff at 7:01.

Rating: C-. This was another flashback moment and for a fast reunion, it wasn’t all that bad. Brisco and Bischoff were always the jobbers of Aces & Eights so there was only so much that was going to happen here. You’re also not going to have Honor No More lose in a spot like this so this was a fine enough yet still not exactly shocking result.

Post match Brown gets in the ring and thinks Honor No More better recognize before cleaning house. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett run in for the beatdown on Brown so Kazarian and the Motor City Machine Guns come in for the real save.

Slammiversary rundown.

It’s time for the contract signing between Eric Young, with Violent By Design, and Josh Alexander, plus Scott D’Amore as emcee. Young says he doesn’t care about history or what Slammiversary means because he only cares about himself. Alexander can’t believe that because he started as a fan watching people like Young. Impact Wrestling kept him going eight years ago when he broke his neck so yes, Slammiversary is a celebration of the past and the future.

Young calls that pandering because he has said the same thing to these same people. Alexander is better than these people but the people’s opinions don’t matter. The truth is this: Young rides that line between chaos and order. At Slammiversary, Young will open Alexander’s eyes. They both sign, with Young sending D’Amore off. Alexander says he isn’t scared because he has this company’s entire history behind him on Sunday. He lists off a bunch of the legends of the promotion, including a guy named Showtime Eric Young.

That is the man who had these people chanting DON’T FIRE ERIC and that man would be disgusted with this Young. The brawl is on, with D’Amore even punching Deaner out. Alexander is beaten down and busted open though, with Violent By Design ripping off the turnbuckle and tearing up the mat. The piledriver on the wood leaves Alexander laying to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. I liked the show well enough and they went with the big push towards Slammiversary. That worked out decently, though the show had already been made coming into this week. I’m looking forward to Slammiversary but they need to make the whole thing work, which is where Impact tends to shine. Pretty nice show here, even if they didn’t do much.

Tasha Steelz/Savannah Evans b. Jordynne Grace/Mia Yim – Rollup with tights to Grace
Trey Miguel b. Mike Bailey – Small package
Masha Slamovich b. Alisha – Snowplow
Briscoes b. Chris Bey/Jay White – Rollup to Bey
Honor No More b. Aces & Eights – Orange Sunshine to Bischoff



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