Brock Anderson

Good morning Mr Keith hope all is well.

With Cody gone and the Nightmare Family/stable kinda just there in AEW, and me not caring at all of seeing QT Marshall on tv, I'm hoping for the best for AA and his son Brock.

Now Brock is young and hes in a great position to learn more, and he's definitaly got his dads spinebuster, but i think its time to learn from the best. Stick him as a 3rd to FTR when they need him.  You move from Tully to Arn, the brainbusters connection lives on,  if the trios title ever comes about  you got one hell of a team.  And hey, let me think really long term and FTR beats the Bucks for the titles, you start the slow burn of them turning on Brock or Brock turning on them, slot another up and comer in there w/ brock, you got another insta tag team feud. 

now imagine THREE guys with matching jackets!

I was skeptical of this plan until you brought up three matching jackets.