The SmarK Rant for Coliseum Video presents The Best of the WWF Volume 18

The SmarK Rant for Coliseum Video presents The Best of the WWF Volume 18

Getting near the end of the “Best of the WWF” series now as we hit 1989.  Man, somehow the cover art and presentation for these keeps getting cheaper and lazier.

Don’t worry, I’ve still got another hundred or so Coliseum videos after these are done.

Your host is Sean Mooney, promising TOP MOMENTS IN WWF HISTORY.  Huge if true.

WWF Women’s title:  Sensational Sherri v. Rockin’ Robin

Sadly they have already dropped the dates and locations graphics after ONE TAPE.  Dammit, I loved that.  Anyway this is from Paris in October 88, with Gorilla and Bobby dubbed over on commentary.  Gorilla makes the ludicrous claim that Sherri never defended the title and was about to be stripped of it for not defending if she didn’t defend it here.  This was of course a complete lie, as Sherri was beating Robin around the house show circuit for months previous to this.  Robin attacks at the bell and dropkicks Sherri to the floor, but Sherri necks her on the ropes for two.  Robin takes her down with a headlock and then hangs onto it while pulling on Sherri’s hair.  Nothing but bad eggs in THAT family, I see.  Robin gets a bodypress for one and goes back to the headlock while Gorilla reminds us that no one ever got pinned with a side headlock.  Well sadly he didn’t live long enough to see MJF do it.  Robin continues holding the headlock and Sherri yells at the ref about it, so Robin rolls her up for two.  Gorilla ribs Bobby about never having a champion in his stable, but THAT was about to change shortly.  Sherri reverses to a full nelson, but Robin gets her own as this match is going nowhere.  Sherri puts the boots to her in the corner, but Robin runs her into the four different turnbuckles and gets a clothesline for two.  Sherri tosses her and works her over in the corner, but Robin rolls her up for two.  Sherri goes up and Robin slams her off, but Sherri stalls as this match continues going nowhere.  There is just nothing happening with this thing and no particular flow or story to the match.  Sherri charges and hits the corner by mistake, and Robin gets two.  Robin misses a dropkick and Sherri gets two off that.  Robin with a sunset flip for one, but Sherri gets a legsweep for two.  Sherri puts her in the corner, but Robin hits a bulldog for the pin and the title at 12:38.  The title reign was SUCH a rousing success that Robin left the promotion six months later and took the title with her, and they retired it and didn’t bring it back for 5 years.  Well at least she didn’t take it to WCW and throw it in the trash can, I guess.  0 for 1.

Brutus Beefcake v. Jacques Rougeau

This is an oddball dark match from Superstars, not sure of the date, but Jacques has his new “All American Boys” music.  Say what you will about Jacques, but he managed to have two of the greatest entrance themes in wrestling history and that’s not nothing.  Commentary from Sean Mooney pus this sometime in January of 1989, I think.  We get the big stall from Jacques to start as he avoids Brutus until walking into a dropkick and running away.  He stops for some advice from Jimmy Hart.  That advice?  “Ever thought about getting into law enforcement?”  Definitely something to think about. Back in the ring, Jacques with a chinlock and he puts him in the Boston crab and then tosses him.  This allows Jimmy to get a shot with the megaphone, and back in the ring for a FLYING MARE out of the corner before going to work on the back.  I’m stunned that this guy ended up with the Intercontinental title and Brutus never did.  Lord Alfred talks about the Rougeaus travelling to “every corner of the globe” which has always struck me as a weird saying.  But then I guess the wrestling ring is the “squared circle” so geometry isn’t the strong point for anyone in the business.  Brutus makes the comeback with an atomic drop and runs Jacques into the turnbuckles for the 10 count, but then he tries a big splash for some reason and misses.  When has he EVER used a splash?  So Jimmy takes the ref, but Jacques runs into him and Brutus gets the sleeper, which of course allows Raymond to run in for the pointless DQ at 9:20.  Really, they couldn’t even put Beefcake over a Rougeau brother cleanly?  This was a complete snooze.  0 for 2.

The Brainbusters v. The Young Stallions

From Toronto in November 88.  The Stallions chase the Busters out of the ring as Gorilla already declares it a DONNYBROOK.  Back in, Tully gets frustrated by Powers on the mat, and Roma comes in with a dropkick.  Over to Arn while Gorilla completely buries the Stallions, noting that they have been “completely lacking in continuity and were in desperate need of it” which probably explains why they lost all the time.  Roma fights off both Busters and clears the ring.  Back in, the Stallions trap Tully in the corner and double-team him, so Tully bails to the ramp and Powers tosses him back in.  Another double-team in the corner and Gorilla thinks that Roma should have taken advantage with a “fireman’s carry into a 3/4 nelson” and might have put Tully away.  Sure, Jan.  But then Arn comes in and levels Roma with the spinebuster for two.  This Toronto crowd is decidedly not filled with Crockett viewers judging by their lack of reactions.  The Busters double-team Roma on the floor and Arn gets an abdominal stretch, which of course Gorilla immediately buries.  Tully comes in for the double-team and Arn annoys Powers enough to bring him in for distraction, and then hits Roma with an atomic drop for two.  Gorilla notes that another reason why the Stallions are useless is that Powers came in without any purpose, and if you’re going to come in to help, then DO SOMETHING.  That’s actually a really good point.  The Stallions were really not good and clearly did not like each other in real life either.  Tully tosses Roma and stops to strut, but tries for the slingshot suplex and Roma blocks him and reverses to a suplex of his own.  Powers gets the hot tag and throws his one good move, the dropkick, before it’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA.  Powers beats on Arn in the corner and goes for a suplex, but Tully comes in with a sunset flip and Arn clotheslines Powers over for good measure, and Tully gets the pin at 12:20.  An OK match carried by the Busters.  Man, the Stallions really looked like they stopped caring by this point, though, and they were done pretty soon after this.  1 for 3.

Brother Love with special guest Slick, from Saturday Night’s Main Event, as we cut to the back where Hogan is OUTRAGED because he was supposed to be the guest!  So we take a break to let Hulk stew in his own juices, and then return with Hulk getting to do his interview segment after all.  You do NOT mess with Hogan’s TV time!  Brother Love asks the hard questions, like how it felt “flopping around like a jellyfish” while Bossman beat him, and then does the gag where he pulls away the microphone before Hulk can answer.  But then Hulk can take no more of not being able to get a word in, and then encourages the crowd to “tie up Slick and beat him with a stick”.  Also, “Every one of my Hulkamaniacs would get in line to beat you, boy!”  OK that’s a bit questionable.  But then Hogan does the “ask the question and yank the microphone away” gag right back to the heels, which is pretty funny.   But then Slick gets too uppity for Hulk and gets tossed over the top rope as a result, and then he beats up Brother Love and handcuffs him to the ropes, which as Jesse notes is Hulk being a bully just because they were being mean to him.

Rick Rude v. Jake Roberts

Another SNME match, this one from October 88.  As usual, the program was completely burned out on the house show circuit by this point, but this was still new for the TV audience.  They immediately go after each other while Jesse makes “Robin Givens” comments about Cheryl.  What, did Tyson rape her, too?  Jake quickly goes for the DDT while Rude sells an atomic drop (IT’S LIKE TWO TASTES THAT TASTE GREAT TOGETHER!) but Rude bails to escape.  Back in, Jake goes for the short-arm clothesline, but Rude hits his own and drops elbows to take over, but keeps stopping to swivel at Cheryl.  I have to wonder, did Liz Hunter from PWI know that Rude was putting the moves on another woman like this?  Of course the third time he tries to hit on Cheryl, it’s one time too many, and Jake makes the comeback with a gutbuster and then holds Rude in the ropes so Cheryl can slap him.  And WHICH idiot referee allows this blatant managerial interference?  We take a break and return with them fighting on the floor while Rude runs Jake’s arm into the post, as Joey has thankfully sent Jake’s wife back to the dressing room before she can permanently injure anyone.  Back in the ring, Jake makes the comeback with a backdrop, but Rude escapes the DDT and drops elbows while Vince declares it SEE SAW MATCHUP BACK AND FORTH.  Did your hero Okada ever have one of those?  Rude goes up with a flying fist for two and goes for the finish, but Jake bites the arm to escape and hits the DDT out of nowhere.  But then he goes for the tights and Bobby Heenan runs in for the DQ at 9:40.  And then Andre comes out to provide some backup, but Jake unleashes the snake and we learn that in fact Andre is afraid of snakes to set up the next program out of this.  And then we get a bit too far over the top as Jake throws the snake at him and Andre has a “heart attack” out of terror.  Really, having Andre be afraid of it and backing off would have been more than enough heat, having Andre collapse and “die” was just stupid.  Anyway, usual good Rude-Jake match here and this was putting in the WORK, ending the Rude feud and setting up the Giant feud in one match.  2 for 4.

The Bushwhackers make their entrance into the WWF and meet Mean Gene backstage, but can’t figure out a soda machine or how to open a can.  So Luke takes out his teeth to open the can and then never puts them back in again.  And we get a few more of their initial vignettes, as they already tweak the character to make them increasingly wacky and non-threatening before they even debut on TV.

WWF title, cage match:  Randy Savage v. Ted Dibiase

For some reason, this is a repeat of the famous cage match that already appeared on the Macho Madness tape that had just come out.  Dibiase attacks and beats on Savage to start, but he misses a kneedrop and decides to climb out instead.  Savage saves and runs him into the turnbuckles 10 times before hitting his own kneedrop, but Dibiase catches him with his head down and hits a backbreaker to take over.  Dibiase tries to climb out again, but Savage hauls him down by the hair and slams him off the top.  Dibiase beats on him in the corner to take over again and follows with a clothesline and fistdrop.  Dibiase runs him into the cage and beats him down again, but he goes for the door and Savage grabs him by the hair to stop him.  Savage fights back and they’re both down off a double clothesline and Savage goes for the door.  Dibiase cuts him off while Superstar Graham talks about how he told Elizabeth to gain 80 pounds and take up power lifting so she can be more of a factor.  And in fact a decade later, she did just that.  So blame Graham for the sad end to her life I guess.  They both climb the cage after another double down, but Virgil climbs the cage and keeps Savage inside this time, and Dibiase tries for a suplex that Savage reverses.  Savage runs him into the cage with an atomic drop and goes for the door, bur Virgil rams the door into his face to cut him off again.  Savage fights to the top again and Virgil cuts him off again, but now the heat is so insane that a kid tries to climb the cage and help, at which point Savage runs Dibiase and Virgil together to knock them down, and he climbs out to win at 12:20.  Another **** match and legit great one between them with unreal heat at the end.  3 for 5.

This was a pretty lazy compilation, with only 3 new matches and the rest of the stuff recycled from SNME or other tapes.  But I’d never seen the Rockin’ Robin title change before, so there’s that, I guess.  Really the only thing worth your time here as far as original content is the Brainbusters v. Stallions match, and even then it’s not that good.  Kind of a thumbs in the middle entry for me as this series limps to the finish line.