The best, most mind-blowing way for the MJF angle to finish

MJF and Tony Khan have a hand-shake deal to release MJF early from his contract to get his WWE run out of his system.  But first they run what seems like a typical scripted work-shoot until the fall, when MJF *actually​* wins his freedom at Full Gear. 
With plenty of time to then appear at the Royal Rumble in January.  Completely blend kayfabe with reality.

Tony K sends a message to the locker room that he will work with people unhappy with their roles, MJF gets to sports entertain for a few years on the big stage, it opens up a spot in AEW's crowded upper card.  And when MJF gets bored or starts chasing the 24/7
belt on Raw, he can re-sign with AEW without any bridges getting burnt.  Everybody wins?

I just wanted to highlight that this email was written only TWO WEEKS AGO and MJF is already dead and buried as far as news goes.