Underrated witticisms

We've reached a general consensus regarding the classic rants, bon mots, jokes, etc. from announcers over the years.  What about the lesser-heralded pithy remarks from our favorite commentators?  What are your examples of comments that surprised you over how
much they made you laugh and/or stuck with you?  We don't have to limit it to heel announcers: underappreciated zingers from play-by-guys can be included too.  One of mine is Heenan's observation at KOTR '93 that Bret is “the fourteenth of thirteen children.” 
Some of that is owed to the fact that it made my dad laugh when I was watching the VHS of the show. 

Well we certainly had some from Art Donovan in the King of the Ring review today!  Nothing else comes to mind for me at the moment but I'm sure the commentators will have some.