Two Completely Unrelated Points:

1. It does feel… appropriate… that this type of lurid story is what finally what gets Vince, right? It's not an “Al Capone goes down for tax evasion” thing, it's basically exactly the type of thing anyone would have expected, other than the lack of a steak wrap somehow playing into it.  Bonus points for Johnny Ace being involved (and dragging the whole Cena / Danielson / Bella family tree into it by proxy)

2. Time to finally review Star Trek V after THAT ending. You know a show is feeling its oats when it tries to redeem the seemingly unredeemable.
I gotta say, I popped HUGE for the random mystery reveal at the end of the episode.  SNW hasn't been perfect so far, but I've enjoyed the hell out of it moreso than any Trek than, say, DS9 thus far.