Dusty Rhodes/Ding Dongs


I hope you are doing well.  

If Jim Crockett had fired Dusty Rhodes as his booker between the January 1988 Bunkhouse Stampede PPV and the first Clash of the Champions in March 1988 who do you believe Jim Crockett brings in as Dusty's replacement as booker?  Is it George Scott one year earlier?  Wahoo?  Someone else?

Also, I have recently re-watched some 1989 Ding Dong matches. How did the Ding Dongs not even get a US Tag Title program, if not an extended tag title run?  With just their theme music and the infernal bell ringing the Ding Dongs actually had real heat with the only fans the NWA/WCW had remaining.  Jim Herd could have actually dumbed himself into a tag team that fans may have paid to see get destroyed if the vision existed to push the Ding Dongs as heels.

Obviously he would have hired the mysterious Midnight Rider as booker!  

And what do you mean you re-watched “some” Ding Dong matches?  Wasn't there only two?