Fearing for the safety of your babyface

Hi Scott,

Just finished watching a clip of Hogan confronting Zeus at Saturday Night's Main Event in 1989 and remember as a child being legitimately scared for Hogan. Especially after he sold how surprised he was that Zeus seemed to be impervious to pain
after hitting him with a chair.

I know that been a 9 year old watching would definitely help with the genuine fear but I'm wondering if there were
any other examples of this that come to mind across the years?

Oh yeah, as the 1989 WCW rants have reminded me, I was TERRIFIED for Flair after the Funk piledriver.  Also in Stampede, where Jason the Terrible seemed like he was going to destroy all the babyfaces until he finally lost.  They did a hell of a job making a silly gimmick into a legit killer.