The Owen Hart Tourna….ZZZZzzzZZZ

I’m a Canadian wresting fan who thought Bret Hart was a living god in 1997, and I loved Owen to bits too. That said, what….is this tournament, exactly? Why am I supposed to care to the extent that it’s gobbled up main event segments? That is to say, what was it meant to accomplish from a storyline perspective?

Forgive me if I’ve missed something on AEW TV, but the winner doesn’t get anything like a title shot. With the booking of it, the finals for the men involves a cold match between two guys with zero storyline together past or present.

At the very least, I thought it would all lead to a Canadian wrestler like KOR winning it, or someone really obsessed with the Harts like Dax winning and getting an emotional moment as the winner. 

As it is, it all just feels so bafflingly…..flat. 

I don't know either.  And the tournament itself has no internal cohesion of style or story being told.  Sometimes you qualify by beating jobbers, sometimes you have to fight your tag partner, sometimes John Morrisson just shows up and gets into the first round.  One week they just decided to make a match into a hardcore street fight to put over Jeff Hardy, and then Jeff lost the next week anyway.  It's just empty content and it's really a shame.