Long Chases Bad For Champs?


Thinking about Adam Page and was wondering if you can think of an example where a long chase resulted in a great run afterwards. 

Narratively speaking, winning the “big one” is typically the end of the story and promoters haven't been good at following up after a long chase (Sting being a prime example, but also several ROH Champs like Nigel, Tyler Black or Michael Elgin. DB after WM30 would also count, but we know Vince intentionally had no real vision beyond a Brock squash). 

The only one that jumps to mind is Flair in 83; after getting the belt back he went on a very succesful 18-24 month run.

Any others?

Jerry Lawler winning the AWA World title in 1988.  You could also argue Curt Hennig winning it in 1987 but he turned heel immediately afterwards so I don't know if that one counts.