UWF – December 6th, 1986

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Hosted by Jim Ross.

Art Crews and Gustavo Mendoza vs. The Fantastics

When I look at Tommy and Bobby with the silver vests with red stars, I do wonder how much of an influence their look was on the Hollywood Blondes. They get well into the guitar solo of Sharp Dressed Man while letting the women molest them at ringside. Clunky spot where Crews, who runs like a man with four left feet, takes a gut shot but sprawls himself over the top rope like he’s been clotheslined. Bodypress out of nowhere gets the pin for Tommy on Mendoza. Really wasn’t feeling this. Then, from nowhere, Jack Victory and John Tatum attack out of nowhere. Not sure where this is going unless they’re leading to a six man with Chavo Guerrero and Budro as the third man of each team. Weren’t the Fantastics due some revenge on the Freebirds and the Angel of Death too?

Rick Steiner vs. The Missing Link

I’m shocked that more wrestlers didn’t use Bang Your Head (Metal Health) during this era like Link did. Steiner with an early advantage, including a beta version of the Steinerline. Link gets some battering ram headbutts, but takes a tumble out and the not-blind Eddie Gilbert tries wearing him out with a chair, to little effect, so they go for Dark Journey before Link runs them off.

The Angel of Death vs. Savannah Jack

Even though Dave Sheldon was an impressive guy as far as his build, as cool as he looked in the robe he looked exceedingly normal in just his wrestling gear. Not sure what would’ve fixed that short of some Undertaker-like gear. JR rambles away, showing why he needed another person next to him to bounce off. Angel and Jack run through some perfunctory stuff. Angel gets some loose shots, but misses a flying elbow off the second and Jack hits him with the superkick for the pinfall. Was pretty surprised by that, expected Angel’s record to be kept pretty unblemished.

Michael Hayes vs. Gary Young

Not sure what Michael is coming out to, but it’s neither Free Bird or Badstreet USA. Sunshine, the epitome of a tough bitch, just fires off on Young with a slap, stunning him enough for Michael to get his shots in. Swinging neckbreaker and flying fist. Young tries fighting back, but Hayes gets a kick and a flying fistdrop. Bulldog sets up the side suplex, of all things, then we get some of Badstreet USA. Shockingly, the best Michael Hayes squash match I’ve ever seen as he was fired up.

Jeff Gaylord and Ken Massey vs. Devastation Inc.

But before that, the UWF Top Ten, brought by the awesome strains of New Year’s Day by U2, one of my favourite songs of all time:

10. Iceman King Parsons

9. Rick Steiner

8. The Missing Link

7. Chavo Guerrero

6. Michael Hayes

5. Terry Taylor

4. Buddy Jack Roberts

3. Hacksaw Jim Duggan AND Dr. Death Steve Williams

2. Terry Gordy

1. Savannah Jack

UWF Champion: One Man Gang

Back to the match, with Leroy Brown and Bill Irwin in the ring. They work through the bigger Gaylord to get the weaker Massey in for a kneedrop/elbowdrop double team for the win.

John Tatum and Jack Victory vs. Iceman King Parsons and Chavo Guerrero

Jim Cornette was snarking on Tatum and Victory co-owning a sandwich shop together in the eighties recently on his podcast: “So, Tatum was involved in it? That’ll be why I’ve never heard of it!”. JR tries to rationalize this tag match as a big deciding factor in the SINGLES top ten while misnaming the heels Jack Tatum and John Victory. High backdrop on Chavo by Jacko. He fights back and runs Victory into Iceman, who then runs Victory into Tatum for him to come in. Partners back in, Chavo triple slingshots Victory into Parsons for some stiff shots to the nose. Tatum manages to dump Chavo over the top rope behind Carl Fergie’s back, resulting in a rolling on the ground kicking temper tantrum when Tatum is questioned about it. Back in, the heels work him over as they go to break. Back from break, Chavo gets a snap suplex on Tatum and a spinning heel kick on Victory before gamboling to tag Parsons in, who dropkicks and headbutts both. Double whip and Iceman gets the rumper-stumper/butt-butt on Victory. Tatum tries to break that up with a flying elbowdrop that hits Jacko. Jack manages to get a belly-to-back suplex that folds up Iceman and even though Iceman gets his foot on the rope Tatum knocks it off and the heels win.

Melting it down: Just a show of matches today, no angles, no interviews. Hope for more as they get closer to Christmas.