NXT UK – May 19, 2022

Date: May 19, 2022
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

We’re on to the next two hundred episodes after last week’s big milestone show. That means things will likely take a step off the gas this week and I’m not sure what that is going to include. Odds are that we are going to be seeing some of the NXT lower card around here, as has been the case in recent weeks. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Xia Brookside/Eliza Alexander vs. Amale/Angel Hayze

Amale and Brookside start things off with Brookside being thrown into the corner. Back up and Brookside’s headlock doesn’t get her very far, meaning Hayze can come in and hits some corner clothesline on Alexander. A superkick is cut off with a knee to the face and it’s back to Brookside for a reverse chinlock. That’s broken up and Amale comes back in with a bulldog on Alexander. Brookside tags herself back in and gets Sling Bladed by Hayze, only to send her throat first into the middle rope. Everything breaks down and Brookside hits Broken Wings for the pin on Hayze at 5:58.

Rating: C. I’m still not sure that Brookside needs a bodyguard to go behind her but they are decent as a team. Amale has cooled off a bit in recent weeks but she hasn’t lost the big match yet. I don’t know how far any of these four are going at the moment, though they’re fine for an opening match like this.

Ivy Nile challenged Meiko Satomura for a Women’s Title match. Satomura: “Okay.” You knew Nile was getting a shot sooner or later.

Sha Samuels, now dubbed the East End Bookie, isn’t happy with Damon Kemp coming over here and promises that he is still the odds on favorite.

Die Familie vs. Jack Starz/Dave Mastiff

The winner is added to the triple threat Tag Team Title match and Charlie Dempsey is in Die Familie’s corner. Starz knocks Raja out of the air to start and it’s quickly off to Starz to take Raja down for two. Teoman takes him down and grabs a chinlock before scoring with a rather hard kick. A blind tag brings Raja in so Starz takes him into the corner but Mastiff stops to glare at Dempsey.

That means Raja and Teoman can take over on Mastiff, including working over his rather large leg. A double clothesline gets Mastiff out of trouble but Teoman cuts Starz off like a good villain. Mastiff throws both of them down and brings Starz back in to clean house. Dempsey offers a distraction though, meaning Starz has to dive onto him. With Mastiff on the floor, Teoman hits his flipping faceplant to finish Starz at 8:08.

Rating: C. Starz and Mastiff might have had their day already and that is kind of a shame as they are a pretty good team. Die Familie makes more sense to move forward at the moment though as the title match is going to need a full on heel team. They’re as good as anything else right now so this is the logical move.

Lash Legend and Emilia McKenzie get in a fight in the back but it’s quickly broken up.

Sid Scala isn’t happy with Die Familie cheating and bans the rest of the team from ringside for Charlie Dempsey vs. A-Kid.

Josh Morrell vs. Kenny Williams

Dempsey takes him down to start for some quick near falls, even as he stands on Morrell’s arms. Morrell is up with a headlock but gets sent outside. The fight goes to Morrell but Williams is back with a shot to the face for his own two. A fan in a mask distracts Williams though, even as he cranks on Morrell’s ankle. Williams gets distracted again, allowing Morrell to small package him for two (which I bought as WWE has turned that into a cliché). Williams grabs a bulldog driver for the pin at 5:30.

Rating: C-. The false finish with the small package was good but this was more about Williams’ further descent into paranoia which might not be paranoia. I like them going with something other than the common ending as it keeps Williams strong. That’s something you don’t see enough of these days, as those losses make a difference no matter how much WWE thinks otherwise.

Post match, we see that there are multiple masked men.

Von Wagner isn’t worried about Sam Gradwell. Cue Gradwell and the two have to be separated.

Moustache Mountain is ready for whomever they face for the titles.

Mark Andrews is ready for the main event when the paranoid Kenny Williams comes up. Andrews doesn’t think much of him and leaves.

Wild Boar vs. Eddie Dennis

Dog collar match with Boar jumping Dennis before the bell and beating on him outside. The chain is attached but Dennis uses the chain to pull him throat first into the ropes. That doesn’t seem to bother Boar, who whips him from the apron and into the barricade. Dennis gets in another shot to take over though and it’s time to start the whipping. The chain is wrapped around Boar’s face but he fights out of the corner without much trouble.

Boar gets sent into the corner again though and they head to the apron. This time Dennis is pulled into the post so they crash out to the floor again. Boar gets in his own whipping and an elbow connects for two. Cue Symbiosis to go after Boar, as there are no disqualifications so it’s totally fine. Boar has had it with this and clotheslines Dennis down, setting up a Crossface with the chain wrapped around his head for the tap at 10:17.

Rating: C-. Well that happened. I’m still not sure why this story is supposed to be such a big deal as it isn’t like the Hunt was a top level team when they split up. Dennis got in a pretty good amount of offense here for someone who should have been destroyed, making this a pretty long way to go for an ending that wasn’t quite in doubt. I wasn’t feeling this one but it should wrap up the feud.

Overall Rating: C. You could definitely feel the lack of star power here and it made the show that much less interesting. This was a week about the mid to lower midcard stories and it showed a lot, as I can barely remember anything from the show. Nile getting a shot at Satomura should be good, but it’s a little much to ask me to care about Boar vs. Dennis and Williams vs. the inside of his mind.

Xia Brookside/Eliza Alexander b. Amale/Angel Hayze – Broken Wings to Hayze
Die Familie b. Jack Starz/Dave Mastiff – Flipping faceplant to stars
Kenny Williams b. Josh Morrell – Headlock driver
Wild Boar b. Eddie Dennis – Crossface with a chain around Dennis’ head



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