Double or Nothing = Meh?

I think this might be the least effective build-up AEW has ever done for a major PPV. Besides the Hangman/Punk and Wardlow/MJF matches, AEW hasn't really given me reason to care about a lot of the matches/feuds leading up to it.

Scorpio vs. Sammy – Where do you start with this? This is the most Russo-esque booking the company has ever done. I now hate Sammy as a babyface and don't care about Scorpio as a heel. On top of that, they gave away the gimmick (should-be) blowoff match for free already. The TNT title is meaningless now. I couldn't care less if Page and Tay are added.

Rosa vs. Deeb – Good lord, they've ruined this match. I love Deeb, but she cannot cut a promo to save her life, and they've sent her out to die with two live ones now. What's the heat? That she lightly grazed Rosa with the belt? That she was rude to Tony and Dustin? No buys.

Tag title match – It's not terrible or anything, but the problem is that AEW has used weeks of TV time making FTR into the hottest team in the company, and they're not in the match!

JAS vs. BCB/Eddie & Friends – Jericho is always funny, but his group is just not over, and the feud with Eddie, Santana and Ortiz feels like it's gone on forever.

Yeah, yeah, the wrestling will be great, etc. etc., but the storylines? Not so great…

I agree.  HOWEVER.  Hangman v. Punk is gigantic and arguably the biggest match they've done and will likely rule.  MJF v. Wardlow is awesomely booked and it's making Wardlow into a huge babyface star.  Everything else is window dressing, honestly.  And FTR is gonna have their moment soon, I wouldn't worry too much about them.