What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – February 2, 1991

It should be noted that at this point Superstars still had an opening where the Ultimate Warrior has the WWF Championship.  That makes things look outdated.

Vince McMahon and Roddy Piper are doing commentary, broadcasting once against from Huntsville, Alabama.

Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect tells Bobby Heenan in the locker room that he will stay perfect, while the Texas Tornado lifts dumbbells and screams about how no one is perfect.

The Big Bossman’s squash from Prime Time Wrestling leads off the show.

There is a replay of WWF President Jack Tunney’s announcement of the WrestleMania VII main event from last night’s Main Event along with WWF Champion Sergeant Slaughter’s post-announcement promo.

Demolition’s squash from Prime Time Wrestling airs.

The Undertaker (w/Brother Love) (3-0) pins William Ford after the Tombstone at 1:31:

Ford was a lanky wrestler that did jobs for WCW and George Scott’s South Atlantic Pro Wrestling (SAPW) in 1989 and 1990 before doing the same for the WWF in 1991.

In the split screen, Love screams about how death is inevitable.  The Undertaker adds that the Tombstone is as well.  The Undertaker finishes Ford off with the usual as McMahon wonders if the Undertaker can Tombstone Tugboat.  After the bell, the Undertaker sprinkles rose pedals on Ford’s body.

Footage of the end of the Hacksaw Jim Duggan-Sergeant Slaughter match on Main Event airs, including Hulk Hogan’s failed save attempt.  Then, fans are treated to a replay of Hogan’s Main Event promo with Gene Okerlund.

Shane Douglas (2-1) defeats Dale Wolfe with a flying body press at 1:06:

Douglas does an insert promo about how he is happy with his Royal Rumble performance and that he looks forward to WrestleMania.  That prompts Piper to say it would be an accomplishment to appear at WrestleMania because only top tier talents get to appear there.  Douglas gets a quick win and the broadcast quickly moves to its next segment.

A replay of Virgil’s babyface turn at The Royal Rumble airs.  Ted DiBiase says that Virgil and Piper are low lifes and when he is done with them that they will both be in the gutter.

Intercontinental Championship Match:  The Texas Tornado (2-0) beats Mr. Perfect (Champion w/Bobby Heenan) (3-0) via count out at 3:40:

Much of the booking of the match makes the Tornado look like an idiot.  He takes Perfect to an exposed turnbuckle but pulls Perfect up instead of going for the pin.  Then, he hits his finisher and again pulls Perfect up.  A panicked Heenan runs to the locker room to get reinforcements but runs into the Big Bossman, who puts handcuffs on Heenan and drags him back to ringside.  Perfect confronts the Bossman and knocks him into the ring steps.  This leads to the Tornado coming onto the floor to brawl with Perfect, but after whipping Perfect into the ring post he rolls into the ring and is fine with a count out win.  This mess was more angle than match.  Rating:  ½*

Gene Okerlund provides a piece of breaking news that the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage have challenged each other to a career-ending match.

Earthquake and Jimmy Hart scream about how they are ready to send Tugboat out of the ring on a stretcher.  Tugboat rebuts that he is going to sink Earthquake in the middle of the ocean.

Tune in next week to see Tugboat face Earthquake!  Also, the Nasty Boys and Jake Roberts will be in action!  And four matches will be announced for WrestleMania!

The Last Word:  The WWF is in sweeps month mode where there will be feature matches but they will typically be short affairs without clean finishes.  The biggest news is that the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage could face off in a career-ending match at WrestleMania, immediately making it more interesting than the WWF Championship match between Hulk Hogan and Sergeant Slaughter.

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