Tuesday Night Pandemonium – 17th May 2022

Good evening, wrestling fans, and welcome to another history-making Night Thread, here at the Mecca of all of online professional wrestling discussion, Scott Keith’s Blog of Doom.  The electricity is in the air, fans – you can literally cut it with a knife!

Unbelievable developments last night on Raw as Sasha Banks and Naomi were all bent outta shape with creative, leading to their being conspicuous by their absence come main event time.  Expect fines and suspensions to be dished out to those two for sure.  In case we might have seen the last of them for some time, take a look at some highlights from a tremendous Beat the Clock Challenge they competed in back in 2020.  They were literally hanging from the virtual rafters in the Thunderdome for this one!

Talk about that and a whole lot more as we are with you deep into the night.