6 Man Tag Podcast

As a regular reader since 2000 and regular emailer, I was hoping you could possibly put up a plug for my friends and I's podcast, the Six Man Tag Podcast.

Tl;Dr We originally did this for fun back in 2013ish and mostly did current topics. A few months ago we decided to bring the show back, but with more topic discussion rather than recapping news (although we do talk current topics at times. Hilarity usually ensues. We're starting to get some momentum, working on making it more professional and on different platforms to be available on, and we've had a few interviews so far, including Indy wrestler “The One True Whoa Daddy” Andd Bivians, North East Wrestling referee Chris DeAntonio, and current Ring of Honor 6 man Tag champion Dutch (who had some great stories involving some current big names, given his time in FCW, ROH, and elsewhere).

Anywhere, were trying to push this as far as possible, so if you could give us a plug, that would be most excellent. Appreciate it in advance. We are currently on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, hoping expanding soon.



P.S. Be wary of the NXT watchalong from April 29th. Not our best episode.
P.P.S. I am not a crackpot.

That’s what they all say.