Creating bereavement

When Barry Windham came back to the WWF as The Widowmaker in 1989, announcers talked him up big-time during his squash matches.  That, along with his insert promos calling out Hogan, suggested he was in line for a push before he left abruptly.  What was the
plan for him?  Did they intend for him to be a upper-tier heel?  Was he just going to be a Hogan Challenger of the Month and then get moved down the card?

Incidentally, with my e-mail about jobber offense in mind, I have to say having watched a few of them that Windham in that Widowmaker persona showed a pretty nice aptitude for killing jobbers.

It was a pretty big get to pry Windham away from the NWA at the time, so you’d have to think they made him big promises.  I could certainly see him as the Bad News Brown type of midlevel Hogan challenger.  Honestly had he stuck around he probably could have gotten a run with Warrior and been a good challenger there as well.